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At the end of every summer the older campers get together to play drunk battle games with foam swords, padded arrows, armour made from cardboard and kitchen pots, and have chariot races with people pulling the chariots instead of Pegasus

Save Your Bae Day

Amon: save your girlfriend

Akira: save Takizawa (from himself)

Urie: save your boyfriend (from himself)

Mutsuki: quit your shit and let your boyfriend save you

The only one who’s doing it properly is Naki.
Good job Naki.

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Rue had never really taught anyone how to swim before. He’d worked briefly one summer as a lifeguard at a pool, so maybe that experience would help here, but other than that, he decided that he would try and wing it. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to teach Jie how to swim? He would just base it off of what he’d been taught when he was really young.

They’d already arranged to meet up at the pool when it wouldn’t be used for practice or for anything else, so they didn’t have to worry about getting in the way or other people getting in theirs. He was sitting on the edge of the pool waiting with his feet in the water, already changed into his personal swimwear (and not the things he used for the swim team). Rue had arrived much earlier so that he’d be prepared for when Jie arrived. Now that he had settled he had time to decide exactly how he wanted to go about teaching someone to swim who had a fear of the water too.

A Change of Seasons, sh.7

Did you blush then, when our hands touched?


Annabeth elbowed Piper in the ribs as they tied their laces, each with a foot propped on the bench in the school changing rooms.

‘I love how Caw gets on game day,’ she muttered with a grin. ‘It’s epic.’

Piper side eyed her friend as she swapped her foot to tie the laces of her other sneaker. ‘She’s pretty intense. It’s only the first game of the season.’

Annabeth straightened up and began braiding her hair back into two french plaits. ‘Yeah, against E.S. It’s like, the most competitive game of the season.’

Piper’s stomach churned, not for the first time since she’d heard they would be playing against her old school. Despite never having set foot in East Summers High changing rooms, she was unfortunately familiar with the team captain. Clarisse La Rue was, as her surname implied, ruthless.

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I don’t usually read Tokyo Ghoul scanlations beside THS, but I took a look at MS today and let me say, I am impressed with the amount of mistakes. Let’s take a look at the latest Tokyo Ghoul re: scanlated chapter VS what the characters actually say, for posterity’s sake. And then I’ll go translate more of Ishida’s tweets.


ms!Furuta: Well, as an endlessly noisy person I am rather uncharacteristically afraid.

actual Furuta: My superiors won’t shut up about you. They are rather uncharacteristically afraid.


ms!Furuta: but it seems that even those in the know are drawing a blank on this one

actual Furuta: But the information seller didn’t clear things up

Okay, so he doesn’t say her name, but he clearly means Itori here. Might’ve wanted to mention this, although it’s not that big of a deal.


ms!Furuta: having people put their faith in something that doesn’t exist will make for a lot of broken hearts

actual Furuta: If people believe in something that doesn’t exist they won’t have an opportunity to be disappoin…

(Eto interrupts him here asserting that the OEK is indeed very real).


ms!Eto: mother, all those parents whose lives you stole… on their behalf, as someone stolen away by you lot, i cannot accept such hypotheticals

actual Eto: as someone who has had their mother and foster parent taken by you I can’t agree so easily.


ms!Eto: I’d be more than willing to protect that lot

actual Eto: I could at least be a hindrance to them


misc mistranslated words such as, “for old times’ sake” which should be “just in case”, “shall we begin” instead of “so it has begun”, “one hour” instead of “a week”, or failure to make Yoshitoki Commander-in-Chief instead of just an Investigation Lead.

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 64 Spoilers

News Broadcast
Narrator: Takatsuki Sen opens up that she is a [ghoul] on the press conference-

Furuta: The news about CCG capturing her with her being a ghoul are spread, there are many different kinds of opinions coming in. Seems like CCG’s phones are going to explode from the opposing voices. The percentage of supporting her and opposing are about 50 50. Have you read her latest work? You like reading after all…the tenth work, King Bileygr
Sasaki: …Bileygr is another name of Odin, meaning one that lacks an eye. King Bileygr must be referring to the One eyed king. The protagonist is an one eyed ghoul named “Nameless”, who leads ghouls as a King, oppressing the world that suppress ghoul. This work depicts Nameless just like a hero in a heroic movie. If you see it merely as a story, of course you would feel interesting. But since it was written by her as a ghoul, you can see it clearly what she wanted to tell…..Takatsuki said it in the press conference, she [wrote it for the fellow ghouls]. Its true that if you introduce it that way, the ghouls would want to read it….another important problem is the human organisation she wrote is probably based on Washuu family. This book made their “true faces” as “the ones who help the ghouls”

CCG meeting room?
Yoshitoki: Hogi First Class, please report
Ayumu: …
Ayumu: Hachikawa squad who is responsible for investigating Rue Island is annihilated, three killed, left one QS Mutsuki’s….status unknown
Yoshitoki: Thanks…its good that you made it back
Yoshitoki: Lets plan a team to Rue Island. Aim is to annihilate Aogiri Tree, we shall use the best force to attack

