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My ideal coming out scene for Steve

Avengers are flying out on a mission, steve and Bucky are jumping out first to scout the area bc they are Sneaky Super Soldiers. They approach the jump zone and steve says something like “stay safe Buck, I’ve got your back” or some corny shit.

Bucky turns from the open door and uses his metal hand to pull steve into a gentle but insistent kiss before running to dive out of the plane. All without changing his expression from winter-soldier determined because he is a fucking bad ass.

Now we have the endless possibilities of team reactions. I give you Thor, looking joyfully clueless as always; happy for his friends and their Warrior Embrace without any idea something significant just happened. Natasha, with a knowing, I-knew-it smirk. Sam nodding to himself like alright, that’s cool, shoulda seen that coming. Clint and Wanda with equally shocked I thought we were the only ones with secret relationships faces. Vision and Banner looking perplexed and impressed respectively with the unpredictability of humans. T'Challa not giving a shit because he already knew - hello he was there for Bucky being re-frozen and asking for steve every time he was thawed.

A dumbfounded Tony just sputters, standing up before steve can follow.

“B-but I thought you had that long-lost love affair with Peggy!”

Steve’s face softens. “She’ll always be my girl.”

Tony’s still confused. “What about that-uh Sharon chick?”

Steve shrugs indifferently. “She was cute.”

“I don’t-”

“It’s called being bisexual,” Steve interrupts with a grin. “Look it up, you can google it now.”

And that little rascal, proud as FUCK for understanding how google works now, gives his team a sassy salute before flipping out of the plane after his boyfriend.

The Hulk’s Daughter

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Peter Parker x Reader

The Hulk’s Daughter

Warnings: None?

Author: Morgan

Prompt: What about you being like a new avenger (and working in the lab wit father figure Bruce) and you “meet” the others for the first time at the party

Note: I took some creative liberties here…hope you don’t mind. I’ve been in a super Peter Parker mood lately, so, here ya go. Also, I’m not dead, and I think this will serve as the first of like seven-ish fics in what I call: The Morgan Reniassance.

Being a high school student was tough. Being a high school student and a student intern at the Avengers’ Tower? Tougher yet. And being a superhero on top of it all…you didn’t know how the hell you fit in time for homework, but somehow you managed. Luckily for you, it was spring break now, so you kind of had time to chill and catch up on everything you were falling behind on.

“Hey (Y/N), would you mind passing me the file over there?” Bruce Banner, your kind of sort of father figure asked, motioning across your station to a file detailing the new pieces of tech Tony had whipped up in his free time.

“Yep, no prob.” You slid it down to him. He pushed up his glasses and nodded appreciatively. You took a long sip from your mug of coffee. You hadn’t even liked it that much, but it was kind of a necessity in the lab.

“So…” Bruce smirked a little bit. “Tony’s throwing a party tonight.”

“I don’t know if I can go…you know, I have like three packets of Algebra homework to catch up on.”

“He’s not going to take that as an excuse and you know it.”

“Ughhhh, I know.”

“I think he wants you to finally meet Spiderman.”

“Wait.” This changed everything. “Spiderman is going to be there?”

“Little crush, huh?”

“W-what? Pfft, no.” Yes. “There is no way I have a crush on Spiderman.” Yes you did. “That’s ridiculous.” No. It really wasn’t.

“Don’t worry. He’s a nice kid.” Bruce removed a gear from the little bot in his hand with a pair of tweezers and then replaced it. “And I heard he has a little bit of a crush on Galactic Girl, if my sources are right.”

“OhmyGodreally?!” Your eyes glowed pink for the shortest second and you nearly fell off of your stool. “I mean, cool. That’s cool. I guess. Maybe I could meet him. Or something.”

“Okay, but if he breaks your heart, I’ll break him.”

“Okay Dad,” you smirked. He smiled. Dad. A title he never thought he would hold. And yet, here he was with this teenager who had latched onto him. And he couldn’t have been happier.


You walked into the party wearing a pink shirt and galaxy leggings. You had put on more makeup than usual, and you were accompanied by Tony and Bruce, one on each arm.

