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Harlos Fan fiction i wrote. its short but funny i guess?

Harry was sitting next to Uma and Gil with the best eyeliner ever. He was complaining.

”i just don’t get it…Ive done everything to get Carlos’s attention, yet i am still just a ‘friend;…” harry said as Uma rolled her eyes.

”Harry, you’ve been after him for what?two months? two months ago we were holding the king hostage. You think you would be kissing by now?” uma put a hand over Harry’s mouth when he started to speak.”i know what you’re about to say and you are wrong. the answer is of course not.” harry sighed.

Gil looked at him as he stuffed eggs into his mouth.”why not just tell him you like him?” Harry looked at Gil…ah…the sweet, sweet idiot.

”it’s not that simple Gil-” “maybe it is?” Uma interrupted.

Harry stood and held out his arms, he was hook-less because it was taken away from him, and said.

”if it’s that simple, then he would be in my arms already!”

Then they heard a scream.

And then harry fell into the ground as Carlos fell from the sky into Harry’s arms.

Uma and Gil exchanged a look, then both stood with there arms out.

Sadly it only worked for harry.

Harry groaned and looked at Carlos, then at the sky.”OK, then.” and down at Carlos.”so, what brings ye here land pup?” he asked, giving Carlos a grin.

”a Catapult. Chad got one from his parent’s and the team decided to shoot me out of it. thanks for breaking my fall harry.” he sat getting off harry and helping him up. harry grinned at him and glanced at Uma and Gil who were giving him quick nods and waves, telling him to go for it.

”actually Carlos, i have a question for ye.”

the one in which bin meets eunwoo on the subway 

or: the one in which vivi is back writing fic with ideas she steals from one of her best friends’ irl experience in the nyc subway 

  • ok so it’s late and bin is on the subway home after spending a day of fun with 4stro 
  • and he’s taking out his earpieces after finding a seat on the otherwise empty subway car
  • because how better to spend a train ride than to watch your faves’ vlives am i right 
  • occupying yourself ????? getting to watch your faves ??????? tapping hearts AND levelling up on their channel ????? 
  • like 5 million birds with one stone am i right 

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somebody yell at me to start my damn homework and not a Basketball She!th/Voltron AU that will consume me whole and send my grades to the depths of the sea. 

Shoot your Shot Part 2 - Auston Matthews

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I didn’t think i would get this part up today because I’m busy with packing and moving for college but I had some spare time. Sorry again for the lack of Auston in this one. I do believe that he is in this one more but I’m working on part 3 now and I can say he’s in most of that one. Also I’m pretty sure it’s going to have more than 5 parts. I don’t know how many yet though.
Words: 1773
Warnings: Cursing, I think that’s it


The first two periods were going great, for Toronto fans. Yes, I was wearing a Toronto jersey but you always have to go for your favourite team and right now mine was losing 2-1. Auston scored a goal and pointed in the direction of where me and Kenzie were sitting. She’s convinced that he was pointing at me but I know he was just celebrating the goal. The teams were both out shooting around before the third period started. Kenzie had made me go and get her food because she had to stay and see if Auston looked for me. I think she is a bit naive to think he’s actually looking at me. There’s 100’s of people here and about 40 around me for him to be looking at. He was probably looking at a friend or family member in the audience. I was making me way back with Kenzies’ food, almost at our seats when all of sudden I feel the worst pain I have ever felt in my eye. I ended up dropping all of the food while grabbing my eye. Kenzie came running up to me asking if I was okay.  

“I don’t know” I told her taking my hand off my eye seeing blood. Kenzie gagged at the site of my blood. She can’t handle blood very well.
“Oh my god! We have to get you to a hospital now, like right now!” She exclaimed, dragging me out of the arena and to her jeep “Put this on your eye and keep the pressure on it” She told me handing me a towel that one of the Leafs players gave her during the second period.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to ruin it on you.” I asked her
“You know, you’re the only person I know that would rather bleed to death then ruin a god damn towel. Yes, I’m sure Logan! Now put it on your eye, I don’t want you losing an eye or anything.”

We made it to the hospital in record time. I got in to see a doctor right away because it’s an eye injury. The doctor came in to tell me about my eye and to fix it.

