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*reading fanfic before bed*

Me: I can’t read a 20k+ fic, that’s too much, I’ll be forced to read it all and never sleep.

Also me: *reads 8 fanfics back to back that are 4k+ while battling sleep*

I think the main reason I like TOS the best out of any Star Trek shows/movies is because Nimoy’s Spock and Shatner’s Jim Kirk are so fucking timeless. They are soulmates in every single sense of the word, and their canon mental link, the natural ease they share with each other, how sweetly they look at each other, that aura of tenderness and affection that laces each word spoken between them. It’s almost tangible. And it’s never been recreated properly, with that intrinsic air of unconditional love they share in TOS. And I think it’s partially due to the fact that Leonard and Bill were so affectionate and inseparable in real life that those emotions definitely bled into their roles as Spock and Jim, especially in the movies oh my lord. AOS paints the duo with a rockier relationship, not quite as trustworthy on some levels, undertones of annoyance and displeasure with one another at times, which is fine if you prefer that. But the original Spock and Jim have always been the most unconditionally loving, healthy and beautiful relationship I’ve ever witnessed flourishing on any show/movie ever. That’s why I think they are such an iconic team.

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omg a modern-day youtuber au. jim vlogs, does comedy skits, and also plays scary games (which is what he's most known for). spock does makeup reviews, tutorials for (non-volatile) science experiments, and neat math games, tricks, and walk-throughs for the more difficult stuff. bones doesn't have one, but shows up in their videos anyway. they collaborate a lot together. jim's most popular video is of all three of them playing five nights at freddy's w face cam. bones fell out of his chair ;)