“And this is Wanda and Pietro and you already know Nat.” Tony introduced. “Ladies and Speedy, meet the newbie.”

“Nice to meet you,” Wanda offered her hand. Pietro smirked, Natasha smiled. You were in awe. You had heard so much about these people, and here they were, dressed in street clothes and making small talk.

“And this is Capsicle and his USO girls.” Tony motioned to Captain America himself, who was standing beside Sam and Bucky.

“Ha. Very funny.” Sam chuckled and shook his head.

“Welcome to the team, (Y/N).” Steve saluted.

“T-thank you.”

“Don’t pass out.” Bruce muttered.

“I’m trying.” You replied through an awestruck smile. And yet, the more people you were introduced to, the more it became obvious that the reason you were here…wasn’t here yet.

“Spider Boy is on his way.” Tony read a message on his phone, and not even thirty seconds later, the red-clad young super hero was clinging to the window. He peered inside for a few seconds before waving awkwardly. Unlike everyone else, he was wearing his uniform.

He climbed into the penthouse, landing on his feet right in front of Tony.

“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Stark. There was a robbery and-”

“Relax, kid. You’re fine.” He motioned to his face. “But uh-”

“Oh. Oh! Right. Sorry.” He tugged off the red mask, releasing a head of tousled brown hair and kind brown eyes. God, he was cute. Waaaaay cuter than you had expected him to be. “You uh, must be the new girl.” He thrust his hand forward. “I’m Peter Man. I mean- Spider Parker. I uh,”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You shook his hand with a grin. “Nice to meet you, Peter.”

“You break her heart, I’ll break you,” Bruce warned with a well-meaning chuckle as he and Tony removed themselves from the conversation.

“So uh, your dad is the Hulk, huh?”

“My adoptive dad, yeah.” You laughed. “He’s awesome. Took me in after I got involved with all of this alien shit. I really don’t know what I’d do without him.” You looked over to Bruce, who was standing at the bar with Tony. “And you’re Tony’s…nephew-ish thing, right?”

“You could say that, yeah.” Peter smiled and chuckled. “I’m um, going to get changed. I swear I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll hold you to that, bug boy.” You smiled. Peter ran off as Nat walked up to you.

“So, you and Parker, huh?”

“What? I just met him.”

“Remember: I know everything.” She winked.

“Right. Of course. How could I forget?”

“Don’t smart mouth me, young lady.” She gave you a playful shove.

“Yes, ma’am.” You playfully shoved her back as Peter walked back into the room, this time wearing a Bill Nye t-shirt with a flannel and some jeans. Somehow, he was even cuter this way. “Here comes your boyfriend.” She walked away before you could retort.

“Much better.” He grinned. You nodded. There was a patch of silence, and then Tony turned on some very loud, very danceable music. Bruce met your eyes and then tilted his head towards the slowly-assembling makeshift dance floor. Peter seemed to get the hint. “Do uh, do you want to dance?”

“S-sure!” You replied. He held out his hand. You stared at it for a second before slipping yours into it.


“So, looks like Parker’s gonna be your son-in-law, huh Brucie?” Nat smirked as she watched you and Peter dance like the dorks you were. It was cute.

“Yeah. He’s a good kid. I’m glad things worked out.”

“Me too. But if he breaks her heart, I’ll break him in half.” Nat smirked.

“You’ll have to get in line.”


rayblk: Jumped on a @zayn ft @PARTYNEXTDOOR ‘Still Got Time’ remix with @teamsalut dropping this Friday 💥

Little Mix’s Salute is being used in a promo for team USA Olympics! This features some of the best female athletes in the world like Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Missy Franklin, Allyson Felix, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Kerri Walsh Jennings, and the USWNT Soccer Team!

Title: Thanks for Being Here

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: It’s short and sweet. I believe one of the requests was for a previous game, but I didn’t get to it in a timely manner and I wanted to make sure I got this one out before too much time had passed. I also posted a Jordie Benn imagine tonight. Max Domi is up tomorrow, and it might be my favorite imagine yet…

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

Your eyes instinctively fell closed, your heart sinking into your stomach. Taking a deep breath, you opened your eyes, skimming the sea of disappointed fans all around you; finally settling on Auston. Standing by the bench, his hands were resting on the top of his stick, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth as the Capitals celebrated at the other end of the ice.

