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semi-fic: Persona AU

This is a long post, saddle up for some cool stuff.

@dirkar and I have terrible ideas. By which I mean we have fucking incredible ideas. This is one of my favorite brainstorms I’ve ever been part of. Sadly, the both of us are too busy to turn this from roadmap into full fic, but also think it’d be a goddamn shame not to share what we have. Even though this is not a full traditional “fic”, I fucking love it.

Because what we have is a radical Persona AU, starring our babes, the Alphas.

This AU mixes elements of both P3 and P4.

  • The Midnight Channel exists.
  • But so do Evokers, the summoning tool from P3. Each Alpha has a personalized weapon they use as their Evoker:
    • Jane wields a very sharp fork with long tings. To summon her persona, she jams the tings into her arm.
    • Dirk has a sword, natch. To summon his persona, he inserts the blade into his chest, then whips it outward, Utena-style.
    • Roxy has bladed knuckles. To summon her persona, she flips them in her grip and slams the knuckles into her ribs like a deadly defibrillator.
    • Jake, of course, has a standard P3 Evoker in the shape of a gun. To summon his persona, he fires it at his temple.

Our setting for this story is quiet suburbia, where weird folktales like the Midnight Channel are pervasive. See, the story goes if you look into your TV at midnight on a rainy night, you will see your true love. The truth of what’s on the Midnight Channel is a little more sinister. It broadcasts a person, who then vanishes into the world of the TV, where they are trapped. They are held prisoner by their Shadow, the manifestation of their most shameful desires and fears.


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a concept: jade has a basement on earth c thats perfect for all her experiments and even has those cellar door things so she can easily go outside and check on her garden. She has it decorated with like a bed, desk, tv, etc in one corner then the rest of the space has tables with various scraps and beakers on them and its a mess

She practically lives down there and makes all kinds of cool science-y shit whether its building a mircowave thatll heat up poptarts perfectly or making slime that tastes like key-lime gogurt. 

Roxy comes to visit her frequently and they team up on projects on occasion which leads to them living down in the basement for a week straight and getting no sleep but they love it and have a great time.


Haha so I finished reading Homestuck like a month ago and I’m playing Pokemon X/Y and I was like HOLY SHIT IMMA DO THIS SILLY THING IMMEDIATELY. I picked the pokemon I feel the characters would play while playing the game, trying to get their interests and personalities and general feel for aesthetics down. This made me appreciate a lot of pokemon I usually sort of hate like Probopass, thanks Jane for your goofy fucking taste in pokemons. Also it’s important everyone knows that Jake named his Snorlax Marguerite and his Quagsire Anastasia. Thank you.

Sprites are all my edits!

Yay I did a thing.

  • You: No Hotch, no watch!!
  • Me, an intellectual: Tara Lewis as a main character, Emily Prentiss as unit chief, Derek Morgan making a guest appearance, Luke Alvez existing, an equal ratio of male to female team members, three POC on the team, Roxy, snarky Garcia/Luke banter, JJ calling Spencer her best friend, Ralvez...

theyre thousands of feet above the sea, and this is all i could think of

im love this au thanks arc for the heart attack at sea :)

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Warning: aesthetic approaching dangerous levels

Write a warning label for my muse.

“Fashion and coordinating are both art forms. If you’re not willing to get hurt a little for your heart–” she thrust her arms out to either side of her, one leg in front of the other with her vest and hair flowing around her; behind her, a glorious red light was provided by her Pyroar “–then you just can’t hack it.”

Kingsman Go
  • Merlin is the gym leader at Kingsman. No one can beat him.
  • Eggsy is convinced that Merlin hacked the game to stay on top.
  • Merlin will never admit that he did.
  • Harry mainly uses a Ponyta. He loves it and named it Spitfire. 
  • Eggsy is convinced that Harry loves the damn fire horse more than him.
  • Eggsy aptly chooses an Exeggcute to be his primary pokemon after he catches it.
  • He nicknames it Eggsy.
  • Daisy laughs at him.
  • Roxy carefully levels and evolves a Vulpix to get a Nine-tails.
  • She beats Merlin’s cheating arse when he’s not paying attention and becomes the new gym leader.
  • Merlin makes a new gym and becomes it’s leader.
  • All of Kingsman knows that Merlin is a sore loser.
  • Eggsy ends up keeping a lot of the cute pokemon for Daisy to look at and whenever a Clefairy shows up he lets her try to catch it.
  • He has 37 Clefairys. He has been told by Daisy that he cannot turn them into Clefables and he cannot get rid of her individually named Clefairys.
  • All the Clefairys are named after My Little Ponies since Harry won’t let Daisy name his Ponyta or Rapidash.
  • Percival collects a whole team of Dittos while Roxy collects all the Eeveelutions available.
  • Merlin has to send out an agency wide ban of Pokemon Go after a handler is distracted while instructing an agent about incoming enemies
  • The handler agrees he was in the wrong. But Psyduck bro.
  • Another agent stops in the middle of a mission because he finds a Snorlax. 
  • It was Eggsy.
  • Merlin has to assign each agent with a Kingsman issued phone without Pokemon Go for missions.
  • There is actually almost a rebellion when agents find out.
  • Merlin then points out that six of them have almost died trying to catch a fucking Magikarp. 
  • All agents turn in their phones before missions and take their Pokemon-less phones without a word.

Mariah Bell’s Short Program at the US Nationals 2017.


Roxie performed by Renée Zellweger

All That Jazz / Overture byJohn Kander

Choreo. by Rohene Ward

TS 33.95  + PS 30.38 - Deduction 1.00

Overall  63.33

Ranked 6th [Before FS]