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Samurai Jack season 5 behind the scenes

If you rub his head it’s good luck.

Shamelessly indulging in some shippy art to celebrate coming off hiatus.
And as usual, ya’ll can blame @fadewalking.


I think a lot of us have gotten a chance to Learn Things about TKCD by now so I’m going to release this thing I started drawing before I figured out Taranza was in it because I’m a fool that doesn’t pay attention to trailers or title logos

It’s a TKCD inspired AU of my own Kirby AU I guess


It doesn’t matter what we’re called. As long as we’re together.

Me after the Supernatural season finale

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This idea has been haunting me for gods know how long i’m glad i finally got it out.

Solaire’s Sunlight covenant has found some real dedicated members

Bonus Comic: Sun bro finds a fellow sun gazer