You had managed to make it to all of his home games during the playoffs; carefully planning your schedule and reworking your obligations back home, making the 5-hour drive from Michigan each game. The two of you had met when he was playing with the National Development Team and both of you worked hard to maintain your relationship over the past few years, despite the distance. For all the doubt there had been surrounding the Leafs at the beginning of the season, you couldn’t be happier for Auston and how far the Leafs had come, but it was still disappointing to see the boys lose.

You heard Ema sigh as her arm wrapped around your shoulders, giving you a squeeze; the two of you sporting matching frowns. Your eyes followed Auston as he made his way through the handshake line, then to center ice as the team saluted the crowd, his shoulders slumped. You and Auston’s family headed to the lower level of the arena to wait for him. Your phone buzzed moments later, slipping it out of your pocket you saw a text from Auston.

Keep reading

Welp, they did manage to throw up a sales page.

It’s completely insecure though. (No https)

Check out is done through PayPal. (So at least it’s not typing your card in their site raw.)

But… They can’t even bother to spell their own company name right??

And, apparently, no translated graphics/menus?

You have to look at their (really crappy) pdf guide??

SUMMARY: This is still shady as fuck and their quality is lower than fan done translation projects. I ain’t wasting my money on the hope that I get a download link that isn’t a virus.

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23 for Royai please!! :)

So there isn’t really much cuddling, but this was all that came to mind for the prompt. Thanks for the request. =)



He never wanted to leave her. Never wanted to go anywhere without her. But the Fuhrer assigned, sensitive, undercover mission in Drachma had called him away from her side and they had been forced to part for almost a year. When he arrived home, Riza Hawkeye, the person he thought about the most while he was gone, was the first person he wanted to see.

General Roy Mustang stepped into his office and took a deep breath. It felt good to be back, but he was dismayed to find that none of the people he wanted to see were where he expected. He wanted to talk to them before joining Fuhrer Grumman to give his report. Sighing, he left his office. If he waited any longer he would be late for his meeting with the fuhrer.

Roy entered the Fuhrer’s office and was immediately accosted by the members of his team cheering and saluting, happy to see their general was home.

Ah, so that’s where they were.

Once his surprise mellowed out, Mustang smiled and returned their salutes, relishing how good it felt to be around them again. He hadn’t realized how much he really missed them. He made eye contact with Riza and his heartbeat quickened at the sight of the tiny smile on her face, one reserved only for him. God how he wanted to run over to her and sweep her into his arms. Instead he simply returned her smile and focused on the rest of his team before he did something stupid. Before long, however, his team was ushered out of the room so he could give Grumman his report. He stood near the door as they filed out and waved before shutting the door behind them. They’d have more time to catch up later.


“How was the meeting with the fuhrer, sir?”

Mustang looked to Hawkeye as she spoke. It was after hours and the rest of the team had already left for the day, having spent most of it talking and goofing off instead of working. As a result, Mustang opted to stay late despite it being his first day back. He didn’t want to have to deal with even more paperwork later in the week.

“It went as well as could be expected. The mission did go over time by a couple of months due to misinformation. I had a time explaining that, but he didn’t seem to care too much.”

Roy left out the part about Grumman telling him to marry his granddaughter if he wanted to make up for the mistake during his assignment.

Riza nodded and went back to work.

“I’m almost finished, Captain. I can drive you home after this if you’d like.”

Riza looked up again and nodded.

“Thank you sir, I’d appreciate that.”

The two finished up for the evening, grabbed their coats, and headed out into the chilly autumn evening. The drive to Riza’s apartment was fairly quick with no traffic so late at night and when he stopped at the curb, Roy offered to walk Riza up to her apartment. She bit her lip in thought for a moment, as if trying to decide if that was a good idea or not, before finally accepting.

They approached her door and Riza fished her keys out of her bag, unlocking the door and stepping into her apartment. She turned to bid Roy good night, but the look on his face made her pause and change her mind. She invited him in for tea instead.

