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Betty and Jughead are looking for clues by the river’s edge when things take a turn for the worse.

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“Jughead!” Betty’s shout echoed around the empty forest. “Come over here!” She was crouched next to what she had found, looking at it closely. She heard Jughead emerge from the forest to and squat down next to the river with her.

“What is that…?” He questioned, leaning close

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OK I’m going to have to rant a bit about Kevin Keller and his portrayal in Riverdale. I realize he’s not really a main or part of the core four, but there are so many things that they could’ve done with his character and his storyline… especially now that we know that his relationship with Joaquin is a plot point.

I know a lot of people are upset that the Joaquin x Kevin relationship wasn’t unpacked a little more on-screen. I count myself as one of them (thank goodness for fix-it fanfiction). However, it’s not just Joaquin x Kevin that is bugging me. I think one of the most under developed relationships on the series is the one between Kevin and his father and it’s such a shame, considering the series is all about featuring relationships between their kids and their parents. Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Josie, Cheryl– Kevin and his dad would slot right in. The narrative is there.

We know that Sheriff Keller is supportive of his son and Riverdale didn’t go the father-disapproving-of-his-son’s-sexuality-small-town-small-mind route, which is amazeballs, but I wonder if their relationship is altogether positive in other respects. I wonder, for instance, if Kevin disagrees with his dad’s politics or methods. I mean, the reason why Jughead and Betty started an independent investigation into Jason’s murder is because it is heavily implied that the law enforcement in the town is corrupt and it is stated, point-blank, that Sheriff Keller ‘answers to a higher power – the Blossoms.’  And we do see that Kevin is firmly Team Sleuth.  He helps Jughead and Betty reconstruct the murder-board and he can be trusted not to rat out his friends to his dad. He keeps quiet about Grundy and Archie, doesn’t tip off his dad about Polly going missing and he and his compass are THERE for the Coopers when they comb the woods looking for Polly… he doesn’t expect his dad to arrive with the Blossoms. Furthermore, Kevin’ relationship to Joaquin, who is a serpent, could really complicate things for his dad, who is a Sheriff and also an elected official in a conservative small town.   

However, we don’t really get anything from Kevin on this matter. He gets a lot of fantastic quips about shoes and yes-I-am-GAY!-and-fabulous! one-liners, but we are shown precious little about his motivations, emotional make-up or who he is as a person. I am STILL bitter about the fact that the series keeps driving home the horrible terrible no good effect that Jason’s death has had on the town and how much it changed things and yet, the fact that Kevin and Moose just happened to stumble upon his body is just brushed off as nothing. Jason is someone these two sixteen year old boys have probably known for their entire lives and they were both in a heightened emotional state when they found the bloated and water-logged body. And if that’s not enough, they were also the first to discover that no, Jason didn’t drown, he was murdered.  That is traumatic as fuck. Especially in a town that has been established as being peaceful and idyllic. These aren’t war-hardened veterans or even grossly desensitized inner city kids. These are two small town boys living in an otherwise safe and comfortable bubble unaccustomed to violence of this magnitude.  How can you not want to unpack that a little bit more, especially if this is one of the god damn THEMES of the entire series?  If that wasn’t an open door to explore Kevin a little more in depth, I don’t know what the hell an open door looks like.

I think Kevin as a character deserves better. Frankly, I’m starting to think all the characters in the series deserve better. There are too many inconsistencies. As much as my shipper heart is beating for the ships that are sailing at the moment, I will not deny that Riverdale has a huge problem with side-lining a number of its characters and missing out on opportunities for smoother and more logical plot and character development.

Impressing Alice Cooper (Part 2 - Bughead Fanfiction)

The afternoon was just setting in as the two teenagers strolled to Betty’s house for their mother-approved hang out. Betty had been in such a chipper mood the whole day, so much more so than usual, that even Archie in all his obliviousness had noticed during lunch.

He’d nudged Betty with an elbow as she was humming to herself and jotting down newspaper article notes in her moleskin, and asked, “You’re extra cheerful today, Betty? Something good happen?”

