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The Game Shakers track down Nathan Kress to ask him life’s most important question: #TeamCreddie or #TeamSeddie 


Kate McKinnon A to Z → Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider

“… Kate McKinnon’s knack for getting a laugh no matter what she’s doing. When making her characters, Schneider said McKinnon likes to make sure her depictions are kind and multi-faceted—and when it came to Clinton, Kelly said, ‘We wanted to show her sweetness… that balance of, she’s making good points, but she’s making them so hard sometimes.’

At this point, basically all of McKinnon’s sketches are character sketches and impressions—which makes sense, given that all of her most memorable work falls into those two categories. The writers added that even when they don’t think their work is up to snuff, McKinnon brings it.

‘She just goes out there, and you can give her three jokes that you’re just like, ‘I don’t know if these are good enough,’’ Kelly said, “and she just… she always gets the laugh, and makes it look better than it is.” - x


This video is in memory of the amazingly talented and loving Christina Grimmie. I’m honored to have known and worked with her. This video took a little longer because I wanted to make something special. I hope you enjoy this mashup of some of my favorite of her original songs as well as 2 covers that will always remind me of her.

Songs In This Medley:
1. I Bet You Don’t Curse God
2. Find Me
3. Liar Liar
4. Just A Dream
5. Stay With Me
6. Advice
7. With Love
8. Wrecking Ball

- Kurt Hugo Schneider & Sam Tsui’s “Christina Grimmie medley”


The oddest and most unconventional contender - probably for any aerial competition - was the Piaggio-Pegna PC.7.  The floatplane (or should we call it a ‘foilplane’?) was built for the 1929 Schneider Trophy contest. A cantilever high-wing monoplane with long slender fuselage, it had twin hydrofoils instead of floats and was intended to float with the wing resting on the surface of the water.

The PC.7, designed by Giovanni Pegna, was intended to float deep in the water, with the wings resting on the surface. The engine (723kW Isotta Fraschini Special V.6) had an extra shaft and clutch controlling a water-screw at the back. The plan was for the aircraft to first operate using the water-screw and a lower rudder - like a boat. As it gained speed, the hydrofoils would generate lift and raise the aircraft, clearing the main engine/propeller above the water. The pilot would then switch to conventional controls, and the main engine clutch would be engaged… 

Without the aerodynamic drag induced by floats or the weight they added to an aircraft, Pegna projected that the P.7 would reach high speeds. Sources differ on the speeds he predicted, claiming both 580 km/h (360 mph) and 700 km/h (434.7 mph).

The PC.7 never flew. Although theoretically possible, the control/clutch configuration would have required a pilot with more than two arms. In practice, problems with the respective clutches prevented the P.c.7 from ever taking off, and although water trials were conducted on Lake Garda by Dal Molin of the Italian Schneider team, the construction of a second aircraft was abandoned.

anonymous asked:

so I haven't been keeping up with FH content these past few months, so like, who is Dan? And Bones? p much, who is anyone new not in the main FH group (that is in content)?

ive been waiting for this question for my whole life. funheist, number one spot for b-team/bungalow content.

dan schneider (@filmDstryr, not the nickelodeon guy) is the dm for twits and crits. he shows up in streams sometimes (he was in extra life!) and that one comments show when someone thought he was an ex-army man. dont be fooled by the screaming. he is very nice.

adam “bones” brouillard (@real_rtbones, actual skeleton) was that guy that they bullied into throwing away his beanie in the comments show. he also got makeup put on him by a blindfolded lawrence during extra life. can also be seen in drunk wario ware and talking stalkings.

don casanova (@thenasacova, real life mobster) is an editor who replaces lawrence in open haus. he worked with elyse for a while back at gametrailers and he’s hilarious despite never really being on camera. bullied someone for saying the editing was bad. killed trump very expensively.

jacob fullerton (@_JacobFullerton, professional baby boy) for some reason tells stories for every answer in open haus. doesnt know how to use a mortar and pestle. he’s a naked sometimes.

jon smith (@jonsmiff, yes thats his real name) hasnt really been in much but i trust him. had a really funny reel to get hired. mustache.

omar de armas (@omarcito, cuban refugee) isnt really new but he is also there. dan’s dog olive and his dog bender are friends. the omar tracker is gone but never forgotten. clustertruck expert.

In today’s #SundayStories I talk about what gets me through one of the craziest weeks of the year, Fashion Week!

Surviving Fashion Week is like running a marathon. It’s long, it’s exhausting and sometimes you can’t see the finish line - but you’re doing it with a load of other people who are just as excited about the race as you are. One person I always have join me over fashion week is Veronica Chu, my makeup artist. She’s been doing my makeup for years and always makes me laugh, which is exactly what you need when you’re barely functioning on 5 hours sleep a night. In the picture above you can see her running after me like a maniac outside of DVF’s show a few seasons ago. Don’t ask me why this photo happened, I have no idea. (Coincidentally today is again DVF’s Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show where I’ll be reporting live backstage in just a few hours with Max Factor and Pat McGrath, so stay tuned!) In the weeks and days leading up to fashion week I also have my support team of agents like Micki at Wilhelmina Models and Lauren, Kylee and Emily my publicists who make sure my invitations from designers are confirmed and that the clothing I ask to wear makes it to me in time. My schedule is pretty crazy, but they do this for multiple clients which I cannot even imagine how they pull off. The final piece to the puzzle is my husband James who is the glue who keeps the entire team together and on schedule. He oversees it all: cars, shows, social media, food (Can’t forget food!). If I need to have a change of clothes for the next show he’s the one holding a massive Longchamp bag. He has a long running hashtag on his Instagram called #LifeInTheSecondRow, which is pretty hilarious if you check it out. It definitely takes a village to get a girl like me (especially 7 months pregnant) around fashion week and I’m so thankful to my #TeamCoco for all their support this season and every season. 💋💋💋

Team USA Preliminary Roster - 2016 World Cup of Hockey


Justin Abdelkader (DET)
Patrick Kane (CHI)
Ryan Kesler (ANA)
T.J. Oshie (WSH)
Max Pacioretty (MTL)
Zach Parise (MIN)
Joe Pavelski (SJS)
Derek Stepan (NYR)
Blake Wheeler (WPG)


Dustin Byfuglien (WPG)
John Carlson (WSH)
Ryan McDonagh (NYR)
Ryan Suter (MIN)


Ben Bishop (TBL)
Jonathan Quick (LAK)
Cory Schneider (NJD)