team self made

Left: pre-t, age 19, 122 lbs
Right: 1yr 9mos on T, 10 days post op, age 24, 155 lbs

Who knew this is what I would or COULD grow into? Who knew I would be here in 2017 at all? Healthy and pretty fucking happy. I sure as hell didn’t.


Tracon XI, day two - Spark
Thank you, fellow con-goers, for your kind words and being as excited as I was. Such an overwhelming amount of attention and positive feedback for my first completely self-made proper cosplay ever <3

(p.s. starring @oinanibakamite as Jolteon and @aurooranova as Blanche (and her Vaporeon as her Vaporeon)
 please let me know if you recognise yourself :D )

(p.p.s @memysonmyhusband I promised light-up shoes didn’t I?)