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Neighborly Conduct
R/S Games 2017 - Day 1 - Team Sirius

Word Count: 8000
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Lily Evans Potter, Peter Pettigrew
Additional Tags: Romance, Smut, Mystery, Werewolves, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, R/S Games 2017, Community: rs_games
Summary: Sirius starts fooling around with his neighbor, and is unpleasantly surprised when he refuses to take things further. Sirius must find out the secret to why this man would refuse to go out with him.


Just as Sirius’ fingers slip into Remus’ waistband, Remus pulls away from the kiss. Sirius’ hand freezes where it is. He’s about to ask “what’s wrong” - because they really should get back to what they were doing - but he doesn’t get a chance to speak.

“I don’t do relationships,” Remus blurts out and it’s so out of place that Sirius almost laughs. Until he remembers what they’re doing and what that means. “It’s just a shag, a one-time thing,” is what Remus is trying to say.

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Ducktales/Disney Avatar AU (Part 1)

I was thinking about this AU since long time ago. And finally i got to end it. 

Earth, air, fire, water. When we were younger, the old man of the town told us stories about a person, born from time to time between each nation, who could master all the four elements, who were called “the avatar.” He told us how the avatar kept the peace throught his time until he died because of the betrayal of one of his associates and that, as a result, a war was to begin. We also heard the stories, told by that old madman, of how the avatar had had a group of partners in which my Uncle Donald figured as a great waterbender. I, personally, did not believe these stories, because of my uncle Donald, and I remained skeptical. See to believe, isn’t it? I’ve never had seen someone who could master more than one element… Until that day when Dewey, my younger brother, accidentally burned my Uncle Donald’s boat with his hands. Now, my brother is the avatar, he has to maintain the world order. And, you know what? … I trust in him.

New team Avatar: Group of friends of the new avatar Dewey. It’s currently formed mainly by his brothers and Webbigail Vanderquack.

Dewey - The new and improved avatar (or so he says). Dewey was born in the southern water tribe inside uncle Donald’s boat, and he is the second brother of triplets, that is to say that he is the one in the middle.
Dewey is the most powerful avatar so far as he is extremely strong both physically and mentally; but he has a problem: he has a hard time learning to control them properly because he always acts before thinking (Scrooge, his last teacher, always scolds him for working harder than working smarter)
His abilities are superior by much of the previous avatar: in addition to the four elements, he knows pretty well energy control, healing, purification, and metalbending; and he achieved a better control of the avatar state, being practically conscious when he uses it (but this after a lot of practice and an early maturation he didn’t wanted to get).
Funny fact: He discovered he was the avatar because he set on fire Louie’s sweater and then, trying to put out the fire he burnt all the boat. After that, Uncle Donald took him and his brothers to all the world and he belived it was because of the shame he made them pass that time (but Donald does this because he wants to protect his nephews).

Huey - He is the elder triplet brother of avatar Dewey, and Louie. He is a boy from the southern water tribe, the son of a waterbender (who died) and an airbender (who disappeared); is, along with his two younger brothers, in the care of his uncle Donald (who is a waterbender and expert navigator).
He is a waterbender as well as his uncle and his father, with an innate talent for healing and soul purification through water, and his power is strong enough to control the clouds from the ground thanks to the arduous practice which has had since he was small thanks to being part of the rescue group “Junior Woodchuck”. In addition, he knows very well self-defense without element thanks to his training as Junior Woodchuck, and all the things that the JW guidebook has taught him. And because of his personality, the spirit of the moon gave him some abilities that only the water witches can possess: Astral travel, basic energy-bending, and the ability to enter into the dreams of other creatures.
He has a responsible personality, organized, worried for his brothers, with a very particular temperament (maybe learned or even inherited from his uncle Donald) and with problems to know how to have fun.
Curious fact: He has a red hat because Uncle Donald didn’t wanted to confuse them (the nations has to wear the same color. Every. Day).

Louie – The younger brother of Huey and avatar Dewey, with the same offspring as them: Born in the southern water tribe, son of an airbender and a waterbender, living with his uncle in a boat, etcetera.
As for his abilities, he is also a water master who has control of the element as an innate talent, and without much practice managed to master the element much faster than his brothers; unfortunately he is too lazy and does not practice as much as them and somehow ended up being the weakest in power (though with Dewey it’s pretty obvious because … he’s the avatar; but he stills weaker than Huey). After seeing what his brothers were capable of doing, he decided to begin a training by himself. In the way to the success, failing a lot because he didn’t wanted to learn with his brothers only cause of his pride, he found a women who taught him a lot like healing, fighting,taking water from the weather, and the forbidden water technique: Bloodbending. He can use this powers without the full moon,, even he is so powerful he can waterbend and bloodbend only with his eyes.
He is a very loose and whining, manipulative, and too emotional boy, but with a little impulse he can get to do great things because of his great determination and cunning (for example, learning those forbidden and complicated techniques).
Curious fact: He has Della’s visors just because Uncle Donald didn’t wanted to confuse them (the nations has to wear the same color. Every. Day).
Another fun fact: He had never have watched his waterbender teacher’s face.

