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“Mate, this is going to be the best Halloween ever…you’ll see”

This year, The Doctor and Castiel decide to dress as each other while they Trick or Treat

Cas is glad to have a long coat again and the Doctor assures him that stripes really suit the Angel


Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Two

Excerpts from Tom Spilsbury and Benjamin Cook’s article for DWM (#407)

Of course, it may have seemed like a long wait for a new episode since The Next Doctor last Christmas, but it was even longer for the production team - with David Tennant returning as the Doctor for Planet of the Dead after eight months away, starring in the RSC’s Hamlet. “There was a proper, genuine excitement when David returned to Cardiff,” says Russell [T. Davies].  “I’m not kidding, we were all buzzing! When I got to the readthrough, I realised, powerfully, how much I’d missed it.”

“David was in fine form at that readthrough,” says Gareth [Roberts, co-writer of Planet of the Dead], “and obviously glad to be back. The cast in any TV production always looks to the leading actor to set the tone, and he was straight back in there as the Doctor, no problem, sparking. I was sat right opposite him, and it was rather like being caught in an electric storm.”

“We’re not Doctor Who fans by accident,” smiles Russell.  “There really is something unique and special about that Time Lord and the life that he leads. Both the character and David himself fill the production with energy, and we’re all aware that we haven’t got many of these good times with David left.

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Behind the Scenes of Partners in Crime (Part 3)

David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Phil Collinson on the episode podcast.

[talking about the window-cradle scene]

Phil Collinson: I love you in this basket. You just absolutely go for it.

David Tennant: And that was all green-screen, of course

PC: Yeah, it was. And then we had to fly the sonic screwdriver on a green screen as well

DT: …and I had to catch it

Catherine Tate: And you did!

PC: I love it!  What a catch!  How many times did you drop it?

DT:  I did drop it a couple of times. [Phil laughs loudly]  I remember we rehearsed it twice and I caught it both times but as soon as the camera started I kept dropping the thing.

[talking about filming the scene in the street pictured above]

PC: It was difficult doing all that night shooting on the streets there, because obviously we’ve got a lot of people… onlookers.  We have to have quite a lot of security to keep people out of the way and stop them wandering into the shots and wrestling you both to the ground for autographs.

[lots of laughter]

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