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This is for @dreamcatchersdaughter, because it’s her birthday today. She is an amazing person, utterly sweet and a very dear friend of mine and you all should head over and show her some love. She wanted some WinterIron who was all horrible and snarky at each other in front of others and all mushy and in love when alone.

Molly, Happy Birhtday to you, I hope you have an awesome day and that this is something you enjoy

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„I just wish you would get along better,“ Steve said after he had stopped Tony in the hallway and Tony stared at him. There wasn’t any context necessary, this could only be about Bucky and him, but still.

“What?” he asked because those words sure as hell didn’t make any sense. Especially not at this hour of the day.

“I hoped you two would, you know, be friends or something.”

“Yeah, or something,” Tony snorted and Steve flinched. Like it was honestly that bad that Tony and Bucky were together.

Steve hadn’t been all that supportive to begin with, but Tony had never thought that he would spin this around and now make Tony feel like he did something wrong with this relationship.

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anonymous asked:

Is Equius and Nepeta's relationship an example of an unhealthy or healthy moiralleigance? Equius was kind of controlling over Nepeta but he always had her safety in mind. I'm a little confused.

i think a lot of people forget that nepeta didn’t put up with equius’ shit when it was too much. i think he wasn’t controlling in the sense that he would have hurt her if she didn’t do what he said–and i think nepeta had enough control over their relationship to know she could technically disobey him. she also seems to know hes acting in her best interest, and that’s why she doesn’t join the red team.

she snarked and bantered and insulted him, she wasn’t just an innocent little kitten–so yeah, i think it was healthy.