Webby – She’s a kyoshi warrior apprentice who lives in Scrooge’s mansion (the ancient air temple of the north). She lives in there with her granny (a Kyoshi Warrior trainer), and all her partners and the apprentices.
She is a very strong girl even without an element to bend, with physical skills that are to envy like knowing lots of martial arts, a lot of history, of war, of war tactics, music, culture, she knows where the nervous points are to leave a person without their bending and physical abilities for moments, and she even is the little bodyguard for the tripplets (mostly Dewey because of the uprising war).
She gets excited very quickly because she didn’t had a normal childhood, growing up closed in that air temple, just training to be a good Kyoshi Warrior as her granny. So when the tripplets came out, she had a taste of freedome for first time.
Fun fact: She really is Dewey’s bodyguard, even if he doesn’t want to. If anyone of the tripplets gets violent, she has the permission to block them out of their powers until one of their uncles arrive the place.

Old team Avatar: The group that formed the closest friends of the Avatar Mickey.

Mickey Mouse - He was the previous avatar, born in the Fire nation with an older sister (who wasn’t a bender) and his parents. He gained control of the four elements and a little of energy-bending. Unfortunately it was not enough and he was murdered at 25 years old by one of the former leaders of the order of the white lotus (General Peter of the Fire Nation, who revealed he was in associate with the society of the red lotus). He was a playful, adventurous and some sort of irresponsible avatar. He kept his whole life a childish and selfish attitude, because of the different life he had, having not a normal childhood because of the training to be a good avatar; but despite this, he kept the earth kingdom away from a revolution, maintaining the world order. He had benevolent and naive attitude, so he is considered one of the best avatar that has ever existed.
In a part of his life, he discovered he had a half-brother, but when they met, his brother hated him a little with no reason.

Donald Duck - He is a waterbender and the best sailor in the world, or that is what he says (because, truthfully, he is a better waterbender than sailor). He was one of Mickey’s closest friends, and one of the few people who watched General Pete kill him. He was part of the society of the white lotus until the murder of Mickey and the disappearance of Della (thinking that was the order’s fault, and mostly of his Uncle Scrooge). He now lives in the southern water tribe, taking care of his nephews in the name of his sister and, with dying hopes, that she will return someday. And after discovering that Dewey was the avatar, he forced the family to move much of the city in the city hoping that the white lotus and/or the red lotus involves his family again in a conspiration (he hates them alike).
His skills are truly impressive, so much so that he was Mickey’s teacher in the element of water, and he is currently the master of Huey, Dewey and Louie (Although he initially taught only the basics, the white lotus command forced him to teach him all that Dewey knew). He has innate talent for healing, and when he is angry he can easily beat an army of fire and land soldiers alone (or all the beagle boys on a milestone).

Goofy - A soldier of the earth kingdom who did not agree with the revolution some rich people wanted to do in the earth kingdom. He does not own an element and is quite clumsy normally, causing millions of accidents, but his loyalty made him one of the most important in the avatar team.
Currently, he lives in a village near Omashu, where he took care of his son Max and told him all his adventures as a friend and companion of the old avatar. But that was before he disappeared at the hands of the “face thief” (an evil spirit who steals your face). Goofy thinks that he is dead, so in every Max’s birthday, he makes a little funeral for him and sings and stuff.

Pluto - It was avatar Mickey’s pet. He is an ordinary dog, but it was his companion throughout his life, even because Mickey was a small mouse, the avatar could mount his pet.
The animal was buried next to its master a few days after the death of the avatar; is thought to have died of sadness.

Honorary member.

Della Duck – An impressive airbender who revolves the tecniques of this ancient art. She was a pilot of the Northern Water tribe army when she lived with her parents and his twin Donald, as well as one of the first women on a real plane. While her brother is a waterbender, she is an airbender because her mother has the air genes and her father is a native from the water tribe. But she doesn’t worked as a monk because the aribenders where practically extinct.
She is the mother of the triplets (Huey, Dewey and Louie), and with that, the mother of the new Avatar Dewford. Sadly, she never got a chance to see that, because she disappeared seconds before the murder of avatar Mickey.
Her skills as an airbender were impressive, and most importantly, she was Mickey’s teacher on the Air element.
She was mainly the pilot of the avatar team and she didn’t get into the adventures as much as her brother did (she had to take care of Scrooge’s plane). 


Send me a TF2 character

Pyro - Which type of food do you prefer: spicy or sweet?

Engineer - Do you like to create stuff(building, painting, making gifs, making music etc.)?

Spy - Are you a virgin?

Heavy - Do you have an item(not including phone/PC/laptop) that is precious to you?

