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AKB48 2nd gen performs Korogaru Ishi ni Nare and MC Talk

The gang is back.

What a sight…To see the members of the legendary original Team K reunite and perform what you would call the Team K theme. My favorite gen and team. T^T (Amazing to see Meetan and Nontii still have the energy to dance to this active song like old times despite being in their 30s and Meetan being a mother.) 

During their MC talk, as they talk about memories of the past, a memorable memory Yuko and the others wanted to talk about was the day Meetan and Sayaka got into an argument back in their early days after debut. To explain it better for the fans, they reenacted the very scene that happened, with Kana and Yuko pretending to be Maachan and Erepyon, who are involved in the story as well.

This story was actually explained by @sayaka-oshi before from this post.

A brief explanation of what happened was this…

During lessons/rehearsals one day, the youngest members at the time, Maachan and Erepyon (10 yrs old and 12 yrs old at the time), were making doodles and scribbles on their lyrics sheets, when they really should be practicing. Noticing this, an upset Sayaka went serious and scolded the two with stuff like “These are our precious lyrics sheets! You can’t draw bunnies on these!” and ended up making the young girls cry. 

It was then that Meetan used her role as the ‘oldest sister’ of the team to defend the younger girls. She scolded Sayaka that she shouldn’t be harsh to the two, as they were still very young. In the end, Sayaka felt so bad that she ended up crying as well.

Aww, as expected from the passionate Sayaka.

The part where Kana and Yuko play as Maachan and Erepyon is just too hilarious. XDDD

I guess the 2nd gen chose to talk about this certain memory because it was probably thanks to Sayaka’s bold and serious character showing that day that eventually gave birth to the sports-minded Team K we know today.

I wonder when will be the next time we see this gen reunite for a performance again?

OSF AU - All the Little Children (10/?)

Part 10: In which the Hero reappears, a turtle comes to the rescue, and a panicking pack of preteens discuss the power of propaganda.

Content warnings: None, aside from the usual warnings about Garp’s total lack of parenting skills.

Once again, the punch-happy grandpa appeared out of nowhere on sleepy little Dawn Island. Naruto hadn’t worked out where he landed, though he knew the guy was a Marine and had to dock his ship somewhere since he sure as hell didn’t live on the island. Instead, Naruto kept patrols of clones running through the forest in the shape of bugs and other stuff, trying to be sure no one got caught off guard by the guy ever again. Thus, Naruto was the first one to know when Garp was headed their way.

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