QS Meeting with Ui
Urie: …big scale attack. Us Qs team is the attacking side…probably will be in the team to land on Rue Island first. The mission is exterminate as many ghouls as possible…and if possible, save the “status unknown” Mutsuki First Class

Urie: If any of us get to the position of a Special Class, then we can prolong the period of providing the medical fees for her. That guy asked us to [kill] her own sister Haru. I dont know if we are doing the right thing….maybe this is what opposes his wishes. But maybe he just didnt want to give us this burden…before he died, so he asked us to kill his own sister…. That guy never failed to visit her sister once per week, its unlikely that he would really want to kill her. Let us continue to pay the medical fees in place of him
Urie: Shirazu’s
Saiko: Shiragin’s *in tears*
Mutsuki: Shirazu kun’s
All: death will not be forgotten–

Urie is preparing for the mission to Rue Island late at night and Saiko comes with a Canned Coffee in her hand for Urie
Urie: (…please be safe, Mutsuki..–)

Rue Island
Mutsuki: … *wakes up* where…is this… (Ayumu san, she…)
Torso: Good Morning
Mutsuki: Torso…
Torso: I have always wanted you, you are mine now. This is our secret house. Lets get married! Are you shocked?
Mutsuki: …
Torso: Now I get the reason why I am so obsessed with you
Mutsuki: The reason? (I need to find a way to escape)
Torso: Is that you have the same eyes with me…you–
Mutsuki: (at least I can move my hands..!! Hand………….?) *background is butterflies trapped on spider web*
Mutsuki: ….no…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Torso: Because you heal fast… *smirk* It was quite troublesome
Torso cut off Mutsuki’s limbs while he was unconscious

Eto and Sasaki at CCG
Sasaki: –Next there will be a thorough checkup, you will be detained in Corniculum temporary. If the final result is you are a ghoul, then you will be transferred to Cochlea
Eto: Alright
Sasaki: ….I read it
Eto: Thank you
Sasaki: ….writing a story like that, what are you plotting
Eto: Its just like how I wrote it. This is for the King, also is something that will become the hopes of the ghouls. The Washuu family is the [helpers of the ghouls]! This is something that readers with a brain would understand, those who are stupid wont though. Making people to not trust them is one of my aims. Inspiration came from the diary my mother left for me. Mother…Ukina wrote in her diary that there was an organisation called “V”. To investigate, she got close to a member of V, my father, Kuzen. And I am just an excess result of that.
Sasaki: ….“V” is?
Eto: [The king of all laws] and [the controller of chaos]…you may call it whichever you like, its sitting on top of the throne, the king of birdcages, a guy that mistakenly thinks that this world is his
Sasaki: And you always drag people into something like this?
Eto: “like this”?
Sasaki: Using the method of… [creating stories]
Eto: Its understandable that you do not believe me, I am intentionally dragging them into this, but do you have proof of what I am saying is not true? RC Scan Gate, didnt you went through it? Did the gate react? Theoretically it should have. If you RC rate is similar with a ghoul, how was it?
Sasaki: (The gate…..that time….)
Eto: Let me guess, your body didnt make the gate react right?…. That thing excludes “some RC cell pattern” from the system. It looked like it was to prevent it to react from the quinques that carry kakuhou….but also certain people whom “RC cells couldnt be detected”, they are the ghouls from V, including Kuzen, his daughter me and Kamishiro Rize, the one who carries her kakuhou Kaneki Ken. The one who brought tragedy upon you is a ghoul that escaped from V
Sasaki: …………..

On a Building
Shachi: (Rize… I wonder if you escaped….?)

Shachi: –hey, what are you doing? Dont sleep in the middle of the road
Rize: I have to…escape….. I am…..hungry
Shachi: Nuu…?
Shachi gives meat to Rize
Shachi: Whats….your name?
Rize: …..Rize
Shachi: These are books. I dont know where you came from, but to live means to be capable. Learn, to know your own helplessness
Rize: What is “your own”…..?
Shachi: Nuu….!?
Some time later
Shachi: ….from now on you will use Kamishiro. This is the name that I inherited from my sensei who taught me martial arts
Rize: Did Shachi killed sensei?
Shachi: He died on his own, humans cant beat against aging
Rize: Oh…… Hey, Shachi is my father right?
Some time laterrrr
Shachi: Rize!? You.. hunt around again… Know whats right and wrong! Be content….
Rize: Okok, its annoying *walks away*
Ghouls: The doves are here…at the 6th ward… And there is many of them….
Shachi: (stupid daughter…) …I will go
Shachi was caught and locked in Cochlea and Aogiri attacked Cochlea some time later
Eto: Matasaka Kamishiro, I am Eto, let me help you. You want to see Rize right?
Shachi: …… (Ri…ze….)
Shachi meets up with Yoshimura
Shachi: ….Kuzen, your daughter… Is called Eto right, I am currently at her place. I will stay beside looking out for her. For the same…. If my daughter has anything I will leave her to you….
Yoshimura: ….alright, I accept
When Yomo rescued Rize from Kanou’s lab
Shachi: Thank you, my old friend–

Shachi: !!!
A bolt aimed at Shachi but he evaded successfully
Arima: Capture Shachi, and exterminate him