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Send me a TF2 character

Pyro - Which type of food do you prefer: spicy or sweet?

Engineer - Do you like to create stuff(building, painting, making gifs, making music etc.)?

Spy - Are you a virgin?

Heavy - Do you have an item(not including phone/PC/laptop) that is precious to you?

Sniper - Have you ever peed outside/in public?

Scout - Selfie?

Soldier - Are you a bit reckless?

Demoman - Do you drink alcohol?

Medic - Do you have a pet? If yes, post a picture.

Miss Pauling - Do you tend to overwork yourself?

Merasmus - Can you roll your Rs?

Some of my Headcanons for Sally and Lightning Part 1.
  • Their first kiss was under the neon, with all the fam watching.
  • Lightning was the first to say “ I love you! “ 
  • Doc first made sure that Lightning went to his own cone alone and didn’t move from there. But after a while he just let it go.
  • Sally was the one who suggest to move together like : You know Stickers, lets move together! 
  • Lightning was relived that she felt the same
  • And that it wasn’t him the one who brougth that up, he didn’t know how to say it
  • Valentines day is their favorite holiday. 
  • They get to spend all they together, even Lightning takes a brake from training and racing just to be with Sally.
  • Lightning is hoppeles romantic
  • Sally is not. But she tries.
  • Sometimes Sally gets jealous for all the feminine attention he receives. But she knows better.
  • Lightning says he doesn’t get jealous, just annoyed with other cars flirting with Sally. 
  • The only time he punched someone in his face , was during one of his season. 
  • The racer couldn’t stop flirting with Sally to a point it annoyed both of them. But what really set him off was seeing the other car succefully trapped Sally in a corner and steal a kiss from her.
  • As a result he wasn’t allowed to finish the season. But he was ok with that, as long as he didn’t have to see the other racer’s face.
  • The paparazzi had a field-day with all that “drama”
  • They barely fight. They only have one big argument. 
  • Lightning spend that night at Flo’s  V8 cafe. In the morning he left with out saying good bye ,to a race with the RS Team. 
  • Doc wasn’t happy to see that Lightning wasn’t really into the race.
  • During the last of his pit-stop , while Guido is changing his tires and Doc is talking to him, Sally appears.  
  • They look at each other and Lightning came forward to kiss her. 
  • Doc searchs for Lightning thinking he is back in the trail only to find him in the pitstop, kissing Sally like there is no tomorrow.
  • Doc yell and threats Lightning to go back to the trail. Lightning finally obeys and win the race.
  • Doc: I’m too old for this  * sighs*
  • They have a Movie Night , at least once a month.
  • If Lightning is away he will call her and talk on the phone while they watch the same movie
  • Lightning likes actions movies.
  • Sally likes horror movies.
  • They both love Disney/Pixar movies
R/S Games: a bittersweet announcement

Dear fellow Wolfstar shippers,

After much soul-searching, the mod team have decided to make this the last year for the Games. 

The change to LiveJournal’s terms of service has proved to be the final nail in the coffin. We’re going to try to fly under LJ’s radar this year, but it would be pushing our luck to continue beyond that. Moving the Games off LJ entirely would require too many changes to the way our fest operates. It would not be the R/S Games anymore, as we know them.

We are sad that things are drawing to a close, but it feels like time. Ten years is a good, long run for any fest. The work we have done, along with our participants, has generated hundreds of fanworks for our beloved OTP over the years, including some genuine classics. We couldn’t ask for more than that.

So if you’ve been on the fence about participating this year, now is your last chance. Sign-ups will take place June 14-19. We hope you will join us for one last hurrah, as we celebrate ten years of the R/S Games.

All our love and gratitude,

Team Mod

anonymous asked:

For the anon who asked for alternate timeline fics - 'Do Not Disturb' (part one of two in the Source Codes series by Fluorescentgrey on AO3, or yeats-infection on tumblr) has a fantastic twist on the original story. It spans between December '78 and '95. I still hace two and a half chapters to go of the second part, so I cab't promise it ends well, but you should read it, because wow. So, so original, and so beautifully written.

Hi there! I haven’t read that one yet, but @yeats-infection is on #TeamSirius for RS Games, so I’ll be checking it out for sure. Gotta show my team solidarity. ;) 

(link to fic)

Thanks so much for the rec!

the human-shaped emptiness inside

excerpt: they have the coming out conversation over skype, four months in. phil says, i just wanna show you off, and dan says, you can. they talk about work experience, after, and kind of forget.

note: my coming out headcanon - or, to be more accurate, the lack thereof -  put into 1.5k words. there are a hundred versions of their potential coming out and none of them fits inside my head. there is a reason for this. 

also: please excuse the lowercase. i have a capitalized version sitting around waiting for someone to complain, but i have been informed this fits the style better. suspend belief. also read on ao3.


