team spiderpool

  • Wade: I just want to cuddle with Peter 23/7
  • Matt: Why not 24?
  • Peter: Snack breaks.

squidlimbs  asked:

Spidey flirting BACK at Deady and it just being too weird and life-altering for Wade to go on.

Wade just is not used to getting any good attention from Pete. 

Lol when he is spewing blood, I was originally gonna give him a crotch buldge. Hahaha

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And there we have it. Aunt may is venturing into 6 different ask blogs with each getting their own separate thread of funzies.

The list is so:

@ask-johnnystorm           LINK

@red-team-marvel-ask    LINK

@ask-thelittleheros      LINK

@ask-spiderpool          LINK

@askchibiteamred        LINK

@askjjonahjameson     LINK

I will leave links to their venture threads later here if needed.

I’ll probably be the only one drawing for these so don’t get yer hopes up if you wanna see a collab. I’m not that cool! But hey! Who knows right?

  • Tony: You're smiling. Did something happen?
  • Matt: Can't I smile because I just feel like it?
  • Peter: Wade tripped and fell in the parking lot.

Yes I have been reading @ask-spiderpool and my feels have been utterly shattered. These babies fight so much, it’s a good thing these guys have Matt. He’s the one who keeps them from tearing out each other’s throats. Yay Matt!

“Not nearly as profound as watching underwater lava… but if you stare at this electronic fire long enough, you’ll eventually have no idea you’re peeing.”