team rskar

The #TEAMRSKAR t-shirt(s)

I am working on a lengthy write up about my very short lived experience with Rachel Skarsten, handing her the #teamrskar t-shirt(s), and getting her autograph.

I wanted to get this out days ago but as soon as I got back from Toronto, I was straight back to work. 

There will be new pics (trust me, you’ll like one of the pics). And I want to show you the other shirt I designed! I also want your opinions on them too!

Rachel is beautiful inside and out, has a magical power with her smile, she is like an angel, she’s funny, sweet, friendly, kind, defends wonderful causes, besides being an amazing actress. Stop creating assumptions about her, just because you do not like Valkubus, if not like, it is your right, but respect the fandom. Stop meddling in her life, and take care of their own lives. #LoveForRachie #TeamRSkar.