She’d had to shake herself out of her thoughts and smiled up at Archie as Jughead chuckled softly in the background. “Oh, am I? It’s nothing huge, Jughead and I just had a nice morning together.” To Betty, her phrasing was perfectly innocent and vague enough to not elude to their team-sleuthing. However, to everyone else, her words took a completely different meaning.

Archie was half choking on his juice, while Veronica and Kevin were looking at each other with raised eyebrows and amazed expressions. Betty, who had quickly gone back to jotting down ideas for articles didn’t notice the near-explosion of questions that was about to be unleashed upon her, but luckily enough, Jughead wasn’t as preoccupied.

“Easy, guys. No hidden innuendos here. Keep eating your lunches.” Jughead said as calmly as possible, raising an eyebrow at the twin looks of disappointment on Veronica and Kevin’s faces.

At his voice, Betty looked up from her notebook. “What was that?” Archie was wiping juice off his chin while Kevin and Veronica very pointedly avoided eye contact with her. Jughead just raised an amused eyebrow and shrugged casually.  

The rest of the gang had an extra close watch on Jughead and Betty for the rest of the day, something that Jughead found increasingly annoying as the day wore on. This was compounded by the fact that he and Betty spent a lot of their time together being very close; whether it was being huddled in front of a single computer, walking almost shoulder to shoulder on the way to class or sitting close enough together at desks in class that their thighs touched. This had become normal to Jughead, comforting over the last few weeks of reconnecting with Betty. To the rest of the gang, this was a sign from above that something was happening between the two. Jughead had to hear insufferable whisperings from Veronica and Kevin, and feel ridiculous glares from Archie for the remainder of school, and by the time he and Betty were able to escape the confines of the school to walk home, he almost ran out the gate.

Betty was being drugged behind a rushing Jughead, as soon as the bell had rung. “Juggie. Juggie! Where’s the fire?” She was half-laughing as she jogged behind him, until he had enough sense to calm down and slow to a more normal pace.

He released her wrist and rubbed the back of his neck self-consciously, and kicked his boot over the pavement as he walked. “Sorry, Bets. The guys have just been getting to me all day.”

She shot him a confused look, straightening her backpack on her slim shoulders. “About?”

Jughead looked her in the eyes for a moment, and saw nothing there but pure curiosity. “You have no idea?”

Frowning at missing what was apparently important information, Betty shook her head firmly. “I really don’t. What’s going on Jug?”

Jughead sighed, almost glad for her ignorance, because the last way he wanted Betty to find out that he was almost certainly in love with her, was through their mutual friends gossiping about it to her. However, it was only a matter of time before Veronica spilled the beans, and Jughead needed to beat her to that punch. “I’ll tell you when we’re at your house with food and homework stretched in front of us, Bets. Promise.”

She smiled at him good-naturedly before a look of mischief crossed her face. “You know what my mother detests, Juggie?” There were a million answers to this question, so he simply shrugged and let her continue. “Food and boys, with the exception of Kevin because I suppose she’s determined that he’s safe, in my room.”

He looked at her quizzically, not entirely sure where she was going with this train of thought but getting unintentionally nervous anyway.

“She’s not gonna be home ‘til late, and my Dad’s away. I say we set up camp in my room and make all kinds of food. I feel like being at least a little rebellious today.” She smiled so genuinely that Jughead couldn’t in good conscience say no.

Instead he smiled back and said, “To hell with overload Cooper, let’s do this hang out properly.”

That’s how, an hour after getting home Jughead and Betty were set up on her bed with a veritable mountain of food between them. Popcorn, sandwiches, brownies and all kinds of chips were piled on a platter. Jughead was currently quizzing Betty on past presidents while throwing popcorn for her to catch in her mouth in between questions. If she caught the popcorn, the quiz questions got easier, if she missed, they got harder. And despite having missed 10 pieces in a row, Betty was still answering every question correctly.

Jughead gently threw the eleventh piece of popcorn towards Betty, which she missed again. “How am I so bad at this, Juggie?” She whined, resting her elbows on her crossed legs and looking dejected. Her pout was so sweet that Jughead felt an immediate impulse to kiss her, one that was so strong he had to dig his fingers into the material of his jeans to stop himself from moving.