1. they have the coming out conversation over skype, four months in. phil says, i just wanna show you off, and dan says, you can. they talk about work experience, after, and kind of forget.

2. dan doesn’t tell his mum but does tell phil’s, standing barefoot in her kitchen making two cups of tea. she asks while rummaging through drawers and he tells her with shaking fingers against porcelain mugs, finds that it’s not that big of a deal. he doesn’t tell his own mum, but he thinks she already knows.

3. in the supermarket phil buys too much food for only one person and an elderly woman in aisle three asks. he says, my boyfriend’s visiting, and pretends it’s not for the first time.

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Could you draw the Pokemon Adventures RS Tabitha doing something with the ORAS Tabitha? Like some event whereas under some unknown abnormal circumstance they were to meet?


I’m sorry! Haha I ended up doing the purple haired on and not the fabio haired one. DX AH SO MANY VERSIONS!

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[ElswordKR Arena]SSS Rank Report

The information is based on ElswordKR. Still, this could happen (highly) in other Elsword servers in the future.


This over-power Knight is still over-power, but he is most seen in 1v1. Sadly, his population in this game is dropping constantly, so you won’t see him much in both PVE and PVP anymore.

He only appears in 3v3 SSS rank, when he needs to de-rank himself with a bunch of his friends; or he joins due to his friend’s requests.

Once upon a time, he has the lowest population in Elrios. After Skill Tree and Character Revamp, he is seen everywhere with his wife- EM. In 3v3, especially SSS rank, when you see a RS, you will meet an EM. They are together with only a purpose: to crush you to the deepest of Hell. His damage is ridiculously high. His defence is too thick for you to handle (means you won’t kill him easily). Thanks to all the Revamp, he becomes the easiest character to play.

He is also doing pretty good in PVE, which lots of people main him.

As you can see, KOG also loves RS more. They always use RS picture for their advertising.

If RS is the most popular Elsword and LK is in second place, then IS will be the lowest. People don’t see him in SSS rank anymore, 1v1 or 3v3. Most of IS players main him for PVE, except our friend Swarm.

Some of IS players reach SSS rank to join with their friends later in Arena. However, when it comes to PVP, they will switch to another characters. You can still spot them in 1v1 S and SS rank.

IS has the lowest population due to KOG has shown us that IS has the lowest stats of power (please check ElWiki to see it for yourself).

Note: It seems that Sword Shield is a must-have skill for every IS. However, most of IS players have little idea that Sword Shield only flinches their opponents in two first seconds. After two first seconds, the Shield will only deal damages, not flinch. 


She is the Goddess of Elrios.

She appears in both 1v1 and 3v3; and her population does not drop. Thanks to Plasma Cutter and super dangerous Abyss Angkor (with Awakening passive also), she can clear dungeons faster than EM.

Hell Stone is old-fashioned; and thanks to new Skill Notes, VP joins 3v3 with only one thing do do: Hell Drop, Hell Drop and Hell Drop. 

Hell Drop will be everywhere! And it will be pretty painful if you have 2 VP in your opponent team.

A VP in SSS rank will learn how to use Shadow Body; and they is harder to catch. Oh, they also love to use Abyss Angkor in most of their matches, too.

One thing I can comment: RSxEM is official to KOG now.

Oh, I forgot to mention she shares the same past with RS. EM was also the worst popular character back then, until she received new Mediation and skills. Time is changing.

In SSS rank, when you see a skilled RS, you will meet an EM. While her husband is luring enemies into one place, she will teleport and use Lightning Shower all over your head. Same as her husband, she has no problem in PVE. That’s why they make into a perfect couple.

A powerful 3v3 team with have one RS and two Aisha (with one EM and VP or DW), which you will have no chance to stand against. That’s why she is in 3v3 Arena more.

Nothing much to say about her. She dominates the Arena with blue outfit Magical Makeup and “too strong to handle” Energy Spurt. She joins in both 1v1 and 3v3.

Everyone should fear her. The end.

The nightmare for you is coming when Aisha has her own system. That’s why… Brace yourself! The ending of the game is coming.

Note: Except DW, VP and EM are good runners. They are excellent runners, you hear me?


Thanks to Nature’s Spirit, more Rena comes back in Arena. This also means more trouble and more painful.