“Now your eye is fine, no permanent damage to the eye itself. As for the outer portion of your eye, you’re going to need stitches and you’re going to have one hell of a black eye in the morning. What did you say happened to it again?” The doctor asked starting to stitch around my eye.
“I actually don’t kno-” Kenzie cut me off.
“Her future husband was trying to hit a puck at the glass again but this time he hit it to hard and it went over the glass and hit her in the eye instead.” Kenzie told the doctor.
“Okay well he’s not my future husband, I never even talked to him before.” I explained.
“Well if some hockey player shot a puck at the glass at my girl I would think he had a thing for her. But if he tried to do it again and hit her in the eye like this, I would defiantly say he wanted her attention” The doctor said laughing.  
“See Logan! he gets its.” She told me, trying to high five the doctor in the process.
“Can’t high five you right now. A little busy.” He told her nodding towards my face.
“Anyways, Kenzie did you call my dad?” I asked.
“I didn’t have to, he already knew. He’s on the way, should be here soon.”
“How did he – Ouch-  know?” I said glaring at the doctor for hurting me
“I think he was watching the game and saw it. Also, it’s all over the internet already. You’re basically a meme now.” She said laughing
“Great, that’s exactly what I wanted…”

The doctor finished with my stitches and I went to go look in a mirror. My eye was already getting a nasty bruise. It’s going to be some much worse in the morning. I can’t lie though, all of the stitches and the black eye made me look like a bad ass if I’m going to be honest.
“So how many stitches do I have?” I asked the doctor
“17 in total, 8 on the one on the side and 9 on the one under your eye.” He explained
“You know what Log, you kind of look like a bad ass with your eye like that”
“I was just thinking that.” I told her laughing.
“Alright well were done here, you’ll have to come back in about a week/week and a half to get them out. I see you wear make-up so try and go make-up free until you get the stitches out. Or at least try from getting the make-up near your stitches.”
“Great more time for you to do my make-up!” Kenzie said a little to excitedly. I just rolled my eyes at her like usual.
“Thanks for making me look like a bad ass doc!” I say as I’m leaving the room
“Don’t thank me, thank your future husband for hitting with that puck” He says laughing.

Kenzie was still laughing at the doctors comment while we waited for my dad. I called him to ask him where he was because I thought he would have been here a lot sooner. He ended up getting stuck in all of the traffic from the game. I pulled out my phone to text my friends we were supposed to meet to tell them that I wouldn’t be there tonight and that we could it another night. They fully understood why I wouldn’t be there. Seeing as I never got to see how the game ended I decided to check twitter to see how they did. That was probably the biggest mistake ever. Somehow people found out who I was and were tweeting at me asking if I was okay, making fun of me, and sending me a bunch of memes of the puck hitting me.
“While isn’t this great…” I tell Kenzie as show her my twitter. She thought it was hilarious and went on her phone and retweeted a bunch of the memes.
“Hey will you take a picture of my eye? I want to put it on Instagram.”

It took her about 10 minutes to get the right picture. Apparently, the hospital had the worst lighting in the world and that’s why it took so long to get the picture. I say it was just her shitty picture taking abilities. My dad arrived right after she got a picture. Of course, he was freaking out and even went to go talk to my doctor. I told him everything the doctor told me but he insisted to go ask him and get told the exact same thing I told him. As soon as we made it home, and my dad stopped freaking out, I hopped in the shower and got ready for bed. I knew my eye was going to be sore tomorrow so I laid out some Advil and a bottle of water for the morning. I got under the covers and started scroll through some social media. Looking through the pictures Kenzie took I finally found one I wanted to post. Coming up with a caption is always the hardest part so I decided to keep it simple, ‘Thanks for turning me into a meme and a bad ass all at the same time @auston_matthews’. After locking my phone and putting it on the charger, I went to sleep.

I woke up with the world’s biggest headache. I took the Advil and laid back down until it went away or until it was more bearable. I checked my phone to see that it had blown up with notifications overnight. Most of them were from Instagram. Apparently having Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander follow you, and like and comment on your picture on Instagram does that.  
’@auston_matthews: Sorry about the eye but it does make you look like a bad ass’
’@marner_93: Not the way I would have picked to get a girl’s attention Aus but Logan you really do look like a bad ass. Suits you.’
’@williamnylander: Best looking bad ass I ever seen. Also, the memes about you are my favourite.’

I took a screenshot and sent it to Kenzie. She won’t see it till later because that girl sleeps until like 2 in the afternoon every day. Seeing as it was only 830, I decided to go for a run. I got changed into my workout clothes, grabbed my headphones and headed out. There were a few people looking at me when I ran. It was either because of my eye or because they saw me all over the internet. Everyone looking at me got a bit uncomfortable so I decided to end my run early. I stopped by the café where Kenzie works first and got some breakfast. They have the best coffee and bagels in Toronto, I swear. It was about 930 by the time I started to head home. There was a car I never seen before in my driveway. My dad was already at work and Mads was at preschool so I didn’t know who it belonged to. The windows were a very dark tint so I couldn’t see who was driving so I knocked on the window and they started to open the door. I backed up to give them enough room to get out. It was Auston fucking Matthews. At my house. In my driveway. Standing in front of me. “Okay Logan say hi or hey or hello or anything. Don’t just stand there like an idiot. Of course, that’s exactly what you’re going to do” I thought to myself just staring at him. Auston was the first to talk.

