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find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana

Blackbird - Introduction

This is going to be my first try at a long winded series and I have so much fun stuff planned for this so I hope you enjoy it.

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As all of the team slowly made their way into the floor of the BAU on a seemingly normal Monday morning they all seemed to notice the same thing. A desk which was once empty is now full, but missing the person it belongs too. At first Spencer notices it, obviously. Then when JJ came in she also spotted the new colour on the desk. Morgan didn’t compute the new desk across from him until he looked at Spencer looking at it. Even Rossi almost walked right past it until JJ asked if he knew anything about it. Only Hotch and Emily were the only two who even knew who the team member was. As Hotch walked towards the desk with a pop of colour compared to everyone elses desk. 

“I was supposed to tell you guys about the new team member.” Hotch says in his regular monotone voice. Just as Hotch is about to explain, in runs Garcia almost jumping up and down with joy for a reason unbeknown-st to the rest of the team.

“I got told about a new member, tell me all!!” Her voice is high and peppy even so high on a morning. Spencer and JJ both inwardly cringing at the squeakiness of Garcia’s voice. Just as Garcia finishes Emily walks up to the group looking at the desk and smiling knowing who’s desk it is. Hotch turns to look at Emily and issues her to walk to the front of the group with her facing the door and the rest of the team facing her. 

“I will let Emily explain as she was her recommendation.” Hotch gestures towards Emily and walks away towards his office without another word. The whole team turns to Emily and she smiles awkwardly knowing everyone is watching you. 

“Well, our new team member is called Annabelle Holden. I just call her Anna. I met her while working with Interpol and when Hotch mentioned to me about wanting a new team member so I immediately called Anna knowing how much she loved profiling and her interest in learning. She’s amazing so I hope you guys will get along.” Emily says smiling looking at the desk at the photos on her desk. The team looked at the desk again seeing the arrangement of the random collection of things.

“The books clearly state she’s well read. There’s everything from Edgar Allen Poe to Carlos Ruiz and even some teen books.” Spencer says obviously looking at the books before anything else. 

“She has a picture of male about our age in a baseball outfit and she also has the same hat and jersey in a woman’s size on her desk stating that’s probably a boyfriend who she found her love of baseball from.” Morgans voice is calm while he tries to further assess this new team mate. The only thing they haven’t noticed is the high-heeled brunette walking behind them smiling at Emily and also hearing everything they’ve said. 

“The no pictures of any family could mean she’s not close to them and the cup on the desk with the union jack could signal that she has extended family in the UK.” JJ says looking at the mug placed next to the glasses on the desk. 

“Actually the Union Jack mug is because I am British and it’s the mug my mum gave me before I left to come work here.” The British accent said causing the whole team to turn around. The whole team went wide eyed at the brunette stood in front of the whole team correcting the team, “The male in the picture is my older brother Sean who actually I got into baseball. He is still in Britain but he does come down for certain Mets games whenever I get free time. Also thank you for noticing my books because I do very much enjoy reading." 

Once she finishes speaking the whole team are stood looking at the girl assessing her from desk and how she holds herself when standing in front of strangers. Her pencil skirt reaching her mid-thigh and her heels making her taller than she is. The flowy white shirt is covered by a black blazer but it doesn’t cover the cleavage shown in the middle of her shirt. She stretches her hand out to shake the first persons hand in front of her which happens to be Rossi.

"I’m Annabelle Holden. Nice to meet you all.”

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I’ve been trying to figure out lately why Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War both bothered me so much, and I think I can finally put it into words. In the first Avengers movie, Bruce says, “We’re not a team - we’re a time bomb.” The first Avengers movie is all about them becoming a team. I loved that. I wanted to watch the Avengers grow as a team and become a family, but that’s not what happened. Instead, it turned out that Bruce was correct right from the start. The Avengers never really became a team after the first movie - just a time bomb with a longer fuse. And they never managed to make the transition over into really being a team before they blew apart.

naruto meme

TEAM 7 - Hatake Kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke

Hmmm… how do I put this?
My first impression of you is… I hate you.”
“I like you.”