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I’M GONNA TALK SOME MORE ABOUT TATER’S LESBIAN MOMS. I had the original idea back in October, and then I decided I was going to do it for my Swawesome Santa, which I thought was super secret like Yuletide, so I clammed up about it since then. So I actually put a fair amount of work into researching the idea, but the fic turned into this monstrously huge unwieldy outline with 14 separate plot-important scenes at its smallest, and like five different emotional arcs, and I couldn’t do it, so I wrote Leave Your Lovers Like Campfires instead.

So now I’ll just cut it down to one aspect, which is Tater’s moms Sasha and Galina. Even just cut down to one aspect, in bullet points, without weaving in the other plot threads, this post is three thousand words long. /o\

I read what I could find in my libraries on social and LGBT history in Russia, but resources in English are honestly pretty limited and I know I’m making shit up here. MY APOLOGIES TO ACTUAL RUSSIANS. But for what it’s worth, the books I found most useful were Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia by Francesca Stella, Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay and Lesbian Russia by David Tuller, and Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia by Anne Garrels.

Content notes: Homophobia, being closeted, coming out, mental illness, and suicide.

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Introducing a new birb friend! 
Meet Tangier, or Tang for short! Sun conure harpie from the high Stratos Islands!
Tang likes on walks on the beach, exotic fruits, and the color yellow.

He is also mostly deaf.

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Hey I read this fic where they were in high school and Phil was on the basketball team cuz he was tall and they were best friends but Dan had a crush on Phil. Anyway there was this girl that kept hitting on Phil even though he wasn't interested and then at the end they kissed at a party and it was cute

Varsity Jacket - Dan has always been Phil’s close best friend, and that was not going to change now that Phil is the star of the basketball team and one of the most popular and most wanted guys in school.

- Rachel

Ask the Blogger : omgcp style
  • Jack: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Bitty: Whats your favourite food?
  • Shitty: What is your sexual orientation
  • Lardo: What are your preferred pronouns?
  • Ransom: Team Attic or Team Roaches?
  • Holster: How tall are you?
  • Chowder: What type of person are you?
  • Nursey: Whats your most embarassing memory?
  • Dex: When was the last time you got lost?
  • Tango: What question should one actually ask you?
  • Whiskey: Whats your stand on the lax bros?
  • Kent: What kind of trash are you/ Whats your eyecolour?
  • Tater: Would you fight kent?
  • Bad Bob: How proud are you of Jack?
  • Alicia: Who is your favourite omgcp character?
  • Georgia: Can we ask you for selfies?
  • Johnson: If you could ask ngozi one thing...what would it be?

maya and lucas walking to class together and maya getting annoyed with having to keep up with lucas who walks faster than her with his long tall people legs so he always remembers to slow his pace for her

all of us know how tiny wally is compared to other kids. but is no one going to talk about how small chad is compared to other teens?

the orange line is chad’s height, including his dang hair floof. 

but what about the light brown-haired guy whose height he almost matches? he’s slouching. the crease on his shirt is proof of that.

want more proof of this tiny football of angst??

chad is standing much more closer to the camera than the rest of the group, making him appear bigger thanks to the perspective. but what if he wasn’t you ask?

and that’s including the the guy on the left’s slouch. 

not only that, the rest of the guys in the back still appear bigger than chad even with angle of this shot. they would be a lot bigger than him if they all stood together.


look at this tiny football player full of angst

Matt Anderson

Height: 6′10″

Most Famous For: American volleyball player and member of the United States men’s national volleyball team and Russian club Zenit Kazan

Suggestion Credit: supernaturallily