“Hey, sorry about the eye and I hope it isn’t weird that I showed up at your house” He said awkwardly as he scratched the back of his head
“Not it’s okay but how did you find out where I live?” I asked him
“Well we have a friend of a friend in common and they told me when they saw it was you. I wanted to say sorry in person rather than over an Instagram comment. It felt more meaningful in person.”
“I understand, but thanks again, it isn’t that big of a deal. I know you didn’t try to give me a black eye on purpose.” I say laughing.
“Well I still feel absolutely terrible for what I did. Is there anyways I can make it up to you?” He asked me
“Actually, there is! Are you and a couple of the guys on the team busy today?”

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Being the Maximoff twins’ sister, and dating Peter would include…


  • Before you, Wanda and Pietro were experimented on, back before your parents died, you three were inseparable
  • Pietro and Wanda constantly teased you, since you were the youngest sibling
  • Having a Sokovian accent, but one that wasn’t as strong as Pietro or Wanda’s
  • Pietro was the sarcastic, funny older brother, who loved to remind Wanda that he was the older twin
  • “I’m twelve minutes older than you!”
  • And Wanda being the more uptight, responsible, grounded sibling, but you still loved her to bits
  • After you parents’ deaths, Wanda and Pietro’s hatred for America and the Avengers was what led to you, Pietro and Wanda becoming volunteers for an experiment that only you three would survive
  • Having the ability to shape reality by casting illusions, a power that was given to you after Baron Strucker experimented on you, Pietro, and Wanda
  • Since Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, and Pietro and Quicksilver, you’re mainly known as Mirage
  • Being held in a separate cell next to Wanda and Pietro at the HYDRA base in Sokovia for months on end, before you three escaped during the whole Ultron affair
  • Having trouble controlling your powers at first; the ability to shape reality can be terrifying, especially when you can’t control what you’re changing
  • Wanda trying her best to help you to control your mutation
  • “You’ve got to concentrate, sestrenka (Little/baby sister). I know it’s hard, but you can do it.”
  • The two of them being extremely protective of you, especially when you’re battling Ultron’s robots
  • “Y/n, watch out!”
  • Saving the Captain America from an Ultron, who was about to  shoot him from behind
  • “Thanks, Y/n.”
  • The twins being reluctant to let you out of their sight during the battle in Sokovia, and you don’t want to leave your older siblings either. The three of you have been a team since the beginning
  • But since Clint is watching over Wanda and Pietro, Natasha promised your older brother and sister that she would take care of you
  • “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble.”
    And the two of you make a pretty bad-ass team, shooting and blasting robots out of the air
  • She even lent you one of her guns - which was something of an honour to you
  • After Vision annihilated Ultron’s consciousness, you and Natasha sprinted over to where you had last seen the helicarrier
  • Seeing the team huddled around in a group, and running straight towards them, expecting to see Wanda and Pietro dashing towards you to engulf you in a big family bear-hug
  • What you didn’t expect to see was your brother, your lovable, idiot, dork of a big brother, lying completely still in an escape pod, covered in bullet wounds and blood
  • The first thought that goes through your head is that Pietro is probably playing a prank on you. He’s the fastest man alive, he can’t have possibly gotten shot… right?
  • But the look on the Avengers’ faces tells you otherwise
  • And you look around desperately for Wanda, but she refuses to look into your eyes
  • For the entire trip back on the helicarrier, everybody is silent. Especially you and Wanda
  • Because that day, you had lost your big brother, the person who had taught you how to play soccer. The person who had been there to ward the bullies off. The person who had told you stories while being trapped under the rubble of your old house after the Stark Industries bombs rained down on your hometown, just to make you laugh. And now, he was gone, and he wasn’t ever coming back
  • Being recruited into the Avengers after the battle in Sokovia, and you gratefully accept. It takes a little longer for you to convince Wanda to accept their offer, though
  • After moving into the Avengers Tower, you could finally tell how much your older sister had changed, how much she had matured in such a short time
  • She barely talks to you anymore, and it hurts. It really does. Because sisters are meant to stick together, and you needed Wanda more and ever, with Pietro’s death still fresh in your mind
  • But you don’t blame her, you really don’t. Pietro may have been your big brother, but he had been her twin. The two of them had been there for each other ever since they were born
