team space jam

  • Nijimura: Now, what do you do when life gives you lemons?
  • Haizaki: Take them. Free shit is cool.
  • Murasakibara: You eat it, obviously.
  • Midorima: It could be a lucky item someday.
  • Nijimura:
  • Kise: Lemon peels can be used as a skin tonic!
  • Nijimura: What even, Kise-
  • Aomine: Throw it away. What would you even need that shit for?
  • Akashi: I believe that the proper thing to do when life gives you lemons is to sincerely thank life for the gift, and then squeeze it into the eyes of your enemies, while laughing as you watch them sink to their knees in tears.
  • Haizaki:
  • Murasakibara:
  • Midorima:
  • Kise:
  • Aomine:
  • Akashi: What? Why is everyone giving me that look?
  • Nijmura: Why do I even bother…
  • [halftime at Teikou]
  • Momoi: I brought you all the troublemakers, Captain.
  • Nijimura: Good. Miracles, I am not screwing around! Kise, no talking about Haizaki. Haizaki is off the table. Aomine and Kuroko, stop making Midorima feel bad about your bromance. No one gives a damn. And you, Akashi.
  • Akashi [looking down]: I’m sorry, Captain. Atsushi started it.
  • Nijimura [mocking voice]: “Atsushi started it,” I don’t care! [glares at all of them] Get it together!
  • Kuroko [whispers]: He doesn’t even go here anymore…

I’ve never needed anything more today than this video