team severus

Still better names than Albus Severus
  • <p> <b>Walter Dudley Potter:</b> you were named after two annoying relatives of mine but at least this name saved my ass once<p/><b>Roonil Wazlib Potter:</b> you were named after a fake nickname of mine and also one of the funniest things I have ever said so at least we can save some money for your potions book<p/><b>Nimbus Firebolt Potter:</b> you were named after my first brooms ever and also because those names sound cool asf I mean your mother loved it<p/><b>Minerva McGonagall Potter:</b> you were named aftet the most badass witch in this whole freaking world so don't even complain its a female name BE PROUD<p/><b>No Need to Call Me Sir, Professor Potter:</b> you were named after the most sassy thing I have ever said, your mom aproves it and I think that's beautiful<p/></p>
  • Albus: Hey, Delphi, are you sure this is going to work?
  • Delphi: AHAHA! ...I have no idea


severus snape headcanons

- when his wisdom teeth became a problem, he invented a potion to disolve the teeth because no healer was going to touch the inside of his mouth

- 99% of his inventions were meant to fix inconveniences

- he actually patented his work and left a will giving instructions as to who would inherit his patents

- he had his own private room installed after he became head of house. it has a kitchen, jacuzzi, bathroom, the coziest sitting area and a fire place. pretty much no one can access it and most don’t even know it exists

- dumbledore and him loved playing chess against  each other but got so awfully competitive that they both agreed it’s better they have matches once a month

- he didn’t care about quidditch as a teenager but when he became head of house, he had to pay attention. turned out that he liked the sport when the matches were short and his team was winning

“Professor Snape was staring along the staff table at Professor Lupin. It was common knowledge that Snape wanted the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, but even Harry, who hated Snape, was startled at the expression twisting his thin, shallow face. It was beyond loathing.” – PoA, page 93.

Guys, it’s really hard not to draw every chapter with these two in it– comedy gold, every time.