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beccaland  asked:

For your questions: 5, 7, 9, 13!

Oh yay. Thanks :)

some of these were already answered. i’m either copy-pasting, or coming up with new answers, depending on the question and how i feel

5.     Baddie I’d most like to team up with?

The Silurians. Cause, c’mon. Every time they appear, I feel ashamed to be human.

7.     Companion whose fate I most want to change?

Ace. I haven’t listened to her stuff with Hex (and probably should…), but I have a hard time imagining her going through Academy training and joining the CIA

9.     Which companions should get a chance to meet each other?

Sam and Izzy  because i ship them already
also maybe Alison and Anji

13.   Favorite non-baddie, non-companion, non-doctor character?


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