Trying his best to be nonchalant and easy-going, Jughead cleared his throat. “It’s just practise, Bets. I’ve got many years and hundreds of pieces of popcorn up on you.” To illustrate, Jughead threw a piece in the air and caught it in his mouth effortlessly. Betty attempted to do the same trick a few more times before she finally slumped against her headboard, defeated and slightly salty.

“Okay, no more popcorn throwing.” Jughead smirked before nodding his consent. “What were you gonna tell me when we were walking home? You said you’d tell me once we were settled.”

All of the sudden Jugheads stomach was flipping and his heartbeat was drumming like a mockingbirds wings in his ribcage. He hadn’t expected her to remember; he hadn’t expected her to bring it up. He thought he had some more time to plan and figure his wording out. “Oh, that.

Betty laughed at his horror stricken expression, “Yes, that. C’mon Jug. What’s got your goat?”

He couldn’t think of a way to divert the blonde; not a single plan came to mind. So with a heavy heart, he decided to tell her the truth and let whatever happens, happen. “Veronica and Kevin have a new ship.”
Betty giggled, smiling at the familiarity of the duo’s antics. “Of course they do. Who is the lucky pair this time?”
Jughead rubbed the back of his neck roughly and took a breath. “Don’t laugh.”

It was Betty’s turn to look nervous, confusion making her eyebrows lower. “Oh, Jug. They’re shipping you with someone?” She scooted over next to him and rubbed her hand on his thigh gently, trying to comfort him. “No wonder you’ve been so on edge today.” The pained look in Jughead’s eyes made her continue. “Don’t worry, Juggie. I’ll sort it out. I’ll have a chat to Veronica and Kevin.” He, if it was possible, looked even more pained, and Betty wrapped her arms around him in a quick hug. “Oh, Jug, don’t look so worried. Talk to me.”

He took a deep breath, trying to steady his thumping heart and not focus on Betty’s soft fingers rubbing gently into his back. “They’re shipping you and I, Bets.”

Abruptly, Betty sat back and looked at Jughead directly. After a moment of silence she muttered an, “Oh.”

Awkward quiet filled the room, and Jughead waited for her to break it. He could see gears turning in her mind, but she wasn’t voicing anything, something that was very unlike Betty. After a few minutes of quiet, Jughead piped up. “Bets, Betty, you alright?”

She snapped out of her daze quickly, “Oh, yes, yeah, I’m fine. I’m sorry, Jug. This is all my fault. I’ll talk to them. They shouldn’t start rumours about you like that.” Betty looked so apologetic, so sincere that he had no choice but to come clean. You couldn’t look at those eyes and lie.

“That’s not why I was annoyed.”

For all the time that the two of them were on the same page, today Betty was completely on another wavelength. “I know that I’m no Cheryl, but that’s sort of mean, Juggie.”

He had no idea how she had jumped to that conclusion, the completely wrong conclusion, so quickly. “Oh, Bets, no. God, no. You could do so much better than me. I’m completely lucky that you even deign to hang out with me, and you’re so far above Cheryl that I can’t even see her when you’re in the room. Hell. You’re gorgeous, Bets.” He finished his rant, his eyes imploring her to believe him, while his hands knotted together with anxiety.

Betty’s face turned confused once more, her head cocking to the side adorably. “I-I don’t understand, then, Jug. If you don’t care about the rumours, and you’re not upset that it’s me and you the rumours are about, what is it?”

With a world-weary sigh Jughead took her jaw in his hands, cupping her face like she was the most delicate flower that had ever existed. “I was annoyed because I couldn’t stand it if you found out that I had feelings for you from Veronica or Kevin.”

Betty was searching his eyes, trying to find out if the remarkably kind words were the truth. Jughead surely had no reason to lie about this, there was nothing to gain by lying. “You… like me?”

