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Quarry Drama | Stanley Uris X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @dontstopxx​: Maybe just Richie embarrassing Stan in front of the reader or Stan being really flustered in front of the reader while swimming. Then eventually Stan confesses to liking her?

Characters: Stan/fem!reader, Beverly, Bill, Ben, Mike, Richie and Eddie.

Word Count: 2927 words.

Parts of the series: (1) (2)

Stan thought he had never blushed as much as he did now as he drove his bike toward the quarry, with (Y/N) (Y/L/N) sitting behind him, her arms around his waist and, well, that was why he was blushing so much. He could see, though he preferred to ignore it, the amused smile on Bill’s face as (Y/N) talked to them.

The Uris boy could feel her breath on the back of his neck, making him blush even more. There were times when he thought he would fall off the bike again - and this time taking (Y/N) along with him - because he was concentrating more on the fact that the girl was there than the road he was driving. Fortunately, he hadn’t been distracted enough for this… Yet.

“Hey Stan.” (Y/N)’s voice woke him from his thoughts, the girl leaning her head on his shoulder to look at him.

“Yeah?” he could feel himself getting a bit tense.

“That’s probably because I sit in front of you in the class and I could never get a good look at it, but” she smiled at him even though he hadn’t seen it. “From where I am now, I just noticed that you have a really nice hair.”

Stan hoped that from where she was, (Y/N) couldn’t feel how hot his face was, that she couldn’t see how red he was.

His grip on the handlebar tightened as he cleared his throat. “Your hair is nice, too.”

He saw Bill suppress a laugh as (Y/N) giggled before taking her head off his shoulder. Stan felt himself relax, only feeling slightly embarrassed by what he had just said.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the quarry after that, (Y/N) getting off Stan’s bike quickly, feeling excited and almost falling. Stan was ready to hold her, but she managed to balance herself.

“I’m fine.” she smiled at him before looking around as she heard a few voices.

“I think t-tuh-they’ve got in.” Bill said as he got off his bike.

(Y/N) approached the edge, looking down and taking care not to slip. She took a few steps back, her gaze turning to Bill, making her frown. Stan turned to his friend too, seeing that he was taking off his shirt.

“Wait, you jump from here?” she looked at Stan, her eyes widening slightly.

“It’s kind of s-s-scary the first time, but it’s f-f-fuh-fun.” Bill assured her as he took off his pants.

Her gaze returned to the edge and Stan couldn’t name the feeling in her eyes.

“You don’t have to jump.” Stan said, finally getting off his bike. “I can walk you down there.”

She frowned at him for a moment before chuckling. “Are you kidding me? I’m so going to do it.” she said before taking off her shirt. Stan caught a glimpse of her bra before he looked away.

He heard her laughing at something and, after a few seconds, he heard her footsteps running to the edge before jumping. Down theere, Eddie screamed as he saw the unknown girl falling into the water near him while Richie shouted “Who the fuck is that?!”

“Ar-are you coming?” Bill asked to him before jumping after her.

Stan stared nervously at the edge, still fully clothed. The idea of leaving crossed his mind, but he pushed that thought away, sighing before starting to take off his shirt, taking off his pants and shoes next.

When he invited (Y/N) to tag along with them, he wasn’t thinking at all, clearly not stopping to think that taking her to the quarry would include seeing her in her underwear. Stan just wanted to spend time with her; how would he do that if he couldn’t even look at her now?

He folded his clothes, placing them close to where (Y/N) had left hers before jumping.

When he got there, the first thing Stan did was look for (Y/N). The water covered most of her body, allowing him to look at her without feeling embarrassed.

She was talking to Richie… Well, he was flirting with her. Stan thought of swimming to them to get her attention, but he saw (Y/N) laughing at something Richie had said, so he decided not to intervene in it, thinking that soon he would leave her alone.

But Richie didn’t look like he was going to stop talking to the pretty girl in any time soon. Stan could feel himself glaring at his friend, but Richie didn’t seem to notice or just ignored that.

Bill, noticing that, shouted. “Ch-chicken fight!”

Richie stopped talking, his gaze turning immediately to the stuttering boy. “I’m on your team, Big Bill!” he swam quickly toward Bill.

Stan looked gratefully at Bill, starting to swim toward (Y/N). Now was his time to talk to her. “Stan, why don’t you t-tuh-take (Y/N) on your t-t-team?”

The Uris boy stopped swimming, glaring slightly at Bill this time. Couldn’t he call any other two other losers to fight them?

“Alright for me.” (Y/N) said, making him look at her, seeing that she looked expectantly to see if he agreed to that.

Stan nodded, giving her a small smile as she smiled at him before swimming toward him.

“Oh, we’re so going to win.” Richie said confidently.

“Yeah, you wish.” (Y/N) said, coming closer to Stan, turning to him. “Hold me tight, okay?”

Stan nodded at her before actually realizing what she had said and, when he saw that Richie was on Bill’s shoulders, he noticed that (Y/N) would have to do the same. He didn’t have much time to feel embarrassed as he had to help her get on his shoulders. But when he started to approach Bill, with his hands holding the girl’s legs, he stopped to think that (Y/N) (Y/L/N), his crush, was on his shoulders, in her underwear.

