team strife

  • team rocket: we want to take over the country and rule it from the shadows because we're the yakuza and we won't bend to anyone.
  • team aqua: we want to make the world a better place for life by returning things to the primordial ocean from whence they came.
  • team magma: we want to make the world a better place for life by expanding the land so they have more room to live.
  • team galactic: we want to unmake reality and reform it in the image of our leader, creating a universe without spirit or strife.
  • team plasma: we want to bring about change and justice for pokemon, letting them live free from human cruelty and interference.
  • team neo plasma: we want to take over our country with brute force and become the masters of all around us with the power of a legend.
  • team flare: we want to eradicate the common folk and become a race of beautiful, eternal elites who will reign forever.
  • aether foundation: we want to conserve living beings, including those from other worlds, regardless of the consequences for our own world.
  • team skull: we just wanna fucking eat cause the economy's fucked and our lives are going nowhere

(tldr) Finally on my way home from a crazy 2 weeks of con crunch (without an actual con), travel and general craziness. To make a long story short, one of my best friends was chosen among 9 others to compete in the Swedish Cosplay Mastership and since he decided to go with KH1 Cloud we decided I would make KH1 Sora and be his assistant on stage in his performance. This was not only super fun but also INCREDIBLY nerve-wrecking because of that fact that the competition is broadcasted live on national TV… (This probably wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if we haven’t decided to do a fight scene with my friends 2m Buster Sword…with a steel handle… On a quite tiny stage…) And to add on top of everything, the KH orchestra I had tickets for was for the night before the competition. So basically I was in London the day before I was gonna help out on stage.
But with 2 hours of sleep we arrived back in Sweden, costumes finished and did the performance! No one fell off stage, yours truly didn’t get hit by a buster sword and we didn’t fall asleep. It went by without a hitch. And low and behold; MY FRIEND WON. I could seriously ramble on and on about how proud I am of him but gonna spare my cheesyness until a later time. Also bless @yumidun for being handsome af as Noctis and helping Elias and me not dying either on or off stage XD. We’ve spent a good few days celebrating by sleeping and playing vidya games but now it’s back to reality for me. Demu over n’ out. NOTE: WROTE THIS ON APRIL 1ST BUT REALIZED NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE ME IF I POSTED IT LOLOL.

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Is there one coworker you just don't get along with?

Squall:  You’ve already hit one teacher with a ball today, Sora.  

Sora: But-

Squall: Almasy forgot I’m writing the football team’s training regime for next week. 

(Squall: It’s not exactly we don’t get along since we sort of have to since we’re the only guy’s coaches in the school.  I’ve also gotten used to ignoring his taunts from years of practice. Plus, he’s not even trying right now.)

Part Two to This

The Aspects as in Skrub

here is the complete explanation of what Homestuck’s Aspects  mean in the tabletop Game Skrub, ripped straight from the rulebook. if these seem interesting to you, and youve ever felt the desrie to play through Sburb with your friends, come check this game out!

7.2.2 The Aspects

Painting metaphors have been used before, so I will continue with that. Aspects are the media of the painting, and each aspect is like a different color (as compared to the Classes which are like different painting techniques).

But truthfully, that’s an oversimplification. The Aspects are a metaphysical system, in of themselves they are Abstract concepts. This means they are the fundamental structure of the universe, and that they are not directly physical. You can not simply walk about and find ‘Breath’, you can only find things that represent Breath. More specifically, aspects are the Metaphysics of a Story. They are the sum of the fundamental concepts that make up a story. Each of the aspects opposes another, which means their purposes compare and contrast each other.

But how do abstract concepts make a story?

Through the use of Symbols. [Rose’s apple speech that symbols hold all the power]. A symbol is something that represents something else, it’s meaning manifest. Symbols can be as simple as a physical object like a pumpkin, and action like a kiss, an emotion like anger, a game mechanic like ~ath, or more complex things I call themes, like Love. A Symbol is the means to the Aspect’s end. But, interestingly enough, since they are only a means to an end that is perceived and thus subjective, a Symbol in its performance may produce multiple ends, it might unintentionally represent many aspects. This is why most people have such a hard time differentiating the aspects in the story, because they are looking at things that are being used multiple ways. It is better to look at aspects in what they are trying to accomplish rather than what they are.

