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So I got to meet Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden Ried yesterday at ECCC. I had this two sided poster I got from ebay for them to sign and I was standing in line flipping it back and fourth not really sure what side so sign and so I finally am like screw it I’ll get this side and picked the more relaxed warehouse side to sign. So I get to Zoie and she’s like “Hey, Nice to meet you” and she’s very quiet and a little reserved, which I can fully understand cause it was their last signings of the day. I get to Kris and he’s super chipper and funny. He’s admiring the poster I brought and he’s signing it.

Then he flips it over and he’s like “I love this poster!” He’s like “You should get a double glass frame so you can hang it one way and hang it the other way.” Then I was laughing and mentioned how torn I was about what side to get signed. Then he’s like “Pfft. I’ll just sign both sides.” And he does…then he’s like “Hey Zoie…sign the other side of this.” and she did!

And that’s how Kris Holden-Ried got me 90% considering switching to team Dyson…

But then I remembered that I love Tamsin.

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Would you consider doing 10 for Bo and Tamsin?

Tamsin lugged her suitcase down the stairs and tried to shut out the voice trailing behind her. But Bo was good at making herself heard.

“You are part of this team, Tamsin,” she said. “You can’t just walk away.”

Tamsin rolled her eyes and continued on, but Bo was insistent. Right on her heels.

“We need you,” Bo said. “I need you.”

Those words cut deep, burned. Tamsin felt a flash of white-hot fury spark between her ribs. She did her best to tamp it down, but her mouth had never much listened to reason.

“You know what,” she snapped, throwing down her suitcase. “That’s really nice of you, but we both know it’s not true.” Nausea roared in her gut, screamed in protest even as she looked up, straight into Bo’s beautiful brown eyes, and spat out a lie of her own. “And I don’t need you either.”

For a brief second, just a flash in a troubled gaze, Bo looked pained by the words. Tamsin tried not to feel thrilled at the thought, but she couldn’t help herself. There was some small measure of satisfaction in hurting Bo, in making her feel unwanted, unneeded. Rejected.


“Oh, are these leather pants yours?” Tamsin jerked the leather pants out of her bag, eager to transition. Change the subject. Shift the focus. As much as part of her wanted to revel in the hardening of her armor, in the little ways she could make Bo hurt, a larger part of her just wanted to disappear. Slide off the radar and continue to love Bo in secret and silence. In solitude. Somewhere where no matter how alone she felt, she couldn’t be rejected. She couldn’t be cast out. She couldn’t be knocked to the bottom of a long list of lovers, stacked under all the better-than’s and good-enough’s; something she felt she might never be. “Doesn’t matter. You keep ’em.” She tossed them at Bo. “I know you like to reuse old styles.”

“Fashion snark, huh?” Bo nodded and tossed the pants aside. “Is that where we’re at now?” She softened a bit, her posture, her position, her voice. “Come on, Tamsin. We can talk about this.”

Tamsin sighed and tapped her hands atop her luggage. “You know what,” she said, looking up at Bo. “We don’t need to. I was upset, and now I’m not.” She shrugged and pressed a hand to her chest, ignored the voice screaming in her head that she was a liar, a fake, a phony. Just a fucking fool in love with a girl who never did and never would love her back. “I realize there’s no winning with you.”

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“Do me one last favor… and don’t you cry!”

shows up over half a year late with starbucks and sad psmd fanart

psmd broke my heart and i’m STILL NOT OVER IT TBH

(also shout-out to my team for being cuties! tamsin the fennekin and anja the pikachu are adorable girls who are super gay for each other >:3c)


lost girl meme: [6/6] friendships » The Happy Sunshine Gang
- And there are times when we will fight. Because we are family.
- But family sticks together?
- Yeah. Even when we screw up.

Ok fellow fans of Lost Girl, I need to talk about an unpopular opinion and I know it doesn’t matter but I have a lot of angsty feels going on right now. There are *SPOILERS* in here about the last season so continue at your own risk. I know everyone loves Lauren and I get it. She is this adorable, goofy, nerdy doctor. And she loves Bo with everything she has. But I think Bo should have ended up with Tamsin. Tamsin didn’t appear until the 3rd season so I understand that people got attached to the relationship between Bo and Lauren or Bo and Dyson. Bo loved Lauren but it never seemed as though she loved Lauren any more than she loved Dyson. In fact, it always seemed to me like Bo put Dyson before Lauren a lot of the time. The chemistry between Lauren and Bo just never seemed that strong to me. Their relationship didn’t make much sense to me. It didn’t seem balanced. Enter Tamsin.. the electricity between them was palpable and I loved every second of it. It was intense and powerful, both in their time as enemies and as friends. If they had continued with a relationship it would have made the most sense. Their characters fit together the best. They were opposites while also being the same in the most important ways. Tamsin was a foil for Bo but she was also just like her. She proved time and time again that she would do anything, sacrifice anything, for Bo. Dyson and Lauren would too, Dyson more so, but Tamsin still makes more sense to me. From the end of the first episode she appeared in, I wanted Bo to end up with her. This is irrelevant but I think that Tamsin was the most well written character on the show. She was one of the most well written and well developed characters on any show I’ve seen. I know that Bo and Tamsin couldn’t end up together because Tamsin dies, but I think the story line could have (and should have) been written differently. Tamsin’s character was beautiful and I think it was unfair for her to die so early into her last life. #TeamValkubus forever 

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Tamsin tries so hard to be good. No one seems to notice how hard she fights to just be good. Can't believe they even put a line in there about her not sacrificing anything. She turned her back on the dark fae, covered for Bo with the guy she nearly killed (Bo still doesn't know that/thinks she's innocent of it), constantly defying orders to kill her. TOOK A BULLET FOR HER/DROVE OFF A CLIFF EFFECTIVELY PUTTING HER ON HER LAST LIFE!! Found Kenzi that one time. She's part of the team dammit!