As soon as they were alone, all pretenses vanished.

The door closed behind them and Roy’s arms were immediately around Riza. He clutched her desperately to his chest, like he hadn’t seen her in years, like she would somehow vanish if he let go.

“I never want to leave you again,” he muttered into her hair.

“I missed you,” she responded, voice muffled by the shoulder of his uniform jacket.

Being in each other’s arms again was comforting, and warm, and everything they needed. It had been too long and neither wanted to let go. The idea of having tea was completely forgotten as they shed their military jackets and boots and resumed resting in each other’s arms on the small love seat in the living room. Black Hatate didn’t even get a chance to greet Roy as they were too caught up in each other. Eventually, the pup curled at Roy’s feet on the floor and fell asleep.

“I wish I could have gone with you,” Riza sighed, playing with the buttons on Roy’s shirt. Roy hummed in agreement as he ran his hands through her short hair. “I was worried about you all the time.”

“The Fuhrer was right not to let you go, though. He needed you here. You’re far more capable a bodyguard than any of those idiots he has following him around all the time. What if they men we were hunting in Drachma got past us and ended up here instead? I trust you more anyone else, and Grumman does too.”

Riza sighed again and leaned into him as he held her tighter.

“I know… It was a good plan, I just…”

“Don’t like being separated.”


“Me neither. These past months were…”

Difficult? Lonely? Stressful? It had been all of those things, being apart from her. He had gotten too used to her being there when he had nightmares. Too used to being able to call her when he needed to hear her voice. They had been apart this time for longer than even when Bradley had separated them. It would have been tolerable, but when Bradley took her away he at least still caught glimpses of her in the mess, in the halls, could call her with some lame excuse just to talk to her. In Drachma, he was not allowed to contact anyone in Amestris outside of the Fuhrer’s office and he was so far away from her. He had felt so alone, so disconnected from his team, from what had become the norm for him, that he nearly gave up the mission at one point when things weren’t going well and he had no one to confide in.

“At least you’re home now, and next time I’m going with you. I can’t trust you with your own safety.”

Roy could hear the light teasing tone in her voice and he chuckled.

“Hey,” he muttered, nudging her in the shoulder. Riza laughed, a quiet sound that made his heart flutter. It was the most beautiful thing he’d heard in so long. “I missed you too. So much…so much…”

He pressed a soft kiss to her head and felt himself nodding off as the events of the past months suddenly caught up with him. He was relaxed for the first time since he’d left and sleep took him despite his want to stay up the entire night with the woman he loved. Riza smiled at her adorable, exhausted general and kissed his jaw, standing to cover him with a blanket. She returned to her place beside him, falling asleep tucked under his arm.
Zayn Throws A Crazy House Party In The 'Still Got Time' Video
Zayn goes nuts with the blunts, booze and boobs in the Calmatic-directed clip for 'Still Got Time,' featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR. By Emilee Lindner

Zayn Malik seemed to have missed 4/20 by one day, but if you’re anything like the former One Direction member, time is just a construct and 4/20 is always. In the singer’s latest music video, he puffs away onscreen with abandon while chaos spreads out around him.

The music video for “Still Got Time,” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, was released early Friday morning, and in the clip, Zayn is seen throwing a massive house party at his place in London. There’s smoke, shots, free love, grillz, tattoos, undercuts, graffiti and stripping. When everyone leaves the next day, Zayn wakes to a monkey on his shoulder and an alligator in his backyard, like a scene out of The Hangover. It’s all shot in a hazy Instagram filter, which gives the video a nostalgic ’90s feel and blurs the memories, just as you might feel the morning after.

“I was asleep in L.A. when I got a call from Luti Media and Zayn’s management at 7 a.m.,” said video director, Calmatic — who’s worked with Kendrick Lamar and Anderson .Paak — in a statement. They told me to hop on the next flight to London. It was my first time in London so I didn’t know what to expect. When I got there we met at his crib and he said he wanted to throw the wildest house party imaginable. So, we invited everyone we knew and let the cameras roll.”