  • But ever since Wanda had spent most of her time holed up in her new room, refusing to talk to anyone, you began starting to feel incredibly lonely
  • So Natasha took up the role as your substitute big sister, talking you through your grief. After all, if anybody knew about loss, it was her
  • “He wouldn’t want you to mope around the Tower. He’d want you to keep pushing on, and love your life.”
  • Going to Pietro’s funeral, months after the battle in Sokovia, which takes almost weeks of emotional preparation for you and Wanda
  • But it’s harder for Wanda, since the wounds of Pietro’s death are still fresh for her
  • So the Avengers ask you to make the eulogy for Pietro
  • “Only if you’re comfortable with that, of course. We just thought that since he was your- your brother, that you might want to do this.”
    Accepting their offer, because you want to honour the memory of Pietro, especially for Wanda
  • “Pietro was our brother, and he sacrificed himself to save us from Ultron. We’ll never forget him.”
    Not being able to stop yourself from hugging Clint when he introduces you to his new baby boy, Nathaniel Pietro Barton
  • “Woah, Y/n, you’re stronger than you look.”
  • Baby-sitting Nathaniel with Wanda whenever Natasha is on a mission
  • “Why is he crying so much? Is he hungry? Is he tired? Did he poop again?
  • Frequently having nightmares about being locked up in the cell at the HYDRA base in Sokovia, and Pietro’s death, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night
  • And the first time the nightmares hit, you have no idea what to do, so you just lie frozen in your bed, shaking and sobbing
  • Being pretty quiet the next day, since your mind is still replaying Pietro’s death over and over in your head
  • And Wanda, being the observant older sister she is, notices how uncharacteristically silent you are, even if she hasn’t been talking to you much recently
  • But you won’t tell her what’s wrong, so she has to read your mind to find out
  • “I miss him too, sestrenka. I miss him a lot. But you can always come to my room if you have a nightmare, you know that, right?
  • Then on padding over to Wanda’s room whenever you have a nightmare, and she lets you sleep in her bed for the rest of the night. And the two of you stare up at the stars, lying in a comfortable silence
  • Absolutely despising Tony Stark, just like Pietro and Wanda, before you joined the Avengers, since the billionaire’s bombs is what destroyed your home
  • But as you get to know the Avengers better, you begin to warm up to Tony; in fact, you actually kind of like his dry sarcasm and sharp wit
  • Knowing that Tony really is sincerely sorry for the whole mortar shell incident that destroyed your hometown. He might not display his feelings very well, but you know that he’s sorry for what he’s done
  • And, over time, you start to become his favourite in the Tower (Though he’ll never admit it). The two of you always hang out together
  • And one day, Tony gets hit by one of his panic/anxiety attacks, and stays holed up in the lab for days on end. The team, who took a vote, sent you down to go and check if he was still alive
  • “He’s more likely not to kill you, Y/n.”
  • So you walk down to the lab, knocking on the door
  • “Tony, can I come in?”
  • “Go away.”
  • Trying to crack the pass code on the door. Unfortunately, you’re not a genius like Bruce, so your multiple attempts failed
  • “JARVIS, what’s the password?”
    “I’m sorry, Miss Maximoff, but Tony specifically told me to keep everybody out of the lab.”
  • “JARVIS, give me the password. I need to make sure Tony hasn’t drowned himself in whiskey.”
  • “Miss Maximoff, I’m very sorry, but-”
  • “JARVIS. Password. Now.”
  • “…Very well, Miss.”
  • Walking in to find the billionaire looking like he hadn’t showered in days, buried in mounds of scrunched balls of paper, and the stench of alcohol lingering around room
  • Tony swatting your hand away when your try to shake him out of his drunk state
  • “Who-Whozzat?”
  • “It’s Y/n. The team sent me down to check on you. They didn’t really give me a choice, but I think it’s time you stop drowning yourself in alcohol. So get up, and we can go hang out at Chipotle.”
  • “…Okay.”
  • From then on, whenever Tony goes through one of his panic attacks, the team sends you down, because they know that you’re the only person he won’t blast with his repulsor beams
  • Making fun of Wanda, and how she and Vision are obviously into each other
  • “An omniscient purple guy with an infinity stone in his forehead? I didn’t think that was your type, Wanda, but hey, who am I to judge?”
  • Using your powers to change up your room every now and then 
  • Sometimes you’ll make it really fancy with soft classical music playing in the background, other times you’ll be sitting in the middle of a jungle
  • Creating an illusion of a pet dog, since Tony doesn’t allow pets in the building
  • And the best part about that is that you don’t have to clean up its poop
  • Being there for Wanda after the accident in Lagos