He saw Bill smirking at him, causing Stan to shake his head slightly to him before the fight began. Richie was known to be the best at chicken fights, but (Y/N) was surprisingly good, managing to stay on Stan’s shoulders more than anyone else had. But in the end, Richie managed to knock her down, raising his arms in victory.

Stan turned back to see (Y/N) brushing wet hair from her face, a fun smile on her lips.

“Are you okay?” Stan asked, to which she nodded.

“Don’t feel bad, babe.” Richie said, getting off Bill’s shoulders. “You were better than most of these losers.”

“Thanks, but I’m sure I’ll win next time.” she smirked, causing Richie to do the same.

“Where did you find her?”

(Y/N) chuckled, turning to Stan. “I’m loving this here.” she quickly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, giving him a hug. “Thank you for inviting me.”

The moment (Y/N)’s skin touched his, he felt some kind of electricity passing through him, making his heart beat faster. He gave her a small nervous smile before (Y/N) swam toward Eddie and Mike.

“Oh fuck.” he turned to see Richie looking at (Y/N) and then at Stan. “You like her!”

Stan forced himself to frown. “What? I don’t-”

“That’s why you were looking at me when I was talking to her.” a grin appeared on his face. “I thought you realized you loved me or something, but-”

“Beep beep, Richie.” Bill stopped him.

The Tozier boy looked at his stuttering friend before looking in (Y/N)’s direction, his grin still on his lips. “Does she know about this?”

“No.” Stan hurried to say, seriously. “And you better not tell her.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” that didn’t make Stan feel relieved at all, perhaps because he could see a mischievous look in Richie’s eyes as he swam in the girl’s direction. “Hey, (Y/N)! Want to hear some embarrassing stories about Stan? ”

(Y/N) turned to Richie, her eyebrows furrowed, but then her gaze stopped at the Uris boy, who was glaring at his friend. Of course Richie had to do something like that. When he noticed she was looking at him, he couldn’t help but give an embarrassed smile, which seemed to be confirmation enough to her that Stan was in agreement with what Richie was going to say. Well, he wasn’t.

Not even Stan seemed to remember so many embarrassing stories of him. The Uris boy had thought he’d only tell one or two stories - the least embarrassing ones he remembered - and then he’d stop, but he was wrong. Richie managed to spend half an hour telling the worst stories he could remember of Stan, making (Y/N) laugh at every word he said.

Stan had tried to intervene once, but he didn’t seem to get much attention for himself. (Y/N) was paying close attention to what Richie was saying. While (Y/N) laughed, Stan could feel his cheeks heating up.

Thankfully, Ben and Beverly, at some point, managed to find a subject good enough to make (Y/N) turn her attention to a conversation with them and not with the Tozier boy. But as they and the other losers came out of the water, seating down, Richie always made small comments about Stan during the conversation. Stan glared at him, trying to warn him to stop, but his friend just ignored it, sitting down next to (Y/N) so he could talk to her more easily.

“And that was it. That’s what happened.” Ben concluded whatever he was talking about, causing (Y/N) to nod at him.

"My mother told me that she heard someone say when she was little that people were allowed to marry birds.” the girl suppressed a laugh as she spoke. “Is that true?”

Ben was about to respond when Richie snorted. “People marrying birds?”

(Y/N) nodded. “That was what she said.”

Stan saw Richie’s eyes turn to him for a moment before a smirk widened on his face, turning back to (Y/N). “We should get a time machine for Stan, then. He’d love that.” the girl frowned, confused. "Oh, you didn’t know about Stan’s love for birds?”

(Y/N)’s eyes turned to Stan, a kind smile on her face. “Do you like birds?”

Stan shifted uncomfortably over the mischievous glare that Richie was giving him, he tried to ignore it, nodding at (Y/N). “Yeah, it’s-”

“Totally unhealthy.” Richie concluded, drawing the girl’s attention back to him. “I’m serious, he’s all weird when it comes to birds.” his face suddenly brightened, remembering another story, nudging (Y/N) excitedly. “There was this time that we, well, not him, I can’t remember which one of us… Anyway… We ended up hitting a bird with a stone accidentally-”

“That’s awful!” the girl exclaimed, but Richie just kept going.

“Yeah, yeah. You should have seen Stan’s face when we realized it was dead. I’ve never seen him cry that much.” Richie tried to do an imitation of how Stan looked like when he was crying before he started to laugh. "I mean, we all felt bad about it, but Stan just couldn’t stop crying and-”

Stan Uris was red, but this time he didn’t know if it was from embarrassment or anger. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

When he invited (Y/N) to tag along with them, he wasn’t thinking at all. One of the things that didn’t even come close to going through his head was that the time he’d spend with her would cause her to fall madly in love with him or something like that. He hadn’t invited her for that, he just wanted to talk to her for a while.

Stan knew his place and was sure that (Y/N) wouldn’t look at him that way. If Stan had a slight chance with her, however, Richie was ruining everything, just as he was ruining Stan’s afternoon.

Now he was very sure, what he was feeling was anger.

