team tebow

I think it’s so stupid when people bash on Tebow for praying or thanking God. Sure, there are people suffering and God has “better” things to do than worry about football but the teachings of Christianity is that no matter how big or small your troubles are, you can pray to God. You say that he’s not out there helping people and is playing football and demeaning the problems of other people? That’s not true. And if you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you go out there and help people instead of talking about how he doesn’t do it. Just because Tebow followed his dreams and made it doesn’t mean you have the right to say he’s demeaning other peoples’ troubles. Just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean we’re not people. Yes, we enjoy football. Yes, we pray for our favorite team to win. Yes, if we have a math test we pray to pass it. Of course we pray and care for other people who are going through difficult situations but that doesn’t mean we can’t pray for the things we want/need. Stop getting on Tebow. You don’t know how hard it must be to get bashed on not only for being an “inaccurate QB” (Which I don’t fully agree with since he gets the job done) but for being a Christian “inaccurate QB.” I love the Patriots, always have, always will. But I will pray for Tebow to lead his team to victory<3 Whether or not he does it is not up to me. But I love him regardless. We’ll find out on Saturday <3 <3