  • The first time Bones shows up in one of their videos, it’s mostly coincidental. Spock is in the living room because the lighting works better there. He’s just casually talking about MAC’s new mascara line when Bones just passes by behind him. He’s pulling on his leather jacket, and grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl. “I’m off to work,” he says, kissing Spock’s cheek, “tell Jim I said hi, okay?” “Of course,” Spock says. He doesn’t edit Bones’ brief visit out of the video, and so his first online appearance is made.
  • “Jim, I’m not sure this is a good idea,” Spock says. He’s filming Jim standing on the kitchen table – that’s something that can honestly only go wrong. The ceiling fan is spinning on full speed, and Jim looks awfully determined to do something stupid. “What’s the worst that could happen?” Jim asks, and Spock raises an eyebrow. “You could get seriously hurt,” he replied. “I’ll be fine,” Jim says. Honestly, Spock doesn’t know why Jim insists on doing stupid stunts and getting hurt doing so. Jim probably doesn’t even know, either. Jim gets enough subscribers just based on video games, but he insists on jumping off high things, or, in this case, jump headfirst into a spinning ceiling fan because he made a bet with one of his viewers. Spock also films Bones when he stitches the back of Jim’s head afterwards. “Got anything to say to the audience?” Jim asks to Bones. He looks pained, even though he’s grinning when Bones sits behind him and fixes him up. “Yeah,” Bones says, briefly glancing at Spock’s phone as he films, “don’t try this stupidity at home. Also don’t date a complete idiot.” 
  • Bones shows up in videos more often from that moment on, and people are asking for him. So he assists Spock in this video where he’s manipulating electricity, and they make a smartphone hologram together. He plays against Jim in a game called Ultimate Chicken Horse - and Jim’s views skyrocket when Bones presses a kiss to Jim’s neck to distract him from winning.
  • He’s requested to join in Spock and Jim’s videos more often, but because Bones works fulltime (and then some), and he’s tired when he comes home, he doesn’t always comply to those requests. He’s in almost all of Jim’s vlogs, though. Jim films them on the couch - Bones’ back pressed against Spock’s chest and he’s quietly napping while Spock’s working on crossword puzzles. They’re always just short, uninteresting videos, but they are somehow very popular.
  • Jim often shows up in Spock’s videos, too. They race through a maths exam, which proves that Jim is also incredibly smart - even if Spock finishes it slightly faster. Spock does a make-up tutorial and uses Jim’s face doing so. Bones is his next victim, and even Bones just sits down and lets Spock do his job.
  • Because make-up is literally Spock’s job, and he vlogs about being on a movie set because he’s doing the makeup for the stars of the movie. The vlogs are destined to Jim and Bones, mostly, because he’s on set for the full three weeks they are scheduled to shoot. Jim responds with a vlog of the two of them at home. Bones is going through medical reports, Jim is distracting him with messages from and to Spock, and he’s forcing himself in Bones’ personal space - as usual, until Bones responds to the camera and says just a quick “good luck on set, darlin’.”
  • In Spock’s absence, Bones joins Jim playing video games. Bones has agreed to join Jim for a full playthrough on this game called Outlast, though he has no knowledge of what this game is all about. Pretty much immediately after the first jump scare, however, he regrets promising to sit through the whole game. Jim is tensed while playing, he’s on edge and he’s just saying “I’m so scared,” but it has nothing on Bones. Bones’ hand is on Jim’s arm, his shoulder, the arm rest of his chair. And as soon as they have to run from the first bad guy, Bones is just yelling at Jim - not at the game. “Get in the fucking vent, Jim. The vent! Do I need to fucking spell that out for you?!” “Bones, you’re stressing me out more than the game does!” Jim counters, simultaneously annoyed and amused. The first video ends when they die a gruesome death after having been chased, and Bones just yanks his headphones off. “No. I did not sign up for this.” He says, and like that, he walks out of Jim’s room. Jim glances at the door as it slams shut, and then back in the camera. “Check in for part 2 soon,” he says with a smirk. It’s one of the most watched videos on Jim’s channel from then on, and Bones begrudgingly agrees to continue.
