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So when you say all's fair in love and prank wars except live spiders, I'm guessing someone has used live spriders against you before? Was Steve salty because he was losing?

look. buddy. 

between captain america, and black widow or spiderman, who the heck do you think is deploying live arachnids in a prank war??? it sure isnt steven ‘my superpower is breaking mirrors with my high-pitched screamin’ rogers, who can fight nazis but not the tiny clump of hair he thought was a spider in the shower

Klance is so good??? Like???

They started out, not as enemies, but as rivals. And that difference means everything. They build each other up, their rivalry is a competition that encourages improvement. They are both better for it.

They’re a team. One that’s rough at its edges and one that’s complicated. But they’re a team. Despite their bickering, they work together seamlessly when they put their minds to it. Where one fails, the other is there to succeed.

They are far from the strangers they were at the Garrison. They are rivals. They are friends. They are teammates. They are so much more than that.

A quick nostalgia post of the character that started my friendship with Guild Wars over 10 years ago. Shrii Mahrbre my Dolyak loving Necromancer. 

I get pretty emotional every-time I log onto my original account. Guild Wars has been a huge part of my life for a decade now. I have met some of the most amazing people because of it, who are still some of my best friends today. Many of them who are now married with kids of their own who are getting into GW2. 

GW helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life, by letting me break away from reality when I needed an escape.

Thank you everybody who helped create Guild Wars - along with everybody who is keeping the history alive with Guild Wars 2. 



@hpminorcharnet creation event: Quidditch Players

Hogwarts team captains

“Rough game, Quidditch.”
“Brutal! But no one’s died in years. Someone will vanish occasionally, but they’ll turn up in a month or two!”

AU Where Hunk didn’t sneak out with Lance

Alright, so the original idea for this post came from @lancesmiles ‘Alone in Space’ AU, for which you can find the original post here (and also a fic here, which adds a nice soulmate aspect and is pretty damn good in general go read it). But it has… basically nothing to do with that? Whoops. Anyway, I couldn’t stop thinking about the implications this had for the plot as a whole, so this Needlessly Complicated and Plotty AU Version was born! Have my heavily bullshitted slightly more plausible (hahaha who am I kidding no it’s not) version of this story!