This guide is organized like this;

The binary between the next two aspects

The Number; I have associated on a d12, the Aspect itself and its Trait

The Meta; what the aspect at its metaphysical core

Themes: complex concepts that don’t have specific mechanics to express them, and exist in general in  the story, but still are used to support the aspects

Interaction: direct actions of the aspects, often what has to be done in order for the powers to take place

Objects: what physical objects are direct symbols

Strife Component: the in-combat representation

Status: what Emotions support them

Ultimate: the ultimate status of each aspect, and the greatest physical symbol in the Medium

Talents: talents that can be used to support the aspects

Space & Time, the basic building blocks of a story. [Screenshots of Calliope explaining space like the pages of a book, time is the turning of them]

12, Space, Imagination

Meta: the Setting.

Space is where everything takes place. The here, the there, and what’s there. Its the set of the play, the buildings and props and the colors painted on everything. Anywhere that is Anywhere is Space (if you’re nowhere, its void)

Themes: Creation, art, possibility, beginnings, Location. Space without time is the beginning of everything,  its looking at the stage and all the props before the start of the show, nothing has had time to do anything yet, it is the setup, infinite potential of all the thing that could happen to it before whatever does happen happens. Pure space without time is simple being without action, change, cause or effect.

Interaction: moving from place to place, touch, setpeice movements.

Objects: art supplies, any physical location, plants

Strife Component: the Chess board that represents where everything is

Status: Weird, Lonely, creative

Ultimate: Noblebright, (space is omnipresent, but either Skaia or Bilious Slick could work)

Talents: Art, Dream, Science, Cartography, Fashion

1 Time, Pulchritude

Meta: the Plot

Or more specifically just the chronology of the plot, the fact that event occur one after another, and that they continue to keep occuring. Not why they occur, or the specifics of what occurs, or how they relate, just that they do.

Themes: storytelling, Destruction, music, eventuality, endings, progression. There is a later section called Timelines (itll be at the end of the pdf, cause its a mess) that explains the horribly convoluted hell that is Timetravel in this game.

Interaction: letting time go by, playing music

Objects:instruments, clocks, metronomes

Strife Component: timing in combat, turn order, Actions

Status: aloof, entropic,

Ultimate: Grimdark

Talents: rhythm, fashion, nonchalance, dance, roast

Breath & Blood, [ i dont know how to describe the relationship between Direction and Investment]

9 Breath Adroitness

Meta: Story Direction

Breath is the why to Times when. Breath is moving to what’s next, where you are going, what you are doing. New, unexpected events that are introduced that push the story towards a conclusion.

Themes: the mail, flying, goals, motivation, freedom, being let loose, not tied down, New Things

Interaction: anything touching the air or wind, moving around, breathing

Strife Component: Movement, Initiative, Absconding Strife

Status: flighty, confident

Ultimate: [free? Off the Railroad], The White Queen

Talents: ride, prank, rant, nonchalance, cartography, lift

4 Blood Vim

Meta: Investment

Do you give a shit about what’s happening? Blood is if and how much you care about the story and characters. Your connection to it, your bond.

Themes: Relationships, Drama, Intensity, Family, Duty, Class Structure

Interaction: contact/ submersion in a liquid, especially with blood, bleeding, grappling and holding on

Objects: blood and other liquids, Rings,

Strife Component: Teams and Leaders, Being stuck in Strife

Status: <>,<3,<3<, c3<, angry, burdened

Ultimate: Stuck. The Black Queen.

Talents: Grip, Ship, Rant,

Light & Void; Relevance

8 Light, Sagacity

Meta: Importance

Even though there a literally trillions of bits of information streaming at you at every second, you only focus on a few sparse details. This concept is utilized very visually in stage shows, you can hardly look at everything on the stage, instead, our eyes tend to be led by a tool, the spotlight. This is the role of Light, it’s the way the story signifies what is important, be it objects, locations, actions, or even the players themselves.  

Themes: Luck. Fortune. Agency, Sobriety. Knowledge. Attention.

Interaction: anything illuminated, in the light of some object, but especially in the light of Skaia

Strife Component: Focus, Crit Success, revealed areas

Status: Lucky(unlucky), conscious, illuminated, Smug

Ultimate: Enlightenment. Skaia.

Talents: Snark, Judgement, Wiles, Gumshoery

5 Void, Adroitness

Meta: Unimportance

If light is what is under the spotlight on a stage, then Void is what is everywhere else.  Void is where you aren’t supposed to look, it allows the stage crew to move around the set, because if you can’t see (or hear or perceive the event in some way) it’s like it doesn’t even happen. But thus goes deeper than just light and shadows, it’s about attention. The street magician doesn’t use magic, he keeps your attention one place, and in the void that creates he performs his magic and switches the cards around.