Sniper - Have you ever peed outside/in public?

Scout - Selfie?

Soldier - Are you a bit reckless?

Demoman - Do you drink alcohol?

Medic - Do you have a pet? If yes, post a picture.

Miss Pauling - Do you tend to overwork yourself?

Merasmus - Can you roll your Rs?

Some of my Headcanons for Sally and Lightning Part 1.
  • Their first kiss was under the neon, with all the fam watching.
  • Lightning was the first to say “ I love you! “ 
  • Doc first made sure that Lightning went to his own cone alone and didn’t move from there. But after a while he just let it go.
  • Sally was the one who suggest to move together like : You know Stickers, lets move together! 
  • Lightning was relived that she felt the same
  • And that it wasn’t him the one who brougth that up, he didn’t know how to say it
  • Valentines day is their favorite holiday. 
  • They get to spend all they together, even Lightning takes a brake from training and racing just to be with Sally.
  • Lightning is hoppeles romantic
  • Sally is not. But she tries.
  • Sometimes Sally gets jealous for all the feminine attention he receives. But she knows better.
  • Lightning says he doesn’t get jealous, just annoyed with other cars flirting with Sally. 
  • The only time he punched someone in his face , was during one of his season. 
  • The racer couldn’t stop flirting with Sally to a point it annoyed both of them. But what really set him off was seeing the other car succefully trapped Sally in a corner and steal a kiss from her.
  • As a result he wasn’t allowed to finish the season. But he was ok with that, as long as he didn’t have to see the other racer’s face.
  • The paparazzi had a field-day with all that “drama”
  • They barely fight. They only have one big argument. 
  • Lightning spend that night at Flo’s  V8 cafe. In the morning he left with out saying good bye ,to a race with the RS Team. 
  • Doc wasn’t happy to see that Lightning wasn’t really into the race.
  • During the last of his pit-stop , while Guido is changing his tires and Doc is talking to him, Sally appears.  
  • They look at each other and Lightning came forward to kiss her. 
  • Doc searchs for Lightning thinking he is back in the trail only to find him in the pitstop, kissing Sally like there is no tomorrow.
  • Doc yell and threats Lightning to go back to the trail. Lightning finally obeys and win the race.
  • Doc: I’m too old for this  * sighs*
  • They have a Movie Night , at least once a month.
  • If Lightning is away he will call her and talk on the phone while they watch the same movie
  • Lightning likes actions movies.
  • Sally likes horror movies.
  • They both love Disney/Pixar movies
the human-shaped emptiness inside

excerpt: they have the coming out conversation over skype, four months in. phil says, i just wanna show you off, and dan says, you can. they talk about work experience, after, and kind of forget.

note: my coming out headcanon - or, to be more accurate, the lack thereof -  put into 1.5k words. there are a hundred versions of their potential coming out and none of them fits inside my head. there is a reason for this. 

also: please excuse the lowercase. i have a capitalized version sitting around waiting for someone to complain, but i have been informed this fits the style better. suspend belief. also read on ao3.


1. they have the coming out conversation over skype, four months in. phil says, i just wanna show you off, and dan says, you can. they talk about work experience, after, and kind of forget.

2. dan doesn’t tell his mum but does tell phil’s, standing barefoot in her kitchen making two cups of tea. she asks while rummaging through drawers and he tells her with shaking fingers against porcelain mugs, finds that it’s not that big of a deal. he doesn’t tell his own mum, but he thinks she already knows.

3. in the supermarket phil buys too much food for only one person and an elderly woman in aisle three asks. he says, my boyfriend’s visiting, and pretends it’s not for the first time.

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Can we talk about how Team Magma literally spends their time sitting together in that cave lighting shit on fire for fun because they’re all just bored with life

Can we talk about how this is hinted multiple times in the canon. Can we talk about how they literally show Maxie drunk and the rest of them drinking. Can we talk about how much trust Maxie has in the three of them because he knows they’re bored too and just want to stir things up and see fear in people’s eyes. Can we talk about this relationship between a boss and his admins. Sitting together in a cave getting drunk off their asses and lighting things on fire just to see them burn. Can we just.

missmarifire  asked:

Could you draw the Pokemon Adventures RS Tabitha doing something with the ORAS Tabitha? Like some event whereas under some unknown abnormal circumstance they were to meet?


I’m sorry! Haha I ended up doing the purple haired on and not the fabio haired one. DX AH SO MANY VERSIONS!

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I like this. When Team Aqua is being manipulative but can’t explain things to civilians, they make up a bunch of nasty shit about Team Magma to scare the people, and then one of them can break off & take care of the problem they can’t explain. And it works well, because not only do they make their organization look like heroes, but they also stir up hate and fear for Team Magma, which I might add Archie is already in the process of bc he’s controlling the media.

(Also I’m willing to bet you that when Team Magma is in a situation like this they just kill the person & set everything on fire to destroy the evidence.)