  • But not all is always so great, because Bones has a stressful job, and he doesn’t always understand the obsession his two boyfriends have with just uploading every moment of their lives to YouTube. The morning after Spock’s returned, Jim and Spock quietly shoot a vlog together - which mostly consists of a few kisses and soft “I’m so happy you’re back”, while Bones is still asleep. When he wakes up, though, and he sees a camera, he just groans and turns his back to them. “Bones, don’t you have anything to say about Spock’s return?” Jim asks. “Yeah,” Bones says, “but not to the fucking camera. I was working til midnight last night and I’m hungover- I don’t need everything filmed right now.”
  • It’s fine. It’s understandable. Jim and Spock leave the bedroom to instead film in the kitchen. Or, Jim films while Spock prepares breakfast for the three of them. “Bones and I are playing the Outlast DLC tonight,” Jim explains, “and the three of us are gonna do a Let’s Play of Five Nights of Freddy’s tomorrow. I don’t think we can convince Bones to do any more horror afterwards. It’s not really his thing,” Jim says, and Spock chuckles softly. “He can sleep in between us tonight,” he says with a small smile, and Jim nods. “Sounds good to me.”
  • Bones’ presence in Jim’s videos is hilarious. Because Bones is on edge all the time. He’s literally watching through his fingers, and he absolutely freaks out during the DLC. “Jim, do something!” “This is a cut scene, Bones. I literally can’t-” “Do something! I’m a doctor and that is not how you do surgery– Jim!” Now, Jim is grossed out at everything the main character has to endure, but Bones is literally either standing on his chair or standing behind it - as if that’s going to make the game more bearable. “I hate you for putting me through this,” Bones says, slouches back down in his chair eventually, and Jim laughs. “You love me,” he says, and Bones only huffs.
  • Jim admires Spock from the couch while he’s doing a live Q&A for his audience on science and math questions. And he seems to have little trouble answering every question thrown at him. Spock’s so incredibly intelligent, it almost seems a shame he’s not chasing a career in either fields instead of a makeup artist, but at the end of the day, Spock knows what he enjoys doing professionally. All the nerdy stuff’s just a hobby. Bones passes by Spock, kissing him just briefly. “See you tonight,” Bones says, and Spock nods. “Don’t be late, we’re shooting tonight.” “Yeah, yeah.” Bones says, waving Spock off before kissing Jim goodbye, too.
  • And he’s there, on time. Bones is fine until all three of them sit in that dark room and Jim holds the controller while the other two sit with him. Spock doesn’t seem too affected by horror games. Honestly, the way Bones gets startled every time one of those animatronics jumps out at them scares Spock more than the actual game. And Jim is really trying to win, because he’s not into losing and because he wants to make it through all the nights to see what happens at the end. But his own attention span gets in the way of concentrating on the game, and so he keeps losing and Bones keeps jumping. Eventually, he jumps far and hard enough to topple backwards with his chair. “I’m so done with this shit,” Bones says, getting up from the ground with Spock’s help, “my heart literally hurts, I can’t do this. I hate both of you.” He snarls at them before leaving the room. Spock turns to Jim worriedly. “Do you think we broke him?” “Nah,” Jim says, leaning back in his chair, “he’ll suffer through Outlast 2 with us when it’s released, because he loves us. Plus, we’ll make it up to him tonight.” He finishes, shooting the camera just a short, meaningful smirk, before stopping the recording.
Sorry, I’m on Team Spirk

