team soggy

seriously though if you make the toast and then butter it and then sugar it, not only do you have crunchy hard bread that hurts your mouth, you’re also missing out on the magic that happens when you heat butter and sugar and it turns kinda syrupy but some of the integrity of the sugar granules remains. if you just put the sugar on at the end there’s no enough residual heat within the toast to melt the butter AND partially melt the sugar, so you just have granulated sugar on hard bread. why don’t you love yourself

this is my final word on the matter but

just because it’s called cinnamon toast doesn’t mean that it’s actually got to be crunchy, traditional breakfast toast. the “toast” in cinnamon toast refers to the fact that you MAKE the food by using a toaster and the method of toasting.

like on your toaster oven you have “broil” and “bake” and “warm” and “toast” and in order to make cinnamon toast you use the “toast” setting. you’re just using the toast setting you’re not making toast. you’re making a bread-item produced via the toast heat.

it’s like grilled cheese, you don’t fucking grill it over charcoal or whatever so that it gets grill marks and the taste of smoke into it, you just make it using a griddle (which is a kind of grill). or a frying pan if you’re a normal person but some ppl use a griddle. it’s the principle of the thing.

anyway the “toast” is referring to the METHOD and the TYPE OF HEAT not the final product. it’s not supposed to be like crunchy toast.

Nice jelly roll there man, grown yourself a decent roll of flab round your stomach. Really putting the weight on round the gut aren’t you, gotta lay off the booze man, or you’re going to keep packing on weight. Remember when that jumper actually fit right, didn’t just highlight that weight you’ve put on since high school. Look at that jiggle, definitely wasn’t there when you were on the track team, gotten real soggy since those days. Imagine trying to run with all your new heft

the best way to eat cinnamon toast is: use the butter-sugar first approach, take it out of the oven, pick off the top crust b/c it’s too dry to eat but maybe that’s just me, fold the slide of bread over onto itself, eat the outside first, then eat the glorious soggy sugary inside in 2 bites