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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™


T’Challa - The Tourist

“If I were to do this - If I even could do it, I’d need a guarantee. How do I know you can deliver?”

“You don’t. But I can.

Assemble your team, Mr Rogers, and choose your people wisely.”

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Do not taunt the god of storms and oceans, a chosen child of Arceus created to craft the world in its maker’s image, with power cosmic and immaterial capable of wiping everything from the face of the world in Biblical proportions

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For you look tasty and probably go very well with a cup of Komala Coffee, some Poke Puffs, and a Rainbow Pokeblock for fresh breath

Just ask Archie

So I’m making another P4DAN gifset and I’m just laughing so hard at Yosuke’s face :

He’s like “Hey babe, wanna dance with me all night?”

And beside him Yu’s all

“I’ve got your back bro!”

Also they seem to be having a moment here

Better leave them be…

Friendly reminder that BOTH sides in “Civil War” – both Team Iron Man and Team Cap – are utterly and completely WRONG. There’s no “right side” in this fight. They are both misled.

The lesson they both – they ALL – learn is a sobering and illuminating one: that might doesn’t make right, that real friends find ways to compromise and meet in the middle no matter what their divisive beliefs are; that war is not the answer.

There is so much I want to say about this room, but Guzma’s bed catches my attention because three people can fit on that bed. Poly Guzma was my first thought (it still is, I see no reason to discard it), but then I remembered his Golisopod and that thing’s like 6′07″. And Guzma’s already fucking tall to begin with (he’s bigger than Kukui and that REALLY says a lot).

So I’m pretty sure Guzma shares his bed with Golisopod.

I still want to know the story behind the paint, but then I recall the Wii Us in the rooms and wonder if these guys got this BRILLIANT idea to be like the inklings from Splatoon.

I can see it now…


I can certainly see the appeal of Plumeria watching over these dorks.

Ohhhhh you are sorely mistaken if you think I’m here for you, dude.

(I kinda am, because NO ONE MAKES HAU SAD, but there’s a phrase I want to avoid saying)



Won’t Say I’m in Love- Charmer feat. The Muses The Shibs

Who’d ya think you’re kidding? Honey, we can see right through you!

Disheartening Fandom

So, it’s been a few hours and I’m still reeling and ultimately offended about the new “Lizzie-is-psycho-because-of-Carol” arguments/accusations.

Let’s throw away all the shipping and who loves who and our personal opinions about a character for a second. I’m seriously offended that people are arguing/supporting their hate for Carol with such nonsense.

As a Walking Dead fan and human being, there is no way in hell that I or anyone could possibly blame Carol for Lizzie Samuels issues. Blaming Carol is essentially saying that the approximate 12-13 years of life she has lived being raised by her father Ryan (with or without a mother) can be erased by Carol’s presence since the Woodburians moved into the Prison. And don’t forget that Lizzie and Mika were only in Carol’s actual surrogate care after Ryan Samuels death for a maximum of 2 days.

I would love to have adult conversations about this but I doubt that is possible because this accusation alone is…..I don’t even know what to call it. I’m sorry but the fact that people are thinking in this manner has left me speechless. This is a TV show with fictional characters. It is not that deep. However, if this is how some of you think then I feel bad for this fandom and humanity. I’m seriously bothered. I could never think that of a fictional character I love/hate or a person in reality.

You definitely can disagree if you want but seriously think about it. As human beings, we have the ability to pick up things quickly but do our core traits/personalities change in a matter of days?