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HC that every summer when the school is empty, the staff all take out their brooms and have a ferocious game of Professor Quidditch. And every year, without fail, Snape completely and unexpectedly dominates.

That’s because he can actually fly without a broom, which makes him the best Seeker for the job (he pretends to fly on a broom, but uses his flying spell to actually fly because he’s pants at flying on brooms). He is aware of the cruel irony of this fact, especially since Minerva is the Seeker for the opposing team.

“Professor Snape was staring along the staff table at Professor Lupin. It was common knowledge that Snape wanted the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, but even Harry, who hated Snape, was startled at the expression twisting his thin, shallow face. It was beyond loathing.” – PoA, page 93.

Guys, it’s really hard not to draw every chapter with these two in it– comedy gold, every time. 

Snape fans get so much shit

Why can’t Snape fans be allowed to like Snape? Why must we always be criticized for liking a fictional character? We know he did shitty things. We know he bullied children. We know he was an all around horrible human being. We know he changed sides because of Lily. We know everything he did whether it be good or bad. We don’t care. Can everyone get over the fact that some people like complicated characters?

Preference #29

Cute Disney Couple moment (Next Gen: Team A):
(I have no idea what this request means exactly, so I just went with this.I know there’s two Tangled gifs, shh that movie is a masterpiece. Now for the boring admin: because of the large amount of Next Gen characters I’ve divided them into teams. Team A (this group) is the most requested Next Gen characters. If you want me to use another group, or certain characters and not others, tell me. -Kerrie)

James Sirius:

Whether you mean to or not, you always seem to get pulled into James’ latest trouble making scheme. This means you spend a lot of time hiding from angry teachers/prefects/peers/anybody really. Still, there are worst thing then being in an enclosed space for an extended period of time with your boyfriend…

Albus Severus:

Albus is always the perfect gentlemen, sweet, nice and caring. You couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend. Even if you could, you’d still rather have Albus.

Molly II:

Molly’s pretty much a giant ball of energy. Not that you don’t love that, you do! But some of your favourite moments are when you can both just relax and chill together.


Louis’ attractive. He knows it, you know it, the whole castle knows it. That doesn’t mean he likes it. He’s never really sure if anyone likes him for him, or just his Veela blood and pretty face, anyone but you. He’s sure of you. You make a big show of listening to him, and paying attention to him. He know it’s sincere, despite the slight joking and loves you for it.


Teddy’s quite fond of affectionate touches, and enjoys some subtle PDA. Holding hands while walking around Hogwarts is not uncommon for the two of you.


Scorpius was usually a calm, collected individual. Seeing how you could fluster him so easily made it very clear how he felt about you. 

Okay, legitimately here, I need to ask: why does the hp fandom condemn Snape for his entire life for using ‘mudblood’ once at 15 while being bullied/assaulted, despite soon after dedicating his life to destroying pureblood supremacy and in-text condemning the use of the word, and then carry on and excuse Draco Malfoy’s rampant use of it (16 times, including twice over the age of 15, when he’s: mildly embarrassed, resentful, jealous, or just wanting to hurt Hermione/Harry/innocent children) because of outside pressure, despite him never, in the books, showing any remorse or regret for his bigoted beliefs/language? Seriously, why the double standard here? 

headcanon that when severus hung out with lily, occasionally, lily was with her gryffindor friends. they would leave the two of them alone at first but after some time they would just stay and hang out with them because if severus was friends with lily then he had to be a decent guy, and they would all kinda get along. so after severus calls lily a mudblood, he doesn’t just have to deal with lily hating him, the whole gryffindor crew is after him. he walks to class the next day and bahm marlene appears out of nowhere and just straight-up punches him in the face. mary glowers at him every time she passes him by. alice refuses to share her herbology notes with him like she always used to. dorcas trips him as he tries to get to transfiguration class and mcgonagall gives her detention but she does it again the next day. because they trusted him to be different, and he turned out to be even worse than the others. at least the others didn’t try to hide behind a nice-guy mask. because lily was his friend and he insulted her in the lowest way possible. because you don’t fuck with one of them without fucking with the whole team.