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宇野君、100点越え、おめでとう(^o^) 羽生君、4S残念、その後、阿修羅が見え隠れしていたような? 田中君も4S残念だったよね~ 2人とも気持ち一新してフリーに臨んでね(^o^)/ 日本男子3人、頑張れ!!! Good luck!!!

Shoma Uno, Yuzuru Hanyu, Keiji Tanaka, Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, 17 Feb. 2017

(Source: @asahi_photo)


Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres’s Short Program at the World Team Trophy 2017.

Earned It (from “Fifty Shades of Grey”) performed by The Weeknd, arranged by Maxime Rodriguez

TS 41.81 + PS 33.91

Overall 75.72

Ranked 1st. [Before FS]

Team Points 12.


‘Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦 2016-17 SP perfect Edit’
Pretty cool edit, imagine 112 points?!!!


“It’s just that I am frustrated. I’ll do my best tomorrow. At the K&C, my teammates kindly said to me ‘don’t mind!’, but it’s not serving the interest of the team if I cannot execute my best. Of course, there is my own feeling of frustration, but this frustration is also for the sake of the team Japan. As I made that performance in the last competition [the Worlds], I think people will always expect me to execute that level of performance. In that sense, I would like to transform the pressure and the expectation [from others] to my strength.”


日本男子、上手くいかなかったキミには、ドンマイ! 上手くいったキミには、ヨッシャー! 頑張りに👏

World Figure Skating Championships 2017, Helsinki, Finland,  30 Mar. 2017

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Yuzuru performing his short program at the 2017 World Team Trophy


Evgenia Medvedeva’s Short Program at the World Team Trophy 2017.

River Flows in You performed by Lorenzo de Luca
The Winter by Balmorhea

TS 43.14 + PS 37.71

Overall 80.85*

Ranked 1st. [Before FS]

Team Points 12.

*New ISU Best Score: Ladies Short Program


Figure Skating Team Trophy: Team Japan defended their lead on the second day of the ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating with 81 points. Team USA moved up on spot and sits in second now with 78 points while Russia slipped to third at 74 points.

Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno kept their team in the top position by finishing first and second in the Men’s Free Skating. Team USA’s highest scoring members were Madison Chock/Evan Bates who took second place in the Free Dance.

Standing After Day2

  1. Team Japan 81
  2. Team Usa 78
  3. Team Russia 74
  4. Team Canada 67
  5. Team China 59
  6. Team France 46

Pairs Short Program Results

  1. James / Cipres FRA
  2. Peng / Jin CHN
  3. Moore-Towers / Marinaro CAN
  4. Tarasova / Morozov RUS
  5. Cain / Leduc USA
  6. Suto / Boudreau-Audet JPN

Ice Dance Free Dance Results

  1. Weaver / Poje CAN
  2. Chock / Bates USA
  3. Bobrova / Soloviev RUS
  4. Wang / Liu CHN
  5. Lauriault / Le Gac FRA
  6. Muramoto / Reed JPN

Men  Free Dance Results

  1. Yuzuru Hanyu JPN
  2. Shoma Uno JPN
  3. Patrick Chan CAN
  4. Nathan Chen USA
  5. Mikhail Kolyada RUS
  6. Jason Brown USA
  7. Boyang Jin CHN
  8. Chafik Besseghier FRA
  9. Kevin Reynolds CAN
  10. Maxim Kovtun RUS
  11. Kevin Aymoz FRA
  12. Tangxu Li CHN

Evgenia performing her short program at the 2017 World Team Trophy


Shoma Uno’s Short Dance at the World Team Trophy 2017.

Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra (“Ladies in Lavender” soundtrack) by Nigel Hess

TS 56.79 + PS 46.74

Overall 103.53

Ranked 1st. [Before FS]

Team Points 12.


Yuzuru Hanyu’s Short Program at the World Team Trophy 2017.

Let’s Go Crazy (from “Purple Rain”) by Prince

TS 37.62 + PS 45.89

Overall 83.51

Ranked 7th. [Before FS]

Team Points 6.