“The rest,” the director added, “is history.”

With the release of the “Still Got Time” video, Zayn also dropped five remixes of the party song. Some of the reworks were done by Team Salut, Devi, Rindata, Ray BLK and House Party.

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Hello, can I ask for Royai + 26 please? :)

This ended up being much longer than a ten sentence drabble. Whoops.

And yeah, this kind of thing has been done before, sorry I’m not being original here, but I’m a sucker for this trope and jealous Roy, okay? Also, there’s a World of Warcraft reference in this fic. I like throwing in easter eggs for WoW for some reason.

Jealousy (Thy Name is Roy Mustang)

The Slaughtered Lamb was a seedy joint nestled in the back alleys of First Street in one of Central City’s more unsavory districts. On the surface, the tavern appeared to be nothing more than a scummy bar with shady patrons and blunt staff, but it was reported to be a front for illegal human trafficking networks focusing on prostitution. Mustang’s team was put in charge of the investigation into the matter.

After much deliberation on how they would go about infiltrating the place, Hawkeye eventually suggested that she go in as bait. The rest of the team would be in the area to watch her back, and she could certainly handle things on her own, but Roy still hated the idea and voiced his concerns. It turned into an argument and the rest of the team knew to keep quiet when Mustang and Hawkeye butted heads, so they remained silent and stationary in front of the colonel’s desk.

“That plan is too dangerous, Lieutenant, I won’t allow it.”

Riza sighed and glared at the colonel.

“And what other options do we have? They’ll certainly be suspicious if a group of men they’ve never seen before just waltz in like they’re regulars.”

“That’s still a better option than letting you go in there alone. Safety in numbers.”

“You and Havoc can keep watch inside the bar while I attempt to draw their attention. What about that?”

That gave Roy pause and he leaned forward in his chair, running a hand through his hair and sighing in frustration. She had a point. She was always right and he didn’t know why he ever tried to argue with her. He rarely came out the victor in any of their spats. He grit his teeth and frowned as he struggled to think of a better solution before finally taking a deep breath, letting it out in a low growl.

“Fine. We’ll go with your plan. Havoc, you’ll accompany me inside the bar and help keep an eye out for suspicious activity and make sure the lieutenant isn’t harmed. Fuery, you’ll be stationed in a hotel room across the street to relay the situation back to Falman who will be here in the office. Breda, you’ll be hidden in the alleyway to back us up. The usual. You’re all dismissed. See you tomorrow night.”

The team saluted and filed out of the office, but Riza hung back, knowing Roy was not finished griping to her about the mission.

She was right.

“Lieutenant,” Roy said, gesturing into his interior office. “A word?”

Riza held back a sigh as she draped her coat back over her chair and stepped into his interior office. He closed the door behind her and crossed his arms, glaring at her. She returned the gesture, mimicking his posture in preparation to defend her stance on the subject until he dropped it.


The night of the undercover operation was overcast and cool. Rain was in the forecast for the evening and that was just another thing added on to the list of reasons why Roy Mustang was in a foul mood. The main reason being his beautiful first lieutenant smiling and giggling uncharacteristically on a stool at the bar next to a greasy yet well-dressed man whose hands were wandering to places that made Roy fume. He wanted to burn the man’s hands off, but instead, he composed himself and averted his gaze, taking deep breaths so he wouldn’t do anything drastic and blow their cover.

Hawkeye was wearing a form fitting black dress that barely reached her mid-thigh and had a high collar with a scooping neckline. She was gorgeous and for someone else to be touching her while she looked like that was killing Mustang. If they didn’t get out of there soon, he was going to torch the place with his jealous gaze alone.

Havoc was sitting on the other side of the bar in a booth kiddie corner from Roy and he glanced at his superior officer warily. Even from his distance it was easy to see that the colonel was agitated. He lit a cigarette as his eyes drifted back to Lieutenant Hawkeye. He’d have to be extra alert tonight. If anything slipped by his notice, Mustang would definitely chew him out and that was something he’d much rather avoid.

Riza was uncomfortable, but did her best not to show it. Roy was an excellent actor and Riza could match him when it came to pretending to be someone she was not. She tried not to look at Roy too often throughout the night, knowing he was not happy.