  • Our story starts when Hunk refuses to sneak out of the Garrison with Lance
    • Hunk is kinda tired and doesn’t really want to go along with his boyfriend’s bullshit right now, but he kisses his forehead and wishes him good luck, then goes to sleep.
    • Then, suddenly, the alarm rings, telling everyone to stay inside, the Garrison is on lockdown, this is not a drill.
    • Hunk jerks awake and then immediately FREAKS OUT.
    • His boyfriend still isn’t back, he’s definitely getting locked out of the Garrison, in what’s probably a dangerous situation outside.
    • So he tells the nearest authority figure.
    • (He hates to rat Lance out, and he knows that Lance is definitely going to kill him for it later on, but this is an emergency)
    • That authority figure practically shits their pants and relays the information immediately, but by now Lance is already breaking out Shiro/about to get flown off a cliff by Keith, so there’s not much they can do.
    • Hunk never does see Lance again (or at least not soon), and it takes three days before he hears any news.
  • Three days later, there is an official announcement from the Garrison that cadets Pidge Gunderson and Lance [insert surname] are officially missing, and presumed dead.
    • They refuse to disclose why they presume the cadets dead, citing government secrets and claiming that it’s classified information.
    • None of this comes as a surprise to Hunk, but he’d devastated nonetheless.
    • He cannot pay attention during the lessons, he stops studying, even eating becomes unappealing. He cries at random moments, when something reminds him of Lance. Which is pretty much everything, by the way. He just has so many memories with him, and he can’t believe that Lance is just… gone. Not even dead, not for sure. Just… gone.
    • Basically he is exhibiting all classic signs of depression and mourning.
    • The teachers just kind of leave him alone and cut him some slack, because both of his crewmembers have just disappeared. The students tiptoe around him, because they knew that Lance was his boyfriend.
    • One of the students, the girl with the dark green hair, sits at his lunch table two days after the announcement, and tells him that if there’s anything she can do for him, he can tell her. 
    • Green Hair Girl is the resident smuggler. She can get everything inside the Garrison, for a reasonable price, of course. Hunk knows this, but isn’t thinking of it at the moment. He thanks her, but assumes that it’s an empty gesture.
    • During the night of the third day after Lance’d disappearance, after the announcement, Hunk dreams of a powerful robot called Voltron, made out of five robot lions. It’s weird, but he’s grieving right now, so he ignores the dream, and almost forgets it.
    • Around the fourth day after Lance and Pidge’s disappearance, rumors start circling around the Garrison of a gigantic mechanical lion running around the Garrison, maybe even fighting aliens, but Hunk barely even registers them.
  • Mainwhile, Lance is at Keith’s shack, getting his mind blown.
    • “Hey the Kerberos crew got captured by aliens who have taken over the Galaxy, also this dude who thinks he’s hot shit and is totally worse then me (Keith) is claiming that he’s feeling weird energies from the caves in the canyon, and also found weird cave paintings.”
    • Yeah he’s getting his mind blown. He feels bad about not being able to contact Hunk, but this just kind of. Takes priority.
    • (He wanted to call Hunk and his family, by the way, to tell them he was okay. But Keith and Pidge vetoed that idea, because they are currently on the run from the Garrison, and there’s no way the Garrison isn’t tapping phone calls right now. Also Keith’s shack has no internet/phone connection, so. There’s that too.)
    • They all agree that they need to figure out what those carvings are, so they just kind of. Go and wander in the desert, around the area where Keith found those drawings, trying to find the source of them.
    • It’s inefficient and it takes one and a half days, but eventually they stumble across the cave that Blue is in, and the ground collapses, and Lance rides in a Gigantic Blue Space Lion Warmachine.
    • It would be more awesome if they didn’t immediately get into a high-stakes fight with the Galra.
    • The Galra were on the verge of figuring out where the Blue Lion was being held when Shiro escaped, this is canon. So without Hunk’s Geigner Counter to find Voltron, they probably tracked it down just as fast, if not a little faster, then our team. They came down to Earth to pick it up, but got the unpleasant surprise of someone already piloting it.
    • The battle against the Galra takes place on Earth, mere miles from the Garrison, who get a front-row seat on it.
    • (Ulaz, who is still on the ship he freed Shiro from, manages to hijack an escape pod and flees to Earth, thinking to contact the Blade’s base from there. Unfortunately for him, his pod gets discovered by the Garrison, who take him in for experimentation.)
    • (Look I don’t think we ever found out how and when Ulaz escaped the ship Shiro was on so this is as reasonable a possibility as any)
    • Lance & Co defeat the Galra, and escape to Arus, where they wake up Allura and Coran.
  • Cue Sendak’s ship and the first battle for Arus. Also the Problem of the Yellow Lion.
    • Sendak’s ship is still hot on their heels and on its way to destroy Arus and capture Voltron. Allura and the rest of team Voltron need to act quickly. 
    • They do not have a yellow paladin.
    • Allura can see that all of the others are compatible with a Lion, but without the yellow lion, they can’t form Voltron, or even get the Black Lion out of the Castle. So they’re two lions and a Voltron down.
    • (Listen, I don’t think anyone else could wake up the Yellow Lion. While someone else might be able to pilot it temporarily, Hunk is its paladin, and he needs to wake it up. He’s not replacable in this case, at least not according to my definition of a Paladin.)