  • “Wanda, it wasn’t your fault-”
    “Y/n, you know it was my fault. I killed all those innocent people.”
  • Knowing that eventually you’ll have to pick a side after the Sokovia Accords are presented to the team
  • Tony keeping you in the Tower after Steve ‘goes rogue’ and breaks the law to help Bucky out
  • The billionaire saying that he only wants to keep you safe, but you know that he’s only ‘protecting’ you and Wanda because he doesn’t want to risk you joining Cap’s team
  • Resenting Tony more and more every day for forcing you and Wanda to stay at the Tower
  • Because while all the action is happening outside, you’re staying locked up with Vision as a babysitter
  • “Vision, can’t I just go out with Wanda to the park for a few minutes? I hate being cooped up in my room all day.”
  • “I’m sorry, Y/n, but Tony firmly insisted that the two of you stay away from the public.”
  • So at that moment, you were stuck watching Wanda and Vision flirting over paprika until you managed to find a way to escape
  • Before Clint miraculously bursts into the Tower, only just avoiding getting stabbed in the forehead by Wanda, to save you from your captivity
  • “Guess I should’ve knocked.”
  • Being more than willing to leave the Avengers Tower when Clint arrives to recruit you to Steve’s team
  • Because as much as you love Tony, you can’t say that you support the idea of the Sokovia Accords
  • “Sign me right up. Also, nice to see you out of retirement, Clint. I’ve missed you.”
  • “Missed you too, Y/n. Now, let’s go.”
  • Feeling a mixture of pride and guilt when Wanda sends Vision crashing who-knows-how-many levels down into the ground so that you’d have enough time to escape
  • But you would be lying if you said that you weren’t relieved
  • Meeting Peter during the airport battle in Germany, who can’t stop fangirling over your powers
  • “Oh my god, you’re Mirage, I’m such a huge fan, you can cast illusions and make people see things that aren’t there, and, oh my god, this is so cool.”
  • Peter not being able to stop talking to you excitedly throughout the entire battle, since you’re the only person in the team who’s around his age
  • “So how did you get your powers? Do you ever use them just for fun? What school do you go to? Oh wait, you probably don’t go to school, you’re an Avenger… What’s your real name?”
  • Not knowing what to do, because you don’t necessarily want to hurt this guy. In fact he seems kind of cute; his dorkiness was sort of endearing
  • “I got my powers from the mind stone. Yes, I do use them for fun, and no, I don’t go to school. And hi, I’m Y/n Maximoff.”
  • Peter fangirling throughout the entire fight, excitedly babbling on and on about the team to you
  • “It’s so cool to be working for Tony Stark, it’s like a dream come true.”
  • “Is that- Is that the Black Widow?”
  • “That guy with the metal arm is so cool!”
    “And the guy with the wings - how do they work?”
    “Your sister is awesome, she’s like a glowing red immortal goddess.”
  • “The purple guy seems really creepy, who is he?”
    “Do you think I could get Black Panther’s autograph?”
    “I love Hawkeye so much, he’s so under-appreciated.”
  • “Woah, can you do your hallucination-power thing again?”
  • The team going into over-protective family mode
  • “Spider-boy, stop following Y/n around.”
  • Wanda resisting the urge to blast Peter to bits when she sees him flirting with you, her baby sister
  • Because she absolutely refuses to have any guy flirt with you
  • After the heat of Civil War cools over, you try to go on a few dates with Peter
  • And the team is absolutely 100% not supportive of that idea
  • “Parker Boy and Y/n are walking down by Central Park, I repeat, they are walking down Central Park.”
    “Clint, I can see you. You know that, right?”
  • Wanda glaring at Peter every time he come over to hang out at the Avengers Tower
  • “Y/n, I don’t think your sister likes me very much.”
  • “Tony, just order the damn pizza already!”
    “Well, Steve wants pepperoni, Clint hates pineapple, Scott wants a meat pizza, Wanda doesn’t want any meat, and Vision technically doesn’t even need to eat. And besides, I literally can’t order the pizza, because Y/n and Parker broke all the phones in the Tower.”
  • Trying out a ‘normal’ life by attending high-school with Peter
  • Which only lasts for half a week, because you got suspended on your first day there for throwing your pencil-case at the maths teacher because your were bored
  • And you didn’t expect school to have that much homework - ain’t nobody got time to learn about atoms and algebra
  • “I don’t know how you do it, Peter.”
  • Staying up late to watch movies with Wanda almost every other night
  • “Can we re-watch and binge Parks and Rec?”
  • “Y/n, what is ‘Parks and Rec’?”
  • “Are you kidding me, Wanda? Are you kidding me?”
  • Using your powers to make Peter think that there are a bunch of spiders surrounding him - which you, for some reason, find hilarious
  • “Get it? Because you’re spider-man, hahaha.”