Nothing suspicious had caught her eye yet so there was no reason to get Roy’s attention. As much as she wanted to go over to him and scold him for acting so childishly, she kept her focus on the man beside her, the supposed owner of the tavern and possible leader of the illegal prostitution ring. With any luck, he’d attempt to coerce her into joining his business and that would be all the proof she needed to put her gun to his head and place him under arrest.

Focusing on the weight of the gun in her thigh holster was helping to get her through the night. The man next to her was wearing too much cologne and was far too friendly and handsy for her liking. It was definitely a show and Riza matched his good natured facade with her own Elizabeth persona, flirty and loose, but ready to whip out her gun at the detection of even the slightest bit of hostility. She only hoped that Roy would also keep his emotions in check until the time was right to act.

Roy nursed his whisky on the rocks and glared at the man whose arm was wrapped far too low on his lieutenant’s waist. Every time Riza giggled and scooted closer to the man, whispering in his ear, Roy’s fingers twitched, itching to snap. He shouldn’t have agreed to this mission. It was too risky and it put Riza into the worst kind of situation. It took every ounce of control to not stomp over there, pull her from that greaseball, wrap his own arm around her waist, and punch the man in the face. But Riza would kill him for such a stunt, so he gripped his glass tighter and waited, staring at his reflection in his drink to distract himself from his anger.

The sounds of wood scraping across the floor brought his attention back to the bar where the man stood from his stool and held Riza tight against his side as he casually made his way toward the back of the bar. Roy’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. Riza would never have allowed herself to be half dragged like that. Something was wrong.

Roy made eye contact with Havoc and the second lieutenant seemed to have come to the same conclusion, because worry lined his face as well. They moved simultaneously, but the moment Havoc stood, his legs gave out and he fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Panic flared in Roy’s gut. If they had drugged Riza and Havoc’s drinks, then his was probably drugged too and that meant their cover must have been blown from the very beginning.

Mustang was suddenly grateful that the man had distracted him so much. He only had a couple of sips of his drink and felt no different then he had when they arrived two hours earlier. But that meant that Havoc and Riza were out of commission and, with no time to run out the door and contact Breda, Roy was on his own.

“That’s as far as you go, pal,” came a voice to Roy’s right and he turned to see the beefy bartender had a gun trained on him.

Roy frowned and his mind worked double time to come up with a way to get Havoc and Hawkeye out safely. Thankful for his foresight, Roy lifted his left gloved hand and snapped, singeing the bar tender’s hand and surprising the man enough that he yelped and dropped his gun. Roy dove over the bar and grabbed the gun before the bartender had time to recover.

“I’ll be taking this,” Roy said to the man before knocking him out with the butt of the gun.

With the bartender taken care of, Roy hurried to follow Riza, cautiously opening the door she and the bar owner disappeared through. He found himself at the top of a staircase and he descended quietly, gun held at his side, hand raised and ready to snap. At the bottom of the stairs was a long, dark hallway, damp and musty from lack of use, and Roy crinkled his nose when the scent of mold and decay hit him.

A light was on in a room at the very end of the hall, the door to which was slightly ajar, and Roy picked up the pace, jogging over to it and counting to three before bursting in, his gloved hand held in front of him.

Mustang froze at the sight before him, rage bubbling up inside as he took everything in.

A half unconscious Riza was still being held closely by the bar’s owner whose hand was paused midway from lifting her skirt. A shocked expression was on his face as he stared at Roy who had interrupted his inspection of the newest asset to his line of goods.

“So, the drugs didn’t affect you, hm?” The man asked, taking his hand from Riza’s skirt to place it on her shoulder. “This beautiful specimen is part of your team, I take it?” The slimy bastard smirked and ran his hand down Riza’s side, pointedly brushing the side of her breast before stopping below her waist. “She’ll make an excellent addition to my collection.”

“Get your hands off of her,” Roy growled, low and menacing.

The bar owner took an involuntary step back under Roy’s furious gaze.

