team spider lady


“One thread at a time.”
“And along came a spider.”
“It’s Anya.”
“I’m with you - for better or worse.”
“I’m all ears.”
“And she sticks the landing!”
“Do we get a theme song?”
“Avengers assemble!”
“Let’s do this.”
“This is important.”
“No lazy banter.”
“This is so cool.”
“Team Spider-Ladies!”

marvel comics meme - 6/8 teams | Team Lady Spider (Team Lady Spiders, Team Spy-der) 

“You’re a spider, I’m a spider, she’s a spider. You are named for the spider, right? And not, like, a really sad lady who lost her-”

“I am named for the spider, yes.”

“Cool. So we’re like, Team Lady Spider. Team Lady Spiders? Maybe in your case Team Spy-Der.”