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au where the Last Battle is just a laser tag match that they all took way too seriously


i think there’s a flaw in my  c o d e 


(AKA the reason I watched the SuperBowl)

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I just cannot


anonymous asked:

Superhero!svt :D


  • For starters, he would not be soft
  • Even if it is a superhero’s job to be about justice or whatever
  • Jeonghan would go ham on villains I am not even joking
  • His superpower would be cryokinesis
  • That basically just means he has the power to freeze things and manipulate ice
  • He’s not one of those heroes with a tragic backstory but he just hates to see people doing evil
  • So he annihilates villains…
  • It’s a really great strategy tbh he always wins
  • And even though he goes really hard on villains, he tries not to get personally attached to his work
  • It’s partly because he doesn’t want to give the impression that he’s biased
  • But also because he doesn’t want to involve outside people like his loved ones
  • Superhero more like supercute I can’t do this anymore


  • Now this gorl is the opposite of Jeonghan can I just say
  • He’s a really strong believer of justice but he doesn’t totally destroy his opponents
  • His superpower would be a somewhat mix of cerebrokinesis and hypnotism
  • When talking to people, he would be able to hypnotize them by saying a certain word or sentence
  • And while the person is hypnotized, he could feed them false thoughts by saying what he wants them to do
  • His victims have no recollection of being hypnotized or told what to do, but they would subconsciously fulfill Joshua’s orders without realizing
  • It’s a really frickin sweet power and he knows it too
  • Though it’s not ideal in combat situations so he’s usually only brought out as “the big guns”
  • And even then, he goes easy on villains because he thinks the best punishment is being taught why their actions were wrong
  • You should see the looks he gets when he tells the other guys that omg


  • Ok now this is gonna be an adventure here we go
  • Y’all ever seen The Incredibles?
  • His superpower is self combustion which literally just means he can set himself on fire
  • It doesn’t hurt him or anything but he can just like make his skin explode whenever he wants it’s really scary
  • But this kind of attack can only work when he’s in contact with the person he wants to harm
  • So he literally fights villains like he pulls out legit MMA moves on they asses
  • Unlike Jeonghan, Woozi doesn’t necessarily try to obliterate villains
  • But unlike Joshua, Woozi doesn’t really try to spare villains either
  • He obeys orders very thoroughly and treats the villains as he was instructed to
  • Villains will inevitably end up charred from the fight, but their punishments are really left up to Woozi’s dispatcher
  • What even are the superhero dispatchers called like ??


  • You know I have a lot to say about this one let’s do this
  • His superpower is what I like to call “Sonic Boom Voice”
  • That basically just means he can talk really loud (aka release sonic sound waves from voice)
  • His sonic boom voice is loud enough to deafen anyone within a 3 mile radius of him
  • Honestly though it’s not totally effective at defeating super villains, more or less just putting them at a disadvantage
  • If he can, he usually tries to partner up with Woozi whose flames and fighting techniques really help break down villains
  • On his down time he likes to have high note battles with Seungkwan
  • Which is like why would you even challenge the dude with the sonic boom voice in the first place but ok we all know booeun boi is too prideful for his own good
  • But in all seriousness Seokminnie mouse which may or may not be his actual superhero name is a really fun and down to earth superhero


  • Ok so pretty much he’s the most sarcastic superhero in the history of ever
  • He’s all about justice and whatnot but he also loves trash talking other superheroes
  • And tbh he’s not really a superhero he’s more or less the Long Island medium
  • His superpower is being able to see the future
  • That’s like pretty much the best power ever and he knows he’s super lucky
  • But he can only see into a person’s future when he’s in direct contact with them
  • And when he figured that out he was PISSED
  • Because of that he’s never really brought out into combat
  • But, much to his dismay, sometimes the other guys make him dress up in weird costumes to try to infiltrate the villains’ hideouts and touch them subtly to see their future rip


  • Strongest superhero out there
  • Casually flings cars at the enemy
  • *Punches the ground* 
  • He’s like superman without the tights and underwear
  • Keepin the cape though
  • Strategically plans out all of his attacks
  • More or less follows those plans lmao this boy just kinda wings it along the way
  • He’d have some sappy cliche catch phrase
  • Something like, “MY STRENGTH PREVAILS OVER EVIL!!!” 
  • i cant even
  • Leads team to victory
  • Then proceeds to say the same long and cheesy ass speech afterwards