After finally watching “Star Trek: the Original Series” in it’s entirety, I totally understand where the Spirk fangirls are coming from. At least, from Spock’s side.

Spock, our dear half Vulcan First Officer, has this adorable and consistently recurring quirk in regards to his dear Captain.

Whenever there is logical cause for concern regarding Captain Kirk’s welfare, our verbose Spock drops formalities:



*Kirk crying out in distress in the distance or via communication device*


Because he only does this for Jim, going from Captain to casual nickname in a green blooded heart beat, I feel that this demonstrates deep affection for his Captain. Platonic? Romantic? Sexual? Combinations of? Doesn’t matter what the form, my point is that Spock clearly cares for Jim and it’s friggin adorable! <3


-WHERES THE BLOODY TITLE YEEZUS (at the end that’s where)



-scruffed up kirk

-“ripped my shirt again”

-“you look like crap”

-spock and kirk coordination


-artefacts always cause trouble when will people understand that

-damn snow globe in space.

-kirk being all grown up and thinking about his dad





-spock gave uhura a necklace aww (i’m sorry but i’m team #spirk all the way)

-“when a girl says it’s not you, it’s me, it’s definitely you”



-jim always thinking of spock.

-“we make a pretty good team.”

-jim and kirk fumbling over their words


-evil alien lady screw off please i hate you


-i’m trying to be chronological here

-dammit when they tore the enterprise apart, i could literally feel scotty’s pain and I was gasping and close to tears beside my friend when those bastard ships tore it in two.

-i swear i was so worried when they took sulu in his pod. dammit woman keep your feels in check.

-my tiny golden space heroes kirk and chekov

-my blue smol and tol beans stranded together and being all illogical and random and looking after each other aka spock and bones being besties


-classical music

-“what’s your favourite colour?”

-spock : *agonised yelling/screaming*

-“horse shit”

-spock having a deep respect for bones

-spock being transported halfway and leaving bones alone

-bones being transported after



-dammit uhura sacrificing herself was like JIM YOUR CREW LOVES YOU CAN YOU SEE THAT

-when they got captured by krall. dammit so agonising.

-the disc of the enterprise. jesus. i wanna kill all those evil bastards. precious ship :((

-scotty and jaylah friendship though :D

-jaylah has an A-grade taste in music

-jaylah is badass af omg

-krall is one scary sonofabitch

-the crew finding the USS FRANKLIN

-“my house”


-scotty is amusing as hell. a rock ain’t gonna do much damage laddie.

-shit that ancient relic is scary as hell

-sulu being a worried father and husband omg omg omg protect him

-“can you fly this thing?”

-“are you kidding me?”





-the old starfleet uniforms and jackets omggg

-jaylah is really cool let’s face it

-MUSIC SAVED THE DAY (partially)


-CHULU INTERACTION. chekov side-eyeing his crazy helmsman buddy sulu awww

-dorks in love.

-“you gave your girlfriend a radioactive rock”

-“you have your girlfriend a tracking device”

-spock clearly not thinking his gift choices through.



-bones can’t fly. he isn’t a pilot. but he does a good job at faking it.