Her arrows is extremely painful, thanks to Nature’s Spirit. She appears more in 3v3. If you meet a SSS GA in 1v1, be prepare to withstand her amazing power. SSS rank GA also learns how to use Entangle, so you will have to watch your step.

If you win against a GA in 1v1, don’t be happy too much. She dies on purpose to derank herself, or just to warm up, or she has too much RP and she doesn’t even care about it anymore.

Don’t ask me anything about this Rena. Yes, she is much more powerful with Nature’s Spirit. She is really powerful for you.

She has two amazing tool to catch you now: ^^X and ^^ZZ. Especially her ^^ZZ, if you get caught by that combo, you will hardly get out. WS is the easiest Rena to increase Nature’s Spirit bar.

Yes, she is too much for me. She is perfect for 1v1 and even in 3v3. In 1v1 SSS rank, she is one of the few characters who can withstand the power of Aisha.

This means she is stronger, or even the strongest female character in this game. Don’t mess with her.

Arena is her life purpose. You won’t meet many WS in dungeons. Mostly, they do Henir for money or Secret Dungeons for equipment.

Thanks to Nature’s Spirit, Night Watcher begins to come back Arena. However, her population is still the lowest.

After ten or twenty matches, you MAY have a chance to see a SSS NW. They can do well in 3v3, but their strength lies most in 1v1. Not many skilled NW who mainly PVP out there, so I can’t say much.

She is difficult to find in both PVE and PVP. Some people think she is going to extinct soon.

Note: Her traps become more painful, and can send you to hospital immediately.


Oh, here comes the father of Elrios.

You can only meet him in 1v1. He is a solitude person, who rarely appears in the crowd. He also loves to play alone in dungeons, and only joins in party for EXP bonus events. However, he will be always there to help you to get through Secret Dungeons and Henir. He is a good person, which you can count on.

His population in Elsword is decent. Somehow, it’s dropping lately. Not many people around use him as their main. They also stop PVPing. Players who main SSS BM are mostly skilled people. They are deadly in 1v1- a dangerous opponent who you need to watch out.

Most of people who main him become super rich, due to Ice Burners. Thanks to that, BM players become the kindest person in Elsword (I mean, without them to burn the Ice Burners, we won’t get a chance to buy any Ice Burner costumes). 

One does not simply to find an active RF.

Thanks to all the Revamps and Updates, RF community is kinda dying. He doesn’t appear often in both PVE and PVP. You can still find him in 1v1. He is still a King in there, because of his cocky fighting.

For some reasons, he loves to be alone, especially with BM (I have more chance to get RF in party with BM).  

Although KOG puts VC as a hard character to play, many ElswordKR players disagree. They say VC is the easiest. He is also the strongest Raven at this moment, who has balance strength in PVE and PVP. His population is the highest in Raven, too. 

He is usually spotted in 3v3, more than 1v1. Once you meet him in Arena, be careful that your pants will be on fire. 


Same as Rena, CN comes back to the community thanks to Queen’s Core. However, her population is still pretty much low. She is not seen much in Elrios. She joins 1v1 and 3v3 randomly.

CN uses Awakening really often. A SSS CN will never use Queen’s Throne in PVP. They switch Iron Scarps to Assault Spear- Judgment. Her Assault Spear is deadly with her Queen’s Core.

Asides from that, CN is still not really popular. Her true strength is mostly lied on the player’s skill.

You will hardly meet a CEmp in 3v3. They usually take part in 1v1. Lately, most of CEmp players focus on PVE. 

Although Queen’s Core is around, she doesn’t receive much changes. Her population is also decreased.

If she is not careful, she will have the same fate as TT. 

We have nothing to say more about CBS. She is the most popular Eve. She is too perfect for PVE, and too dangerous in PVP. Everyone loves her lasers.

In SSS matches, she joins 3v3 especially. CBS only needs to Awakening and with one skill- Particular Ray, she can finish you easily. Her Taser Pilum is something that you should be afraid. 

In 3v3, some CBS prefer to use Kugelblitz more. Energy Needle is too old-fashioned, and higher rank CBS won’t use it often (unless you force her to do it).

If you still resist and don’t give up, she will begin to use her Hyper Active (this depends on Arena map, though). Remember, homming lasers are difficult to handle.

Note: I don’t know why, but most of CBS (in ElswordKR) from C -> S rank in PVP are runners. They spam lasers and runs. Wow!


He is going to extinct soon with his brother- TT. Even CN has more population than him in PVE. It seems most of IP players love to hide their presence. 