Interaction: any space where light is dim or nonexistent, especially in direct shadows

Strife Component: negative Focus, Critical Failure, Non Action, hidden areas

Status: Shy, unconscious, (lack of a status afflictment)

Ultimate: Nirvana. The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors.

Talents: Creep, Ride, Prank, Nonchalance, Lie

Hope & Rage; the suspension of disbelief

11 Hope, Pluck

Meta: Suspension of Disbelief

Hope is accepting something as believable. It is saying yes, this fits, this is explainable and justifiable in the setting and tone it is present in. Hope never needs to provide an explanation why, the answer is that when you believe in magic, anything is possible!

Themes: Belief in Magic, Romantic Crushes, Imagination, Shonen Heroism, Idealised Sexuality/bodies

Interaction: in dreams

Objects: globes, white stuff, phallic symbols

Strife Component: Dealing Damage, amount and note

Status: Hopeful, ( <3 and <3< but only when they are unrequited)

Ultimate: Magical. The White King.

Talents: Pester, Dream, Ship

2 Rage Vim

Meta: Contrivance

Breaking the suspension of disbelief. Rage is the realization that no, it doesn’t fit, there is no believable explanation. It is complete and utter bullshit. Things that simply do not work, that are utterly impossible and unforgivable. And Rage is the reaction against this, screaming out that something is unacceptable, or reveling in the fact that it doesn’t have to work, that its simply absurd and there is no changing that.

Themes: Disillusionment, Absurdity, Reality, Real human sex/bodies

Interaction: in nightmares, when things are in pain

Objects: clowns, game Glitches,

Strife Component: Deafness Resonance, Taking Damage, Response Actions

Status: Angry(calm), Afraid, Entropic

Ultimate: Berserk. The Black King

Talents: Rant, Lift, Lie, Science, Hack

Life & Doom; Tone

10 Life Pulchritude

Meta: Light Tone

Life is about having fun! Doing silly things, remembering to laugh, doing things that excite you, not always following the silly rules we make for ourselves. Rewarding yourself to a slice of pie, the sweetest pie called life.

Themes: Fun, Enjoyment. Endulgence. Growth. Power and the will to obtain it. The power to not have worry about the rules, to laugh without fear of retaliation, the power to afford sugar. The kind of power a monarch feels as they stare down upon the ants that are their subjects. The power to enforce their will upon the world.

Imagine an eagle as it swoops down to pull trout from its watery home. Imagine the strength it must feel, the rush of excitement as it swoops down from the sky, the power it feels knowing no other birds can compete, and the satisfaction it feels with the fish meat in its stomach. That is raw, unadulterated Life.

Objects: Organic structures, food, eating utensils

Interaction: consuming something, making a Joke

Strife Component: Vigor, Refill, Vitality Gel

Status: Sweet, Sour, Excited

Ultimate: Trickster. Prospit

Talents: Roast, Wiles, Fashion, Prank,

3 Doom, Sagacity

Meta: Heavy tone

Doom is Serious business, quite literally. It is the gravity of the situation, the weight that says right now is really not the time to be making a joke.

Themes: Rules. Law and Order. Structure. Should and shouldn’t or Morality. Karma. Limitations. Sacrifice. Punishments. If Life is splurging and eating the entire ice-cream cake, then Doom is eating nothing but unsweetened, bland food for a diet.

When Life is the predator, Doom is the prey.

Interaction: Dying. Following the rules. Suffering from an Ailment

Objects: Dead things,

Strife Component:Despair, Decay, Ailments, ~ath,

Status: Bitter, Salty, Afraid, Paranoid, Ailments

Ultimate: Doomed. Derse.

Talents: Snark, Gumshoery, Hack, Judgement, Grip

Mind & Heart; the Self

7 Mind, Imagination

Meta: Choices.

What the player gets to decide for themselves.

Themes: Free Will, Pure rational Insight, Politics

Interaction: words, ideas, and concepts  read or heard, anything that causes a thought

Objects: clothing, Coins, Synapses, Hats

Strife Component: Strife Techniques

Status: Confused, Pretending(Mind cheats by making any feeling a Mind status,  but only if the player is pretending to feel it)

Ultimate: Fake. Denizens.

Talents: Lie, Cartography, Dance, nonchalance, Judgement

6 Heart Pluck

Meta: The person playing the game

Heart is the Ultimate Self, which is literally the person playing the game. Heart represents thing’s character, what they are regardless of choice. The character traits that make up “you”. The things that you were born with.