-bones doesn’t know how to land

-bones holding spock’s face because he thought he was unconscious

-kirk is a happy camper





-kirk being in life and death situations again (quit scaring everyone you bloody arse)

-bones and spock saving his arse

-space husbands

-kirk’s birthday

-“you’re a sensitive guy”

-spock in civilian clothes

-kirk and bones in leather jackets omg

-kirk and spock and their “more or less”

-jaylah and her high alcohol tolerance

-chekov sharing that scotch was made in russia


-i’m crying help.

-too perfect

-the rebuilding of the enterprise

-“written by simon pegg”

-kirk is pansexual or so I’ve heard??

-spock and that damn necklace he gave uhura

-“for Anton”

-classic artefact causes a glitch cliché

-spock is illogical

-i was so scared during various points in the movie it was nerve-wracking good lord

-but a beautiful, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching piece nonetheless and it makes me so proud to be a Trekkie :))

-rip leonard nimoy and anton yelchin ❤️

McSpirk Hogwarts AU
  • Bones is a Hufflepuff, gifted in both Herbology and Potions. He’s already dating Spock (a Ravenclaw) when they meet Jim, perhaps the first Slytherin they know who can’t distinguish a cauldron from a kettle, and they offer to be his tutor.
  • Jim’s a year below them, so in their third year, he’s not yet allowed to go to Hogsmeade with them. Spock is very much against it, but Bones teaches Jim one of the secret routes that’ll lead him straight into town. Bones and Spock stand inside Honeydukes arguing over whether or not Jim sneaking out is a good idea, but the moment he arrives, Spock forgets about it and they spend the afternoon together eating sweets and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Jim makes it onto the Quidditch team as a Beater in his third year, and his first match is against the Ravenclaws. Spock is their Keeper, so Jim and Spock spend the hours before the match mocking each other and hyping each other up. Bones doesn’t fly because hell no, but it’s the first time he cheers for two teams simultaneously, waving both a green and a blue flag for his two friends and cheering them both on.
  • Jim gets the three of them in trouble a lot. He’s keen on breaking rules, which just annoys Bones, but absolutely frustrates Spock to no end. Even though he tags along, he keeps reminding them of the “rules, Jim. There are rules! Leonard, can you just talk some sense into-” “I gave up talking sense into Jim ages ago, Spock.” Cue the three of them losing house points and writing lines in detention. Both of them later kick Jim’s ass for it frequently.
  • Jim sees Spock and Bones interact together all the time. Bickering, making up, kissing, holding hands, occasionally nearly strangling each other. Initially it doesn’t affect him, but when his forth year rolls around, he starts to want that interaction as well. So while they’re in Hogsmeade, outside the Three Broomsticks, he just leans in and kisses Bones. Hands through Bones’ hair, and he loves it. Spock opens his mouth to protest, but Jim’s hand curls into Spock’s shirt, pulling him in closer just an inch. Jim pulls away from Bones, and then immediately kisses Spock, too. Arms around his shoulders, keeping him close. “I love you both,” he says after he pulls away, looking flustered at his two best friends. “You little shit,” Bones says, running a hand through his own messed up hair in an attempt to fix it. “I think what Leonard is trying to tell you,” Spock starts, circling an arm around Jim’s shoulder and he allows him to sit in between Bones and himself, “is that we love you, too.”
  • They spend a lot of time in the library studying together, and helping each other with classes they struggle with. Bones helps Jim with Potions, Jim knows surprisingly much about Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Spock helps them with Astronomy and Transfiguration. 
  • One time, Jim doesn’t show up on their date night, so Spock and Bones walk around the school grounds together to try and find him. Uhura, a Gryffindor and one of Jim’s friends, informs them that Jim took a bet and disappeared into the Forbidden Forest, but he hasn’t returned yet. “I’m going to kill him,” Bones says, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Let’s go find him,” Spock says, already walking towards the forest in a quick pace, and Bones jogs along with him. “What about the rules? That forest is filled with monsters and death and there are rules!” Bones starts. “To Hell with the rules,” Spock replies, and Bones just stares at Spock in shock for a while. 
  • They find Jim - or rather, Jim finds them. He’s running straight for them, screaming “run!” as he passes them and grabs their arms. They find out why soon after, as Jim’s being chased by gigantic spiders. All three of them run for their lives and barely make it out on time. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Bones shouts at Jim after they make it back to school grounds. His hands are on Jim’s shoulder, and he shakes him violently. “I ripped my shirt,” Jim says, which results in Bones rubbing his own temples. Spock just gently runs his fingers through the bruises on Jim’s face, making sure all three of them are unharmed, before they drag Jim back to school. 
  • And Jim is so proud when Spock and Bones graduate. He cheers louder than the rest of them, kisses them all the time and they spend the entire summer together. But he’s also really sad, because his last year is also going to be the first year he’s all alone.But Spock and Bones send him mails every week. Spock is in London, interning for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, and he’s doing great. Bones is traveling through Asia to study alternative healing methods. Both send him cards and gifts when he aces his tests. Both also send him a Howler when he gets in trouble for breaking the rules again. 
  • After Jim graduates, Spock and Bones are waiting for him on Platform 9 ¾. He jumps out of the train and into their arms, kissing both of them passionately because he missed them so much, and Spock looks so good in a Ministry uniform, and Bones looks tanned and scruffy, almost like he’d only just arrived back minutes before and didn’t have time to change, but it’s perfect and Jim wouldn’t change a thing. They get an apartment together, and Jim becomes a damn fine Auror, happy to get home to his boyfriends every night. Often with ripped shirts and bruises, but all forgotten after he gets home into their embrace.