He can be found in 1v1, but in 3v3 SSS rank, it would be… really difficult to find one. Still, an SSS rank IP can’t be looked down. His strength can crush you easily, more easily than RS does it to you. Once again, IP main players love lurking around than showing their skills to people.

Like LK, he is in 3v3 for friends or simply a de-ranker.

DC is the most popular Chung at this moment. However, people main him for PVE business.

Not many DC joins Arena often. When they go, they often do 3v3 with friends. They do 1v1 somtimes, but that is depended on their mood.

An SSS rank DC will max their Awkening Speed and Time. They even have a Fury Ring. They mostly use Awakening for Artillery Strike or for spamming Rapid Cannon. It’s super effective.

Thanks to KOG, he has no choice but to leave Elrios. KOG has no mercy when they nerfed him. In fact, they nerf him too hard.

There is no SSS rank TT who joins Arena often at this moment. If you see a SSS rank TT on board, it was only in the past. Some of the TTs managed to get in PVP board before the despair Revamp. After that, TT players only appear in Secret Dungeons and Henir, especially. None of them bothers to touch Arena, until the El Lady does something about their fate.

There is rumours that TT has something for CBS, which CBS has more chance to team up with him during dungeon runs. Otherwise, nobody is going to see him again.


Before the Skill Tree Revamp, she was once the Queen of Elrios (thanks to Suppression and Swallow Assault). Unfortunately, after Revamp and Updates, her population is suddenly decreased.

She is still doing good in SS tier, but when it comes to SSS rank, she suddenly disappears. Yes, she may be too powerful for lower rank, but SSS rank is another story.

Ara has difficult chance to stand against RS, VP, EM, DW, WS, ect… Her defence is too low; and her damage is not high. She has too many flaws. When a SD reaches SSS rank, their player will stop coming to Arena. They play her to do dungeons more than PVP.

Note: I’m sure she loves kites. Flying Kite (or Swallow Assault) is her favorite skill.

YR has lower population than SD. She is not really difficult to play, but her damage is more terrible than SD. As Little Devil, she can’t deal any much damage. That’s why you will have to wait for YR, but it won’t help anything. Her defence is even lower than SD. This also means she will die faster (that’s where Resurrection passive comes from, everything has a reason).

Seriously, YR still needs a little touch-up in Arena. Comparing to SD, she doesn’t have any homming skill. Her skill still costs too much MP and many orbs. 

Same as CN, YR’s true strength lies in player’s skill. And same as SD, she disappears when it comes to SSS tier. Only a few YR can manage to get SSS rank, but they usually do 3v3. Otherwise, most YRs will be in dungeons.

Think you can defeat SD with your YR? Of course, you can do it. However, you will need to pratice a lot.

Note: SS rank YR should stop relying on XXXXX combo. Please learn how to use your spirit bullets.


Some people believes she is much more powerful than her brother- LK. The proof is that she is seen in Arena more often, in both 1v1 and 3v3. Her population may be much higher than Lord Knight.

GrM is very hard to kill, due to her high HP and defence. She also has more tools and combos to catch you, even in mid-air. 

Surprisingly, most of GrM won’t rely on her Victory Sword to win (while LK still needs to rely on it a bit). Nothing to say much about her, she is perfect right now. 

Comparing to GrM, BH has too many flaws in power and combo. 

Not many BH players join Arena or try to reach higher Arena rank. Most of BH will stop at S rank. Some of them try to reach SS, but people will hardly spot a BH in SSS tier.

She can do both good in 1v1 and 3v3, but only if her player obtain great skill in PVP. Otherwise, she has lots of difficulties in Arena.

Be aware that her defence is also weak. ElswordKR says she is not a good choice for maining Arena. In dungeons, she is fun to play with.

Note: At this rate, she will be never stronger than RS.


Over-power Add is over-power. I mean it, he is really powerful.

Even though Add was released almost two months ago, he quickly appears in SSS tier in both 1v1 and 3v3. Still, he joins 3v3 more. 

Many Arena players also agree with this. They suggest KOG should do something about LP. His skills are still strong, and he gains MP easier than anyone else. They hope KOG can nerf LP, only in Arena.

His X kick has a pretty good range and high damage as well. Besides that, most of his combo can easily push you to the corner. He may not be a good teammate in dungeons, but in Arena, he can be in front line or support line. At this moment, he is still a perfect character.

He is also one of the character that you don’t want to meet in Arena, but he will appear really often in your matches. He likes to team up with Eve, especially CBS, for some good reasons.

Note: He will always begin and end the match with X. He even takes TT’s Dread Chase and changes it to Conqueror, if you ask me. This guy is a bad new for you. STAY AWAY FROM HIM.