    • Allura and Coran decide to let the Yellow Lion stay where it is right now, because they believe the area to be save, and also they’re on a time restraint.
    • (It’s not save, of course. The Galra are close to finding it, even if it’s by accident. But Allura and Coran don’t know that.)
    • It’s decided that Shiro and Pidge will go find the Green Lion, while Lance, Keith, Allura, and Coran stay behind to work on an attack plan against Sendak.
    • Shiro and Pidge find and bring the Green Lion to the Castle, Coran locates the Red Lion as inside Sendak’s ship, and they launch their attack.
    • I really thought about how this battle would work without the Yellow and Black Lions, and especially without Voltron, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it requires a ridiculous amount of tactical planning and luck, but it IS possible to win.
    • I won’t go into detail on how Sendak was defeated, because that would take forever, but here’s the rundown: Lance distracts Sendak by pretending to give up his Lion, while Pidge, Keith, and Shiro sneak on board. Pidge hooks herself up to the Central Command Center of the ship, and hacks it. Keith goes to find the Red Lion. Shiro was originally going to stay and guard Pidge, but finding out that prisoners are on board changes the plan. He breaks the prisoners out. Pidge hacks in and powers the entire ship down, then gets back to the Green Lion, where she meets Shiro. Keith wins over the Red Lion, and the Red, Blue, and Green Lion, battle the powered down ship, eventually causing it to explode.
    • (This means that everyone on board is dead. Sendak is dead. This means that he will never break into the Castle, which means that the Balmera Arc won’t happen, because there’s now no reason to find a Balmeran Crystal. It also means that Crystal Venom never happens, and that Alfor’s AI lives happily ever after. Because Pidge never went to search for the prisoners, she doesn’t find and hack Rover.)
    • (I REALLY wanted to work Shay into this AU, but I honestly couldn’t think of any way to do that without it just being a whole lot of unnecessary filler, so. No Shay. Sorry.)
  • Back at the Garrison, Hunk gets a call from Lance’s family, and realizes that, actually? He isn’t okay with the Garrison’s vague explenation.
    • Hunk’s family already called him to send their condolences, but hearing Lance’s siblings ask him where their brother REALLY is feels rawer, and fills him with anger.
    • He realizes that these little kids have the right idea. Where IS Lance?
    • ‘Presumed dead’, but why?
    • Lance’s parents take over the phone from the siblings, apologizing for their behavior, but also adding that they haven’t gotten any additional information from the Garrison either, and yeah. That’s shady.
    • Hunk hangs up, filled with questions and rage. A part of him also feels determined. He has a mission now. Figuring out what happened to his crewmates, and, most importantly, his boyfriend.
    • Naturally, he tries to go through the appropriate motions first, asking the Garrison and even Iverson himself what really happened to his friends. Nobody gives him any answers, but they let out that they do know, or at least have more information that they are giving him.
    • So the natural conclusion is to build a bug to listen in on Iverson and any other Garrison Autority Figures.
    • Building an undetectable bug isn’t actually all that hard for Genius Engineer Hunk, but he is missing a vital piece of technology that he just can’t get in the Garrison.
    • So he asks Green Smuggling Girl for help. Smuggling Girl is suprised at the request, but admits she knows how to get her hands on it. She doesn’t want to know what Hunk is planning on doing with it, since she’s pretty sure that it’s highly illegal and maybe treason, but she did say that she’d help him if he needed it, so. She helps him.
    • She gets to him a week later, and tells him that his seller is refusing to give her the technology without meeting Hunk first. Hunk is suspicious, but goes. He meets the seller in the desert, after sneaking out of the Garrison during the middle of the day. Lance gave him a lot of practice.
    • And guess who the seller is?
    • Colleen Holt, that’s who. 
    • Let’s not pretend that she’s not a technical genius too. She definitely is, and is very much not happy with the Garrison refusing to give her any information about her husband and son disappearing, and has now also lost her only daughter. She is, rightfully, pissed. So when Smuggler Girl contacted her with the request for a piece of Vital Technology To Create A Bug With, she saw that a likeminded soul must be trying to listen in on the Garrison, and wanted to meet him.
    • Hunk gets that story, and his mind is blown, of course (Pidge Gunderson = Katie Holt? Gonna need some time to process that, thanks). He asks if there’s any way to help her.
    • Of course there is. Colleen built a hacking device that, if plugged into Iverson’s computer, could gain her access to the entire Galaxy Garrison’s Database. If Hunk can plug that into Iverson’s computer, they’re set.
    • Hunk takes the device, and decides to forgo the bug, because this will give him all the information he’ll ever need. He says goodbye to Colleen and promises to meet her again in a week, at this exact spot.
    • On his way back into the Garrison, he purposefully gets himself caught sneaking back in, and while he waits in Iverson’s office for him to show up, he plugs in the device.
    • Now it’s the waiting game until next week.
  • On Arus, the first Robeast attacks, and Team Voltron is forced to flee. Arus, consequently, is doomed.
    • Everything pretty much goes as it does in canon with Team Voltron, until the first Robeast attack.
    • Listen. I really thought about this. Really, really thought about it. But there’s simply no way to beat this Robeast without Voltron. They need the sword and shield. There’s no way they can beat it with just three lions. No. Way.
