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宇野君、100点越え、おめでとう(^o^) 羽生君、4S残念、その後、阿修羅が見え隠れしていたような? 田中君も4S残念だったよね~ 2人とも気持ち一新してフリーに臨んでね(^o^)/ 日本男子3人、頑張れ!!! Good luck!!!

Shoma Uno, Yuzuru Hanyu, Keiji Tanaka, Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, 17 Feb. 2017

(Source: @asahi_photo)


Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres’s Short Program at the World Team Trophy 2017.

Earned It (from “Fifty Shades of Grey”) performed by The Weeknd, arranged by Maxime Rodriguez

TS 41.81 + PS 33.91

Overall 75.72

Ranked 1st. [Before FS]

Team Points 12.


‘Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦 2016-17 SP perfect Edit’
Pretty cool edit, imagine 112 points?!!!


日本男子、上手くいかなかったキミには、ドンマイ! 上手くいったキミには、ヨッシャー! 頑張りに👏

World Figure Skating Championships 2017, Helsinki, Finland,  30 Mar. 2017

(Source: @sn_figure)


“It’s just that I am frustrated. I’ll do my best tomorrow. At the K&C, my teammates kindly said to me ‘don’t mind!’, but it’s not serving the interest of the team if I cannot execute my best. Of course, there is my own feeling of frustration, but this frustration is also for the sake of the team Japan. As I made that performance in the last competition [the Worlds], I think people will always expect me to execute that level of performance. In that sense, I would like to transform the pressure and the expectation [from others] to my strength.”


Yuzuru performing his short program at the 2017 World Team Trophy


Mariah Bell’s Short Program at the US Nationals 2017.


Roxie performed by Renée Zellweger

All That Jazz / Overture byJohn Kander

Choreo. by Rohene Ward

TS 33.95  + PS 30.38 - Deduction 1.00

Overall  63.33

Ranked 6th [Before FS]


Nathan Chen’s Short Program at the US Nationals 2017.

Le Corsaire by Adolphe Adam, Léo Delibes

Choreo. by Marina Zueva

TS 62.07 + PS 44.32

Overall 106.39*

Ranked 1st [Before FS]

*He broke Jeremy Abbot’s 2014 US Record of 99.86, and is the first to break the 100 mark in the SP.