team science shark


My wife is a huge fan of Alex Ahad`s fantastic character designs with Stanley Whitefin being her favorite. So I decided to do an unofficial animation for her of Stanley firing “something akin to Iron Man’s Proton Cannon” as indicated on Labzero’s character concept page. In keeping with the science shark motif, I designed this particular cannon to be powered by vicious genetically engineered electric eels. This is my first post on Tumblr so I hope someone finds my animation amusing.

Just sayin

I think Brain Drain would make an interesting villain for Skullgirls 2, even if I really like him.

and the Trinity Sisters, Venus and Aeon, for Skullgirls 3. Both of them working behind the scenes until the time is right..

Just  Sayin… Don’t spoil it just to satisfy an urge. Sure the team could work around it, but why put them through the extra effort. 

Do it for the story