Themes: Capabilities/Talent, Preferences/Taste, true Love, True Friendship, Desire, Intuition

Interaction: touching, especially a kiss, direct eye contact

Objects: Shoes, player symbols and color, Hats

Strife Component: the players inherent stats, Talents, Weapon Quirks

Status: (heart cheats as well by making any feeling a heart status,  but only if the player is honestly feeling it),  <>,<3,<3<, c3<

Ultimate: Real. Denizens.

Talents: Pester, Ship, Lie, Dance, Dream

Some cute lines I ran across in Stick of Truth. No spoilers.

We had to pose as Bebe’s boyfriend and Kenny got all jelly (our New Kid wore that bright red Lolita wig for the entire goddamn game. We were so beautiful).

I lose my shit whenever anyone uses this line. I was not expecting it from this source.

Jimmy is the meanest kid.


Butters, what the fuck.

Stan, what the fuck???

Kyle, what the fuck.

Okay, that was p. much exactly what I was expecting.

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9 and kinkunikage

things you said when i was crying

They were never going to go to watch that game, this much is clear. The loss is too fresh, too newly scabbed-over for Kindaichi or Kunimi to subject themselves to. Though they were given permission to skip school for a day and watch Karasuno take on Shiratorizawa, Kindaichi has been vocal about his inability to subject himself to that, and Kunimi quickly agrees.

It surprises Kindaichi and Kunimi both when they arrive at practice the next day to the announcement that Karasuno has defeated the nemesis that not even their most powerful senpai could beat.

Karasuno has just won. He has won. The insurmountable monolith of Ushijima Wakatoshi has been conquered by a band of misfits in ancient uniforms and not even a full roster. Maybe Kageyama really has been smarter about volleyball than the rest of them this whole time, if he chose this school over a much more prominent Aobajousai.

Kindaichi doesn’t care to think about whether Kageyama would’ve ended up at Seijou, also, had they not fallen out. It’s a subject he and Kunimi don’t talk about. Not anymore

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I couldn’t find a good angle for this. But @drago-redfox08 This is my team. Cloud Strife, Princess Peach, and Star Butterfly. Together they make B3. Because they’re blonde. Maybe someone might make a convention about them.

ok guys but consider this

We as a community love Rythian and his face a lot, so much that thousands of people donated the moment they announced he would do face-cam if they got to a certain goal, which is great because all the money is going to charity.

I think most of us know that others like Zoey and Nilesy are a bit camera-shy due to their own reasons (mainly anxiety), while others like the main channel, Kim, Martyn, etc. are more than happy to show their faces on camera. It probably helps that their Minecraft skins are basically them irl, so most people have a good idea on how they actually look like and are perfectly comfortable with who they are in-and-out of character/videos.

But in Rythian’s case, he virtually shares nothing with his Minecraft skin; he’s not the “tall, dark and handsome” person everyone portrays him as, with the electric-blue or purple eyes and blonde streak. He’s not the tall, intimidating figure with chiseled features and mysterious aura. He’s a regular dude with dark-blonde(brown?) hair and beard, glasses, and on the chubby side. Sure Duncan’s character gets interpreted similarly at times, but there’s always the non-suave, chubby-and-messy version if him alongside the other edgy fanart drawn of Lalna/Lalnable.

Can you imagine what that must feel like for Rythian, who whole-heartedly supports any and all forms of fan-made content (being in creative writing influencing his view on fanfics, fan art, etc. by welcoming it with open arms heck he even uses tumblr on a fairly regular basis, reblogging and commenting on posts he’s been tagged in), to have to live up to those expectations?

Sure a lot, if not all of us, loved him when and after he face-cammed and had the common sense to separate Rythian from Joakim, but what if we hadn’t? What if we had just been downright mean with him, people giving him a hard time for not living up to fan expectations (mainly those who have never seen his wiki profile pic). So many that would claim they thought he was the best, the dark-and-broody mage, suddenly turning on him because he didn’t look like “Rythian”.

I’m not only proud of the love and support everyone is giving Rythian and his face, but for his bravery of even doing what he did (I say the same for the other like Team Fizone, the Nilesynator, Strife, etc., but this one is about the rugged viking Enderbornmun).

I don’t know if we’ll suddenly get a whole load of videos uploaded of him in face-cam, as it’s very unlikely and i can respect that since I can hardly even stand to have a phone camera near my face as is. But all I wanna say is that whatever he wants to do, we’ll be right there with him and that we love him very much, both as Rythian Enderborn and Joakim Hellstrand.