kinda upset that there is no Sarek in STID or Beyond. He’s such a complex character.

like i really need the next movie to have him in, preferably where in Beyond, Sarek took care of Spock Prime in his last few days, and Spock Prime made Sarek promise to go find Spock and convince him that Spock and Jim are meant to be. 

So Sarek should just show up on the bridge in the next movie and start telling Spock he should marry Jim, and referring to the command team as ‘my sons’. 

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Are you still taking these? Au where all were on Tarsus VI and bones was a relative (though not a supporter) of the dictator. Mcspirk as friendship or bromance or pairing depending on the age.

If I stop taking AUs, assume I’m dead. Some may take a while though, because college (which I really should be working on). :( I also apologize in advance for this really long one:

  • Spock, Jim and Bones as childhood friends. They’re not aware that Bones is actually the Governor’s son, because they always hang out outdoors together. Mostly in the farmlands. And Bones always shrugs off questions about his father and says he’s just working in politics. Jim’s future is in agriculture, and Spock initially will probably be in law enforcement, but Jim’s habit of getting them in trouble stains Spock’s otherwise flawless records, and that significantly slims Spock’s chances of actually getting in enforcement/security. Bones, on the other hand, despite always being with them, never seems to have a permanent record. 
  • They spend many nights in their teenage years outside. Just lying in the grass on a soft blanket, way past curfew. Spock talks about the unfairness, the big gap between the poor and the rich. Jim talks about running away, exploring the stars and uncharted galaxies. Bones talks about school, about the foods he doesn’t like but had to eat. Often, they’re foods Jim and Spock haven’t even heard of. 
  • When they get older, Jim has to drop out of school to work in the fields. Spock stays in school a year longer, but then he, too, drops out to work a manual labor that doesn’t do his brilliant mind any justice. Bones asks his father to drop out and work, too, but he’s not allowed. 
  • Jim and Spock see less of Bones over the next few years. Bones is one of those lucky few privileged enough to go to college, and somehow Bones is juggling Law, Interstellar Politics, and Healing all at once. “I don’t know how he does it,” Jim says, after a long day of work, and he crashes down in the local bar with his best friend. “I don’t think he has much of a choice in the matter,” Spock replies. “Leonard’s family is in politics, after all. Naturally, he’s expected to follow in their footsteps.” Jim scoffs, bringing the pint of beer to his lips. “I just miss him a lot.”
  • They only find out Bones’ father is the actual Governor when things start heating up. Spock is increasingly interested in politics, too, meeting up for silent protests against their planet’s ruler. He learns more about the democratic leaders on other planets, and passionately lectures Jim on the unfair inequality on their own planet, and how Jim should join him to one of those silent protests in front of the Governor’s house. Jim doesn’t really think they’re going to change much with these silent protests, and he doesn’t consider them educated enough to be the ones demanding change. Spock says he’s part of the problem, and that irks Jim enough to join him. They make it to the Governor’s house (or mansion), and pretty soon, enforcement arrives to get them out of the area. Spock points towards the governor when he stands at the front door, though both Spock and Jim freeze in horror when Bones appears by his side. Bones sees them, eyes wide, and he makes an attempt to get closer to them, but he’s stopped by his father, and Spock and Jim are arrested.
  • Bones visits them in their cells. Spock is quiet, but he’s obviously furious. He hasn’t said anything in hours. Jim had just fallen asleep next to him, head on Spock’s shoulder. He only wakes up when he feels Spock get even more tense. “Bones,” Jim says, getting up on his feet and walking up to the cell’s bars, “you gotta get us outta here, Bones.” “You lied to us,” Spock says, before Bones has the opportunity to speak. “I never lied. I just… I didn’t want you to treat me different,” Bones says. “You are the son of a dictator.” Spock continues, “I’ve spoken to you about your own father’s many flaws. How could we possibly trust you after that?” “Because,” Bones says, in lieu for a better answer, and he’s silent for a few uncomfortably long seconds. “You’re my best friends. I would never tell on you.” He takes a deep breath, reaching out for his pocket, and he takes out a key. “I’m going to get you out of here and erase you from the arrested documents, okay?” “What about the others?” Spock asks. They’re certainly not the only ones behind bars. “They’re going to have to wait,” Bones replies. Spock opens his mouth to protest, but Jim nudges his side. “We can’t do any good when we’re in here, Spock. Let’s go.” Bones sneaks them out, and he hugs Jim tightly. Even Spock, despite their current differences. After all, he has no idea when he will see them again.
  • The situation gets drastically worse when this virus hits the crops, significantly damaging the harvest, and it leaves much of the planet in famine and chaos. Bones is present when his father makes the life changing decision to split the population of the planet in half, and eliminate the “less important” half. Literally, like that. Bones is stunned. He’s shocked, disgusted that his own father could decide with the snap of his fingers to kill half of his own people. It gets even worse when he finds Jim and Spock on the wrong half of the list. “You can’t do this,” Bones argues, possibly the first time he’s ever stood up against his own father. “You can’t. I won’t let you do this.” “It’s for our planet’s best interest-” “Bullshit,” Bones counters, “we can share our own rations. Just our house has more than enough to provide at least one of the smaller towns with food for a whole month. We can divide the rations in smaller shares. We can ask the Federation for more-” but his father cuts him off. “Don’t lecture me about concerns you know nothing about,” he says, and just like that, Bones is locked up in his room. Like a child, back when Jim got the three of them in trouble. But this time, he’s not going to sit back and wait. 