  • Enjoys having spidey powers
  • Sings the Spiderman theme song ALL DAY LONG
  • Like it makes him so happy to have the same powers as the actual Spiderman
  • He didn’t get bitten by a radioactive spider on accident!! 
  • All Vernon remembered was that Seungkwan was shouting something about destiny when he woke up
  • It’s cool, Vernon ain’t mad though
  • Vernon wears the traditional Spidey suit
  • Minus the head mask
  • Because he wants his hair to flowww
  • Enjoys shooting Spiderwebs at random things
  • Poor Joshua
  • During combat, he stays on the rooftops
  • Shoots spiderwebs at the enemy to trap them 
  • Kind of like a sniper
  • He’s a SPIPER 


  • He’s a combination of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and Raven from Teen Titans
  • Cute but deadly… mostly cute though
  • His power is Electromagnetism Manipulation
  • Basically he’s Magneto
  • Cause he’s a magnet to all the ladies ;)
  • Enjoys levitating around with a cloak on
  • He thinks it adds flair
  • In reality
  • It just gets caught on EVERYTHING
  • A dramatic hair flip happens every single time he takes off his Magneto helmet
  • Anyway, don’t make Wonwoo mad
  • Once, he bent all of the spoons in the house because the boys ate without him 
  • His power is super handy because he often destroys his opponents vehicles which slows them down
  • Also disassembles their weapons from 100 meters aways
  • Good asset to the team!! 


  • He shoots LAZER BEAMS out of his eyes
  • Literal epitome of, “If looks could kill”
  • Uses his power to heat up food sometimes
  • Idek if that’s safe but oh well
  • A boy has got to eat
  • Can’t use spoons because Wonwoo bent them all
  • Doesn’t have a costume
  • Instead, wears a really nice suit with the SVT logo on the back
  • When you have dinner at 6 but gotta save the world at 7 LMAo
  • He doesn’t do much physical fighting
  • Really doesn’t have to
  • He’s a good little soldier
  • Trains physically anyway just to keep up with the team
  • Sad when the others get hurt :( 
  • But makes fun of them afterwards for being weak/slow LOL THIS JERK
  • He always follows S.Coups’ demands
  • Wants to get a puppy as their team’s mascot


  • actually is beast boy
  • but he goes by 10:10 bc copyright :/
  • very helpful in battles/fighting crime bc his opponents are so CONFUSED
  • surprise motherfucker
  • he always feels bad about killing the other guy ya know, he a good man and he believes in what is just :) 
  • if flowers are available, he puts them on the opponents corpse
  • sounds weird but it really isn’t
  • moving on
  • at the headquarters, he’s always trynna prank jihoon or sumthin
  • did this bitch forget that he’s combustible? 10:10…,..,,. you gonna die…
  • writes in his diary at night about his day and the cool things he’s done
  • has a collage of his mom in a scrapbook :’)


  • listen up kids: don’t fuckin mess with my boy minghao
  • he is an acid generator (ability to generate acid, manifested through touch or projectile)
  • pretty essential in fighting, bc he can end it in 0.0001265 seconds
  • none of his “crime-fighting colleagues” hug him bc they scared shitless of him why tho he such a cute bby
  • when he ain’t using his power on villains, he uses it on something much more evil and horrible…..
  • like.,,,… catch your boy on the dl, prancing around this crusty trash, just spraying everything with acid and melting it so there is more space
  • you know what i mean? like, he cares about conservation and environmental matters
  • get you a man who can do both
  • he’s really sad because he doesnt get to pet dogs as often as he’d like
  • he gets really excited and then acid goes on and he could hurt them
  • :(
  • wants to make the world a great and green place :’)
  • wanted his superhero name to be MingHOW but we cant all have what we want


  • this man is a superhuman tracker
  • also known as “pathfinding”
  • basically he knows where everything and anything is at all times, like he focuses on one target and he knows EXACTLY where they are and how to get there quickly
  • fuckin lit bc he finds restaurants and bathrooms the fastest
  • just bc he a pathfinder doesn’t mean he can fly
  • but with the help of joshua, he basically can fly (free plane tickets?)
  • scolded by S.Coups for “utilizing his powers foolishly” aka finding the best strip club
  • in combat, he chills on rooftops with spiper Vernon and BooeunBoi and senses if villainous backup is arriving
  • like, it’s really useful
  • he’s saved all their asses so many times it’s not even funny anymore
  • when he aint sleeping in the HQ, he’s out and about walking the streets, the forest, just going wherever he wants 
  • he’s never lost
  • like ever
  • engages in pranking the other boys by saying “omg, i don’t know how to get back” and he starts all his acting and is crying and stuff
  • SIKE it all good
  • they always fall for it lmao


