team sticky notes


Little Notes

Imagine being mute and using sticky note mainly to talk with the team. And the Team keeps every note they get from you.

Relationship: Friends

Character: Team 2010


Gifs: Found on Google.


At first, it was hard to talk with the Team, Conner and Robin being the only one to understand your sign language. So you started to carry around sticky notes. Over time you had gathered a very large sticky note collection, using your storage magic to hold them all. You had a sticky note for everything and one. For message only for Robin your use sticky note with birds on them, Wally’s got Flash sticky note, Conner’s was wolves, Kaldur’s fish, M’gann was old-fashioned style, and Artemis’s had the moon with three arrows over it. Every morning when you were the first to wake up you go by and leave them each a good morning sticky note by their door.

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Playtime at Heather’s house where they dress up as queens and have little parties(…that mostly leads to war)! They’ll trade toys like goods and try to find ways to sabatoge the others kingdom.They get into some heated arguments about who’s really the best, but they always enjoy sitting on the custom throne they made together.

Playtime at Courtney’s house where they play lawyer! Heather doesn’t usually like to play unless she’s the judge, but Courtney gets fustrated because Heather just likes banging the gavel, yelling guilty and giving everyone the death penalty. Sometimes they tag team Courtney’s parents with sticky note contracts and imaginary rules from the nursery rhyme book, to get extra sweets for “good” behavior.