  • He escapes, climbing out of his window like he’s a teenager again, and he runs. Out of the city, and through the dead crop fields, until he gets to Spock and Jim’s house. Bursting through the door, he startles both boys out of their bed. Spock is instantly on his feet, and Jim scrambles up after him. “Bones!” Jim instantly smiles, and he pulls him into a hug. Just briefly, it feels like the drift between the three of them is long forgotten. But then Bones stands up straight. “You have to leave. My dad, he’s gone insane. You have to get out of here as quick as you can.” He says, and he explains the Governor’s plans to them. Jim pales, and Spock just quickly gets dressed. “What are you going to do?” Spock asks. “I’m going to warn as many people as I can,” Bones says. “I just have to do something. I can’t sit here and let this happen. You two just need to get to safety.” “Leonard,” Spock starts, and briefly, Bones is terrified of what Spock’s about to say. Their lifetime of friendship ruined because Bones had lied about his family. “If you’re going to stand up against your own father, and help people survive, then I’ll stand by your side.” When Spock hugs him, too, Bones lets out a relieved sigh, at least both his childhood friends are back by his side. 
  • They have only a few minutes head start, and it isn’t enough to wake up half the planet. As a result, many villages still burn. The planet turns into chaos overnight, and there are bodies everywhere. They still manage to save a lot of people, but it’s not enough. There’s so few survivors, and Bones is sure he’s never going to sleep again. Come sunrise, the skies are grey from clouds of smoke, the earth stinks of blood and burning bodies, and the wind carries screams of survivors, of protesters, of people fighting for their lives. Jim carries survivors to Bones. Spock is on the front lines, and Bones hasn’t seen him in an hour. He could be dead. Bones surrounds himself with those still breathing, using his few years of uni experience to heal as many as he can. He gets hit and nearly killed a few times by people who recognize him as the Governor’s son, and Bones reckons he deserves it, but otherwise, he just does his best to help out.
  • Everything changes when vessels from the Federation arrive. Fires are put out, the Governor’s “following’ is being arrested, and the next news Bones hears, his father has been killed. Shot down in an escape vessel, and burnt to a crisp. Spock finds them again, and Bones hugs him for the longest time. “I was worried you were gone,” he sighs, instantly feeling better when Spock’s arms slide around his waist, too. “I’m sorry,” Spock says, slowly pulling away. “I should never have doubted your intentions. You’ve always been our friend.”
  • Jim and Spock get assigned to a rescue vessel to go to Earth. Bones, too, but he declines. “What are you going to do? We’re going into space, Bones. Space!” Jim exclaims, and he looks excited, but Bones can see through that look in his eyes. Jim’s not going to sleep for weeks, if not months. At least Spock will be there to comfort him. “I need to stay here,” Bones says. “I gotta… I gotta do something, here. Help cleaning up, or something.” “You don’t have to answer for your father’s choices,” Spock says, and Bones looks down at his feet. “But I do,” he says, and he hugs his friends goodbye. 
  • He doesn’t think he’ll ever see them again. He spends the next four years just cleaning up all the messes from his father. He talks to every single survivor. Not to beg for forgiveness, but simply to find out if there is any way he can help them move on. From a Starfleet officer, he hears Jim and Spock both made it into Starfleet Academy. Jim’s really going to space too, just like he always wanted, and Spock is there with him every step of the way. He’s real proud when he hears the news. Bones becomes a fine doctor to the settlement that stays on the planet after everything’s cleaned up and the crops start growing again. 
  • And then suddenly, these two boys are back in his life, beamed down from the Enterprise. Spock looks incredible in his Starfleet uniform, a brilliant color blue and a Starfleet Insignia pinned to his shirt. Bones wraps his arms around Spock’s shoulders, and he doesn’t even know how much time passes before he hears Jim clear his throat. “I’m feeling severely left out here.” he says. Jim’s wearing a gold-ish yellow, a similar insignia pinned to his chest, and Bones hugs him, too. “You’re a Captain,” Bones says, just cupping Jim’s cheeks and ruffling his hair and he’s so proud of what his boys have achieved. “Best one in Starfleet.” Jim says, hugging Bones tight. “Arguably,” Spock replies, and Bones laughs, for what feels like the first time in years. “I missed you guys so much.” 
  • Jim and Spock stay for dinner in Bones’ new house. It’s nothing like the mansion he used to live in, that one’s torn down and all reusable material was used to rebuild other homes. This house is small. Barely half the size of the Captain’s quarters on the Enterprise. “We had to pull some strings,” Jim says, reaching out in his pocket and he takes out his PADD. “The Federation has acknowledged your hard work and dedication to do good, Bones. You’ve been accepted to Starfleet Academy,” he hands his PADD to Bones, a stupid grin on his face. “When you graduate, which I’m sure you will, sooner than any other student ever has, I want you to be our doctor.” Bones stares at the letter on the PADD in front of him, dumbfounded. “You want me. In space. With you two.” He rephrases slowly, like he’s trying to comprehend. “We would be honored to have you aboard, doctor McCoy.” Spock says. Bones clears his throat. He’s definitely not tearing up. Definitely not. Instead, he says: “Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” Jim laughs. “I think that’s a ‘yes’.”