  • ok, this sounds weird but just hang with me
  • his power is spiritual mediumship (the ability to see and talk to the dead)
  • don’t think it’s useful? tsk tsk!
  • after victorious duels, he walks around the fighting area looking for the dead villains
  • once he spots them, he calls them over to talk, and he gets all the information the boys need: HQ location, missions, and stats
  • incredibly useful like. your boy lee chan just got u the golden ticket!
  • it’s really sad too
  • bc he’s so sweet he always befriends ghosts and spirits and learns about their horrible human/living life and afterlives 
  • joshua always finds him crying in his bed at night, and sometimes he wishes that Chan’s power was different and less emotionally destructive
  • but with listening to their stories, he learns to appreciate what he has in life and how to make it the best he can
  • and he has friends for life/lives
  • gets raunchy sex tips from an obnoxious conquistador he met a few days ago, his ears always go red lmao
  • “bro….,,,.,., i’m 17….”
  • lowkey connections to hell, but its classified

Arrow S4 Appreciation Meme: ~Part 6~
Favorite Scene: Team Arrow (4x02)

You know who would make sense as Halo 5′s central antagonist?

Mendicant Bias.

He’s already been fucking up really badly in the modern Halo universe, having been the cause of the Human-Covenant war by revealing humanity as the true inheritors of the Forerunner empire, as well as sending John to Requiem to awaken the Ur-Didact (not knowing that he was still afflicted by the Gravemind’s malediction).

Mendicant’s purpose of atonement and helping to defeat the Flood when they return because of his intimate knowledge of them and the Precursors would be a more than convincing reason for him to start activating Guardians to try and enforce peace on the galaxy so as to the various species into proper shape to actually fight the Flood.

Because a Flood invasion on the scale of what the Forerunners faced - what we’re coming around to - is something the galaxy in its current state is simply not prepared for.

The balance of necessity vs the way in which we disagree with what he’s doing, combined with this overall theme of having to reject the ‘destiny’ planned for humans and the other species of the galaxy would fit perfectly.

You know another character who would make sense as Halo 5′s central antagonist?

Offensive Bias.

This works for the same reasons as Mendicant, and the ruthlessness of the method of awakening the Guardians would make sense because Offensive was made to be a lot more coldly logical - less personable - than Mendicant was.

I mean, just look at this from Halo 3′s Terminals:

The first ship from my fleet to be boarded breaks formation and races into the oncoming vessels - striking one amidships. The cargo vessel’s hull splits open and out of it explodes not the expected consumer goods but 31,860 dying warriors.

Of my ships that had been captured, 11.3 percent of them are close enough to Mendicant’s core fleet that they can be used offensively - either by initiating their self-destruct sequences, or by opening unrestricted ruptures into [slipstream space].

It is best that our crews perished now; because the battle that is about to ensue would have driven them mad.

I throw away all the rules of acceptable conduct during battle; near the ruptures I throw away all the accepted ideas of how the natural world is supposed to behave. I toss around [37,654 tonne] dreadnoughts like they were fighters; dimly aware of the former crews being crushed to liquescence.

You know who else would make sense as Halo 5′s central antagonist? 


I’ve talked about this a squillion times, but to sum up again: the Ur-Didact resorting to trapping John and Blue Team in a Cryptum makes perfect sense.

He now recognises them as opponents on-par with the likes of Forthencho, who he once considered his greatest adversary, so he would honour them with something as deeply woven into tradition as a Cryptum because he knows that conventional force has simply not worked against them. As a master of strategy, he would see the value in luring humanity’s greatest hero and saviour away from his species and have him made out to be a rogue element by manipulating him through the Domain with visions of Cortana.

I like to imagine the scene at the end of The Breaking where the Wardens are banished by Cortana as they’ve got Blue Team cornered and light shoots out of the console. As John is expecting to see Cortana again and we expect to see this emotional reunion, the Ur-Didact bursts out of a field of hardlight and immediately wraps Blue Team in that constraint field. The cliffhanger of the game is that Osiris fails to rescue Blue Team and the Ur-Didact escapes with them to hide them away from the rest of the galaxy’s reach.

Before Halo 5 came out, there was the launch trailer which implied that Osiris’ hunt for Blue Team would last more than one game - it referred to Halo 5 as “the beginning of the greatest hunt in gaming history”. Except it wasn’t, the hunt lasted for about two acts of the game and that was it. Halo 6 would follow that story up by having Osiris looking for Blue Team’s Cryptum to release them so they can help deal with the problems the galaxy is facing.

You know a character who simply makes zero sense as Halo 5′s antagonist?