She was so surprised, so utterly utterly surprised that Jughead had to chuckle, a smile breaking through his pent up nerves. “If I’m completely honest, I’ve completely adored you since we were about nine and you punched that kid in the nose for stealing my beanie.” He laughed at the memory of a delicate little girl standing up against a boy that was almost twice her size and lunging at him to get his beanie back. “You cleaned up my grazed elbow, dusted off my hat, and I think I fell in love with you there and then. It’s just taken me seven years to actually work up enough guts to tell you out loud.”

Her voice was a whisper. “Juggie…” His thumbs caressed her jawline, and her eyes fell closed, enjoying the sensations. After a moment she looked up at him again, “You’re not playing a joke, Jug? You really mean it?” His heart thudded in his chest as he looked upon her beautiful face, her eyes so hopeful and so scared. Had Archie really destroyed her self-confidence that much?

Jughead rested his forehead against hers, his nose rubbing hers lightly as he cupped her face. “I’m in love with you, Elizabeth Cooper.” From his vantage point he could see her mouth stretch upwards in a dazzling smile, and he took that as a very positive cue. “And if I don’t kiss you now, I think I’m going to implode.”

“We can’t have that, can we?” She whispered gently, as she tilted her face up to meet his waiting lips. It was perhaps the sweetest kiss Betty Cooper had ever had. Jughead cradled her face as if she was the most precious thing in the world, his lips the epitome of gentle as they moved against hers. She couldn’t control the sigh that escaped her lips, and she found herself reaching up to twist her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck, curling her hands through it as if he were a lifeline. The quiet growl he let out made her heart race and her face redden, and she found that she liked that sound more than anything.

After what felt like a lifetime and a few seconds all at once, Jughead reluctantly pulled back fractionally, not letting go of her just yet. “If I knew that kissing you would be like that; I wouldn’t have wasted all these years.”

She chuckled warmly, curling her fingers around his ringlets. “Well, you’d better make up for lost time then, shouldn’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

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what if the pic of betty looking somewhat upset in her bed is a result of a fight/break up with jughead. Like, we know from an interview with lili and cole that their relationship stops being so perfect and certain questions are asked. Also, you can see from the leaked photos and gifs that betty, archie and ronnie are partying and juggie is alone in the kitchen with Ethel (bitch). I'm really worried with all this "evidence" that this could be a potential breakup point between betty and juggie.

sshhhhhh, im sleeping my child, shhhhhh dont make me dream bad dreams. i am in such denial about their obvious hard time ahead as a couple, and hoping they get caught with something else heheh. they are the goddamn reason I even got into this show for real!! but I am still saying they are endgame, they are all such bugheads in that cast & crew, and the only couple that feels real. plus they said they are still the sleuthing detective team throughout <3

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Looks like they're at Runyon Canyon! Wish we had an LA sleuthing team we could dispatch the area lol


I’ve been thinking that since Ms. Paint most likely exists with Hussie within every mspa universe, I can headcanon her as Ace Dick’s cute sister that is nothing like him except for their shared chubbyness. I know he’s the least recognized of the Sleuth team but just imagine like Ace is not the kind of guy you dress up to see so PS and PI will visit to talk over some evidence in their old casual clothes and just hang around, than Paint comes downstairs and oh my god she’s precious and they’re both smoothing their hair back and swiping lint off their shirts. Sleuth tries to get his feet off the coffee table so fast he hits the floor. The inspector accidentally throws his hat and just slams his hands on his lap in a “casual” manner.

Imagine a heated stand off between Team Sleuth and The Midnight Crew where Ms. Paint just walks straight into the line of fire like “I know this may not be the time but I made everyone snacks I hope that’s okay.” And both teams nervously look at each other and end up all sitting in a group eating milk and cookies together because just look at her face she’s so hopeful.


Okay so this is 3 out of 5 things I’m making. I made this for the lovely and amazing @bangtan-editshits “fan” series with Jimin (if u dont know what it is PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT IT’S AMAZING AND YOU’LL DIE BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD ALSO @bangtan-editshits is literally THE SWEETEST PERSON ON THE EARTH).

Anyways this is Taehyung (V) getting suspicious and talking to Jungkook . Kookie and Tae form the super sleuthing team, and Kookie reports back to  Tae later to solidify Tae’s suspicions. They build an evidence bank.