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Cover by RYAN SOOK
“Defiance” part three! As the team begins to crack under Slade’s harsh leadership tactics, Defiance is called into action after a cruise ship gets hijacked on the open seas! It’s sink or swim for Deathstroke’s new squad when they’re put to the test against impossible odds!
On sale SEPTEMBER 6 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

*Looks at the cover*

Geez, what a surprising turn of events, I could NEVER in my life see this coming. After all, Slade was ALWAYS such a gooood father to Rose…..

I’m surprisingly sarcastic today.

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a list of things i want dc comics to do instead of doing another evil batman dystopia au comic (that doesn’t actually make sense)

- bring conner kent back and have him be jon’s older brother
- ACTUALLY show jason reconciling with the batfamily instead of just brushing over it
- retcon everything about new52 babs and let barbara be oracle again
- bring bart allen back
- bring the entire young justice team back
- let kate kane date renee montoya!!! let them get married!!!
- write damian correctly
- as a matter of fact, start writing all your characters better
- give starfire the respect she deserves
- midnighter/apollo ongoing solo series
- steph and cass and babs in an ongoing batgirl book that doesn’t sexualize any of them or reduce them in any way shape or form
- stop killing robins we all know it will be temporary just stop doing it it’s overdone by this point
- let steph brown be batgirl
- more wonder woman in everything
- bring back miguel barragan and don’t let l*bdell touch him
- stop this whole ‘batman has One True Son’ nonsense immediately
- stop using donna as a way for the male team members of the titans to be angsty
- give wally west i a fucking break already
- actually while we’re there being back the speedsters? literally more than 2/3rds of them are currently MIA
- ollie apologizing to roy and admitting how badly he fucked up and then let him learn from his mistakes and reconcile with roy
- bring connor hawke back. like, actually back
- tam fox/tanya spears team-up book where they take over the world
- this was supposed to be a short list but here we are feel free to add

Ms. Powers Part 2

“I’m sorry,” Tony drew out, “a what?”

Before Fury could speak you jumped in, “A mutant. A person with a little known genetic phenomena that has given me…abilities.”

“Abilities like what,” Dr. Banner asked.

“Well, at first it was subtle. When I was younger I was always quicker and stronger than the other kids and my scrapes would heal quicker; but as I got older the DNA took root and I was able to run quicker than the fastest horse and lift things heavier than a full tree,” Tony squinted his eyes at your comparisons. “I’m super old remember Tony. We’re talking, early settlements in the New World, old.” He took that like a slap in the face. “As I was saying… the DNA took root on my 16 birthday. And after that I had control over the elements- manipulating earth, air, water, and fire- tougher skin and I stopped aging slowly.”

“You stopped aging when you were…what,” Tony said sarcastically, “12?”

“No, wise guy, around 21. But my main ability is a bit more complex.” You looked at the wondering eyes across the room- with the exception of Fury, Romanoff, and Barton who had all knew this- and continued. “There are other mutants in the world, some don’t even know they are what they are but most hide their abilities. My ability makes me able to almost copy and paste a person’s ability into my ‘database.’ So for example, I met a man with telekinesis. years ago. Upon meeting him I was able to harness his ability for myself and now I can do this,” the team watched as the table they were sitting at lifted into the air, hovering just above the ground.

“So you take the powers of others?”

“No,” you told Steve, “it’s like copy and pasting someone’s text,” you remembered who you were talking to, “- it’s like getting a note from someone and you rewriting it in your own notebook. That’s why some people call me Ms. Powers.” The crew nodded in understanding.

“No offense Y/N but if you have all these great powers why weren’t you in New York with us?”

“That’s why you are all here,” Fury said, “Y/N was unable to fight with you all in New York because she had her own mission. As you’ve all heard on base by now Y/N and her team were taking part in Mission Storm. This classified mission was a recall of a high tech weapon that was capable of incineration by targeting located in Northeastern Asia. Using a high compact laser the machine made it possible for the user to plug in their target and obliterate it from up to 10 miles away. Thank’s to Loki this machine ran on a laser made from the Tesseract’s energy.”

“Not only was this Tesseract laser able to completely destroy whatever the user saw fit but it was also able to act as another doorway to space if Loki’s plan didn’t go straight. We tracked it from the time the Loki came and took the spear and after we learned his plan for this machine could be even more dangerous than him with the spear my team and I had to act quick,” you stated.

