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How to fix AoU in Civil War:

  • Clintasha happens.
  • Clintasha is a thing.
  • The nightmare of “Brutasha” was a cover for Clintasha so they won’t be compromised again.
  • Natasha scoffs at the idea of love again and returns to calculating assassin rather than starry-eyed teenager with a crush.
  • Natasha Romanoff’s character is done correctly as an independent strong willed fighter.
  • Clint’s family are actors.
  • Clint Barton agreeing that being a SHIELD agent is part of him.
  • Clint getting a proper backstory and character development.
  • Strike Team Delta reforms.
  • Clintasha sails into the sunset.
  • Tony Stark isn’t reduced to the arrogant jerk he was in Iron Man I with a flat character.
  • More Pepper.
  • Tony and Cap actually talking like friends / teammates rather than arguing again like the first Avengers movies.
  • Arrow necklace, guys.
  • Thor isn’t a crazy rambling God in a pool of water. (I know he’s not in this one but just roll with it)
  • Thor and Jane’s relationship are no longer side-tracked and ignored.
  • Wanda Maximoff getting more backstory and not whitewashed.
  • Bruce finds Betty Ross somewhere, somehow, to reconcile with his previous MCU movies (The incredible hulk) – Also not in this one.
  • Science Bros get more action.

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All Part 1 (of ?) of my @buzzfeed tumblr answertime doodles with Captain America Civil War :)

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anonymous asked:

Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? I told my friend you couldn't be Team Cap cause of science bros, but I need to know for sure.

I need to wait to see what the “other guy” is feeling.


“Look I’m not being bias by picking Team Iron Man. Yeah, science bro’s all the way but beside’s that Tony is a smart clear guy..great hair..I’ve borrowed his clothes many times and they ALWAYS smell good. Steve has great qualities too! His..being patriotic is cool, it’s nice..very loyal..his pants never make his ass look,Steve has a great ass. That Dorito ratio thing he’s got going on is fantastic, Dorito’s are delicious..all kinds..except for one time in Brazil the spice on one of their’s was too much for my body. ANYWAYS. Love them both but I’ll raise my glass to Tony boy.”