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I read your klutzy glasses Jim and I couldn't resist. Spones are pining over Jim and then Jim finds out he needs glasses and he picks out these ugly chunky black things that shouldn't be flattering on anyone, but they're gorgeous on Jim and suddenly neither of them can focus on anything?

  • Jim’s walks in on Spock and Bones multiple times, okay. Sometimes he thinks they’re doing it on purpose. Seriously. It’s not Jim’s fault that he catches Spock kissing Bones in their own quarters - they could have just locked the doors. Or when he enters Bones’ office and the two of them are standing there, and Bones is kissing Spock softly, his hands are disappeared under the Vulcan’s shirt and it’s a great sight. Jim loves how in love they are. 
  • “Next time he walks in on us, he might as well join,” Bones mutters against Spock’s lips. It’s late after their shifts and they’re in bed. Bones is leaning over Spock, fingers brushing over the Vulcan’s cheek. “Leonard, you know I can never tell when you’re being sarcastic,” Spock points out, his hand running over Bones’ arm softly, and Bones snorts. “Right now? Neither can I.” 
  • “I just have a lot of headaches,” Jim complains to Bones when he’s visiting in med. It must be pretty serious too, if he’s actually visiting him for a symptom. “Where?” Bones asks. “In my head.” Jim says, and Bones grits his teeth. “Just behind my eyes. Like, they hurt by the end of the day.” He then explains, and Bones takes his time to check Jim’s vitals. Generally, he’s fine. But then Bones makes him do some additional eye-test exercises, and, huh. “You need glasses.” And Jim snorts and shakes his head. “No, that can’t be it. I’ve needed glasses all my life. They don’t cause headaches.” “Excuse me?” Bones asks, “you’ve needed glasses all your life?” “Yeah,” Jim says, “but I changed that on my medical records. I see fine.” Bones lets out a groan, mumbling something along the lines of God help me, and kicks Jim out of med so he can fill a request for Jim to pick up glasses next time they’re in Yorktown.
  • He takes some coaxing into it, but Jim does pick up glasses. And they’re the ugliest ones Bones has ever seen. They are just full on 21st century hipster glasses, black rimmed glasses and Bones groans when Jim takes them out of his glasses case. “Are you serious? Of all glasses you could’ve picked,” Bones says. “What? These look nice on me,” Jim replies, putting them on, and - well, Jim’s not wrong. Bones just stares at Jim blankly for a few seconds. They shape his face well, bring out his jawline better, and honestly what sorcery is this. “What do you think?” Jim asks, and having nothing for a better answer, Bones just mutters: “Stupid”, and he leaves the room with Jim looking mildly upset. 
  • Spock is also entirely caught off guard when Jim returns to the bridge. “Captain, we have a conference scheduled later this afternoon,” he says, focused on his work station as Jim heads to his chair and falls down on it. “Yeah? What’s it about?” Jim asks, and Spock turns around on his seat, lost for words the second Jim turns his head to look at the Vulcan. “Spock?” And Spock just… his mind completely blanks other than Jim is wearing glasses, “Nothing, Captain,” Spock says eventually, and then: “Excuse me”. He’s gone out the door seconds later, and Jim just looks hopelessly confused. 
  • “I can’t, Spock,” Bones sighs, letting himself fall down on the couch next to him. “Leave it to Jim to look stupidly beautiful with the nerdiest glasses in the universe.” He adds, and Spock laughs, ever so briefly, before sliding an arm around Bones’ shoulder. “Maybe we should tell him?” Spock suggests. “Tell me what?” Jim demands just as the doors to Spock’s cabin slide open and Bones rolls his eyes. Jim’s always got a flair for drama. “What the Hell, guys? Did I do something?” Jim continues. “Not everything’s your fault, Jim,” Bones says, though, grunting in disapproval when Jim forces himself between Spock and Bones on the couch. “No cuddling until you tell me what’s wrong.” “Nothing is wrong, Jim,” Spock says. “Then what?” “We just find your glasses aesthetically… pleasing,” Spock calculated his answer, and Bones snorts. “Not just the glasses. But they were distracting.” And briefly, Jim looks like he’s processing all of that. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Because if I’m interpreting this wrong, this could be really embarrassing.” “You’re not misinterpreting anything,” Bones says, and Jim looks both flustered and smug at the same time when Bones’ hand rests on Jim’s thigh. “Okay,” Jim says, and Bones is fairly sure his ego’s gonna go through the roof when Spock leans in to kiss him, and Jim grins against his lips. “So, should the three of us move to the bedroom?” he asks, and Bones laughs. “Jesus, you’re forward.” He says, and Spock smiles. “Perhaps you could leave those glasses on.”