“I’m sorry,” Tony began sassing you, “but don’t you think that the first priority should have been closing the portal that let thousands of aliens attack Earth!?”

“First off, Mr. Stark, I may be a head of this agency but I had a job that I had to do. This was high risk and sending any agent in there would have meant absolute harm or death to them. Secondly, I was on call for you all. If anything had gone wrong or if anything came up where I was the only answer I would have been called in and been in New York within two minutes.”

“No S.H.I.E.L.D jet could have gotten you to New York in two minutes.”

“That’s correct, Dr. Banner, but a person with the ability for superhuman fast flight would be able too.”

“Yes,” he hesitated, “I suppose they would be.”

“I was just about to call Y/N when it looked like Stark was stuck in the wormhole but, he did what he does best, and fell through so I figured we were good,” Fury announced to the group. “Now that you are together you’ll all be working together as the Avengers team. Please,” he looked right at Tony, “try and play nice together.” Fury ended the meeting and left quickly to go to his next order of business.

Quickly, before the group could leave, you asked, “In order for all of us to get to know each other I’d really like it if you’d all come over to my house tonight for dinner.” They all agreed, and one by one, left the conference room. Natasha stopped to talk to you, “Need any help with dinner tonight? An of help I of course mean would you like me to show up early and talk with you and you cook?” You both smiled at each other and laughed. “I’d love your help, Nat, come over at 6. I’ve got to go I have training with the new recruits.”

“Hey Y/N,” you and Nat turned to see Steve in the door, “would you mind if I came and saw how you train the new recruits?”

“I’ll come too; you know how I like to help scare the newbies into shape,” Nat commented.

“Only if you guys can keep up,” you coyly smiled. “Training starts in 20.”


Steve and Natasha walked together to the outdoor building that the new recruits were meeting Y/N at for training. Steve looked down at his watch. “Training was suppose to start 15 minutes ago, where is Y/N?”

Natasha smiled up at him, “Trust me Cap just wait and see.” Watching from the side Steve could see the groups forming. The big brawny guys that Steve knew all too well from his military days flocked together and stayed far away from the recruits that were lesser in size or were entering the I.T department. He could hear the rejections and the snickers that came from the group as they mocked some of their weaker peers. He shook his head knowing the feeling all too well. “Don’t worry Cap, Y/N doesn’t stand for that,” Nat said sensing his thoughts. Just as she said that, a recruit finished walking around trying to talk with the different groups. She walked up to the front of the room and stood up on the platform. “Excuse me,” she said at a normal level; only a small portion of the people turned to listen. “Hello,” she said a little louder. A couple more people turned to the front. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” the recruit on stage belted. With that, everyone turned and looked up at the new girl. The small stature and blonde ponytail shifted in front of all their eyes into you. The recruits looked up at you confused, “I am Director General Y/N Whitmore,” at the mention of your name they stood to attention. “Tell me Fuller,” the eyes shifter to one of the meatheads that stood mocking the others before, “why is it that you and so many others paid no attention to me when I came up here and started talking?”

Fuller looked around uncomfortable. “I’ll tell you why,” you continued, “because you and most of your lot looked at me as a nerd that wasn’t worth your time. Those of you who looked at me when I was in disguise and wrote me off- you failed miserably. Here at S.H.I.E.L.D it doesn’t matter if you are an agent in the field, in intelligence, or in tech. And here, at this base especially, you all have to work together as a team. This base is for the best and the brightest of the agents and the process you all had to go through to even gain clearance for this base should prove that you have to work hard, individually and together, to make it here.” Y/N’s words spread over the crowd. “Since it seems that you are unable to coexist right now I will be making your groups for training.” Steve watched as the tight knit group of jocks got separated.

Once they were in their new groups Y/N continued talking, “Now, I’d like to introduce you to Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff; you may have heard of them as Captain America and Black Widow.” Steve and Natasha got up from their seats and walked up to the front with you.


You turned to face Steve and Nat, “are you guys down for training with the newbies?”

Nat smirked, “it’ll be nice to put them in their place on the first day. I’m down.” Steve nodded in reply to your question. You looked back up to the crowd in front of you.

“Alright then. Recruits: grab your water. We are going for a run.” The trainees dispursed to get their water and strap it in their belts. As they did you turned to Steve and Nat. “Hope you can keep up.”