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TEAM 7 - Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke

Hmmm… how do I put this?
My first impression of you is… I hate you.”
“I like you.”

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why don't you like "the original team arrow"?

Hey nonnie this is such a weird question since I haven’t actually expressed that opinion in awhile, but okay, pop quiz time. Who do you consider Original Team Arrow?

If you answered Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver, I’m sorry, not my original definition of team arrow. No points for you in this imaginary pop quiz which doesn’t actually matter. 

Now, what would I take? Laurel and Oliver.

Laurel was the first person to believe that the Hood/Vigilante/Arrow was good. She was the first person he ever went to when he needed help. He knew that she would help him. Laurel trusted him so much, she helped a seemingly complete stranger and let a complete stranger in on her cases. These two definitely felt a connection with each other as the Vigilante and Laurel. They were definitely a team. Even when their morals made them wrestle with whether they should want that.

This happened for a good half of the first season, let me remind you, with intermittent shots starting at episode three of Felicity being mainly exposition and moving the plot along with info dumps because that is what her character is primarily designed to do. Look up the information and deliver to the character and the audience.

Now, so far there have been five iterations iterations of Team Arrow and occasionally they have overlapped. Team two was Helena and Oliver, they went out as a team. They did missions. It didn’t work out very well in the end, but they did try out as a time.

Team three, was Oliver and diggle. with the occasional help of exposition by Felicity again. 

Team four, allowed Felicity to come on. I am making a distinction because without the presence of Diggle, there would never have been any Felicity and Oliver went through a major change between letting Diggle in on the secret and being part of the team and letting felicity be part of the team. Felicity also came in with her own intentions. She came in not intending to be part of the team. She came in to find Walter, so for a large part of her season 1 arc, I do not consider her part of team Arrow, mainly because she didn’t see herself that way. She helped the team.

Team five  was the bringing in of Roy and Sara. They had a few more rounded skills that were helpful to the team and they saw themselves as part of the team even for how brief and sometimes how much they disagreed with Oliver. They didn’t have any deadlines about it.

Team six is going to be the introduction of the new characters to the cave in season 3. However, Laurel is OG Team Arrow. 

People treat Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity as “Original Team Arrow” and they use it to exclude, preclude, and demean people and not just the characters. It’s used to excuse awful behavior. Like Diggle’s weird hatred on Laurel. It’s also often times means THE ship and diggle. It’s used as a poor excuse by people to say how much Oliver is obviously in love with Felicity because “he couldn’t trust anyone else with his secret” which quite frankly is just not the case. When I think about Original Team Arrow, I think of the pettiness even the wording seems to imply. 

Basically, I disagree with a majority of the fandom about who original team arrow is and the ways that term should be used.