“Stop it.” he murmured, but Richie still hadn’t shut his mouth, still talking about that damn dead bird, making Stan get angrier with every word he spoke. He stood up. “Shut up!"that caused Richie to stop talking immediately, looking at him with wide eyes. "Can’t you just shut the fuck up for a moment?”

Stan saw all his friends staring at him in surprise, including (Y/N), who looked confused. He took one last look at them before turning and walking away to go back to where he had left his clothes and bike.

It was a rather long walk, but he didn’t care, he just didn’t want to stay there listening to Richie embarrass him in front of (Y/N). Because of all the things he had told her, did she still see Stan the way she did when she went to see if he was okay when he’d fallen off the bike?

Stan would just pick up his things and leave, Richie could give (Y/N) a ride back home. Who knows, maybe after his outburst, she wouldn’t even look him in the face next time they had class together. He’d consider himself lucky if that happened, honestly.

The boy heard footsteps behind him, indicating that someone had followed him. He rolled his eyes, saying disinterestedly, “I won’t go back there, Bill.”

“Well, I’m not here to try to convince you to do that, so okay.” he heard (Y/N)’s voice, making him stop walking. “Stan? What the hell happened back there?“

Stan turned back to her, seeing that her eyes were as concerned as when he had fallen near the library. The boy lowered his gaze to his feet, shrugging.

(Y/N) sighed. "Were you mad at what Richie was saying?”

“He just wanted to make me look bad in front of you.”

“Why would he do that?” even though he hadn’t looked at her, he could feel her eyes on him. After a few seconds in silence, she seemed to realize that he wouldn’t say anything. “I know that bird thing I said sounded crazy, maybe my mom saw it in some movie or something, I don’t know.”

Stan frowned. “What did this have to do with, well, everything else?”

“My mom is a very smart woman, you know. And, she used to tell me that we can find out a lot about a person with the most embarrassing stories they had to tell about themselves.” Stan looked at her, seeing her gentle eyes on him. “Richie didn’t make you look bad, he actually did the total opposite.” she chuckled. “There’s nothing wrong with crying. To tell you the truth, I would have freaked out if I had killed a bird by accident.” she shrugged, giving him a small smile. "I thought it was sweet how much you cared about that.”

Stan felt a smile appear timidly on his face at her words. Well, he didn’t look stupid to her, that was good news. His eyes were staring into hers as Stan finally started to say what he wanted. “I think I wanted to spend some time with you today, you know, so we can get to know each other better.” he saw her smile widening on her face, his heart pounding in his chest as the next words came out of his mouth. “I like you.”

(Y/N) raised her eyebrows at that confession, the smile on her face fading in surprise. A few seconds went by and she hadn’t said anything, causing Stan to think that maybe this wasn’t the best time to have done that. But, well, if he thought like that, hardly any moment seemed the best to do something like that.

The silence ended when a laugh left her mouth and Stan felt his heart sink. Was she laughing at him? He smiled nervously, feeling himself shake a little.

“Oh, Stan.” she stopped laughing, a smile still on her face. “I knew that. Why do you think I agreed to come here today?” Stan looked at her in confusion. "I was lying earlier, I noticed you and your nice hair a long time ago, even with me sitting in front of you.” she stepped closer to him. “So when you invited me, I was like, ‘Why not? Now I can get to know my crush better.’”

Stan’s heart skipped a beat with her words. He, Stanley Uris, was (Y/N) (Y/L/N)’s crush? How was that possible? He decided not to question too much, only concentrating on the happiness he felt at that moment.

The boy couldn’t seem to wipe this smile off his face - and he didn’t want to either. “Let me take you to a proper date, then, where this” he gestured around, both of them knowing he was referring to the conflict that had happened. “Won’t happen.”

The girl took one final step toward him, the two as close as ever. She gave him a small smile before looking lightly at his lips, looking back into his eyes. It didn’t take Stan more than a few seconds to figure out what she wanted, making him feel nervous again, but even so, he leaned toward her, closing his eyes.

He felt her lips brushing lightly against his before she pressed them together. Stan didn’t know if it was hers, but that was his first kiss. The Uris boy felt butterflies in his stomach as the girl placed one of her hands on his cheek. He felt the electricity passing through him, the same one he had felt when she had hugged him earlier. It was weird, but it was a good feeling.

(Y/N) pulled away from him slowly, giving little pecks to his lips. She smiled, just as he was smiling, and leaned her forehead against his. “Sounds good to me.”



Uehara Takuya, Hirama Soichi and Mizuta Kouki for the promotion of the Stolabo Tokyo program [3LDK] in the magazine Sparkle vol.29.

(Scans from my own magazine. Please, credit the artists, the program, the magazine and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)

Concussed Part Two

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michelle jones head-canons

🌷 you and mj are friends

  • close, but there’s still that small sense that she’s not fully letting you in (which she isn’t but that’s ok with you)
  • both of you definitely have that chemistry between you two but you don’t notice it and michelle never says anything when she does
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  • and it’s torture
  • not to you because you never hear them
  • but for mj? and everyone on the decathlon team?
  • t o r t u r e
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