They were supposed to bring the man in to be jailed, but all Roy wanted to do was burn him alive for hurting the members of his team and especially for what he was doing to his most precious of subordinates. The way the man was touching her was disgraceful, and Roy couldn’t stand it. Orders be damned. He put the familiar pressure into the motion to snap, but before he could, Riza’s voice broke the silence and he stopped, gaze focusing on her.

“Colonel, don’t.”


Roy started to argue, but Riza, even in her near oblivious state, was coherent enough to reach for her gun and shoot the man in the leg. He went down with a cry of surprise and Roy immediately sprang into action, rushing to Riza’s side to catch her before she fell. Roy pressed his gun against the bar owner’s temple and smirked in triumph.

“It’s over for you,” Roy said just as hurried footsteps approached from behind.

Roy gripped Riza’s waist a little tighter, holding her closer to him in preparation for trouble. If the bar owner had backup, Roy would protect Riza at all costs.

Thankfully, it was Breda who ran into the room, gun held high. Once he took in the situation, he holstered his gun and leapt forward to grip the bar owner’s arm, tugging him to stand up then handcuffing him.

“I’ve got this asshole, boss, you take care of Hawkeye.”


“He’s fine, sir. A little disoriented, but he didn’t drink enough of whatever drug they used to cause problems.”

“Good to hear. We’ll follow you, now get him out of here.”

Breda nodded and practically dragged the man out of the room.

Roy turned his attention to his lieutenant pressed against his side and she gave him a tired, weary smile. Things had almost gone very badly and she knew he was going to reprimand her for it. She had been careless with her drink, having taken several sips to keep up appearances in front of the creepy bar owner.

“You were too reckless, Lieutenant. I told you this was a bad idea.”

“It worked… out though,” Riza replied, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Roy sighed heavily.

“But it almost didn’t…And the way he was touching you…”

Riza cut him off with a light press of her index and middle fingers against his lips.

“But you… stopped him. You… wouldn’t have let him…do anything. I trust you.”

Roy smiled softly and squeezed her hand.

“That’s enough talking, Lieutenant. I’ll get you to the medics, so don’t push yourself. If you pass out, I’ll be here to protect you.”

Riza returned his soft smile before succumbing to the effects of the drugs in her system.

Roy slipped his hand under her knees, placing the other over her shoulder, and carried her out the door. They captured the criminal and Riza was safe, and the latter was all that really mattered.


I ended up rushing the end because I just couldn’t stop writing. Lol Sorry. It could have been so much better but eehhh I was sick of writing for this. xD Hope you enjoyed this anyway.

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Prediction: if Keith being Galra makes outsiders lose their trust in voltron and draws Lotor to him, then maybe something similar happened for the generals in their childhoods. Even if the empire treated them like shit, maybe their other people didn't treat them any better, so neither side of their parentage really gave them anything until Lotor reached his hand out. Keith has Voltron, but in another life he might've wound up the same as them. Either that or a pirate. Piracy is always an option.

Oh yeah, I definitely agree with that. We know Lotor’s the kind of person who values loyalty. So he would want his most trusted allies to really put their faith in him, even feel indebted to him. When his team salutes him, it’s with this sense of glowing pride that you never see in Zarkon’s generals. I’m sure they all genuinely believe in Lotor and his cause–which is probably also their cause, given that they’re all half-galra who must have faced similar adversity. Lotor probably changed their life around, got them going places in the world, gave them hope. We were also told Lotor was exiled, so who knows? They might even be fellow galra who were cast out by the empire. 

Also I mentioned before how it seems like the BOM is pretty accepting of half-galra (given how openly trusting Thace is of Keith–and also Antok’s tail and perpetually masked face sorta hint at him being half-galra). So I think it’s possible Keith could’ve ended up at the BOM as well, even if he never met his mom. We know that Zarkon is apparently concerned with this notion of “the galra way” and “galra blood,” while most people under his reign look down on half-galra. It’s only natural that people who are oppressed would gravitate towards the rebellion. 

And space pirates!! Ok ok so,, I know the whole space pirate thing was meant as a joke but like,, I absolutely love the idea and I 100% hope we get to see some actual space piracy