    • The Lions manage to hold the Robeast off long enough for Allura and Coran to evacuate the Arusians to the Castle, and to power it up so that it can flee the planet. It’s a hellish battle, though, and the Lions retreat as fast as they can. The Robeast can’t follow them into space, so it keeps rampaging on Arus. It’s not safe for the Arusians to return to their planet, at least not for the forseeable future.
    • Mainwhile, the Galra have found the Yellow Lion, and have taken it. Allura and Coran see the Lion move its location, and deduce the cause.
    • They’re all in space now, with the entire population of Arus on their ship, tasting the bitterness of defeat, seeing the Yellow Lion taken by the Galra, and really feeling the painful absense of the Yellow Paladin. They need one. Now.
    • But they don’t have one, so they decide on the next best thing: capture the Yellow Lion back from Zarkon, and hope that they can find a Paladin for it in the near future.
    • During this time, Lance really begins to feel the homesickness. Prior to this, everything had been going so fast he barely had time to process it, but now… they all have plenty of time to think about the things they don’t have. And every time Allura explains the core traits of the Yellow Paladin (caring and kindness), he thinks back to Hunk, and feels his heart ache.
  • Hunk never gets to meet Colleen in the desert a week later. The device is discovered, and Hunk gets expelled from the Garrison.
    • Hunk isn’t all that surprised that he was discovered. Stealth has never been his forte.
    • Iverson found the device in his office a couple of hours after dealing with Hunk, and figures out that he put it there. Frankly, Hunk is lucky that the Garrison isn’t pressing charges.
    • Hunk lies and claims that he invented the device himself, so that Colleen stays out of shot.
    • Hunk gets no time to pack his stuff, but is escorted out of the Garrison and to the airport immediately. His belongings will get sent to him later, and he’s going on a plane to his family and out of the country immediately.
    • “Fuck that,” said Hunk.
    • On the airport, he pretends that he has to pee, and calls the number Colleen gave him in case of an emergency. Then he pulls the airport’s fire alarm, creating enough chaos to slip away from his guard permanently.
    • He waits for Colleen on the location they agree upon, and gets taken to her home, where she shares the information she was able to gather from her short time in the Garrison’s systems.
    • She gathered the following:
      • There’s no evidence of a crash anywhere on Kerberos, but she already knew this; Katie told her.
      • Pilot Takashi Shirogane crashed back on Earth not too long ago, in strange clothes, with a scar on his nose, a changed hairstyle, and an advanced robot prosthetic. He was rambling about aliens, and taken into quarentine.
      • He was broken out of quarentine by cadets Lance and Pidge, as well as former cadet Keith.
      • There was a straight-up alien fight days later. The Garrison is just as confused as they are.
      • They captured an alien, and are currently experimenting on him, to see what the actual fuck is going on.
    • Hunk and Colleen discuss what to do, and decide that, obviously, the next logical step is to break out that alien, so that they can figure out what the actual fuck is going on themselves.
  • Operation: Free Ulaz, Get To Space, Represent the Human Race.
    • Thanks to Hunk’s and Colleen’s combined technical skills, Ulaz’s rescue goes relatively smoothly.
    • Ulaz, because he figures that he has no choice but to trust these people, and also they DID just rescue him, tells them about the Galra, the Blade, and Voltron.
    • Hunk suddenly remembers that weird dream he had a while ago. He tells Ulaz about it. Ulaz figures out that it correlated with the awakening of the Blue Lion, and lowkey freaks out. The only reason that could’ve possibly have happened is if this kid was a Paladin of Voltron. Holy shit. They need to get him to space ASAP.
    • Hunk is more than fine with this, because it means that he gets to find Lance. He figured out that Lance was probably involved in the whole Voltron thing, and this is the easiest way to finding him again.
    • Colleen also wants to go into space, because she’ll be damned if she lets her daughter fight this fight alone.
    • Ulaz gets to The Blade’s Mysterious Connections To Earth (As Evidenced By The Fact That Keith’s Mom Was On Earth Once) That Conveniently Have Communications And A Pod Ready For Space.
    • The communication with the rest of the Blade informs Ulaz of the recent capture of the Yellow Lion by the Galra. The Blade orders him not to interfere, because they deem it too dangerous. Ulaz says “Fuck that” and begins loading the pod.
    • (I can’t decide if I want Colleen to come with them into space or if I want the pod to conveniently have only two seats. I’m gonna go with the second option for now, because I can’t figure out a proper role for Colleen in space.)
    • Hunk and Ulaz say goodbye to Colleen, who promises to fuck over the Garrison as much as possible, and set course for the Galra ship with the Yellow Lion, basically praying to God that Hunk’s its paladin.
  • Team Voltron launches an attack on the Galra ship holding the Yellow Lion at approximately the same time.
    • Their plan of attack is essentially the same as last time: Lance distracts, Pidge sneaks in and hacks, Keith helps with distracting.
    • Only now the Galra are prepared, and Pidge gets caught. Lance goes in to rescue her, but gets caught in the progress. Keith is having a really, really hard time holding off the fleet, even with the Castle helping him. Everything looks doomed.
    • Then Hunk and Ulaz arrive, and use the ongoing battle as a distraction, sneaking in. They manage to reach the hangar where the Yellow Lion is held. The Blue Lion is being towed in just now, and the Green Lion is being secured. They notice little spots of what they assume to be the Lion’s Paladins on the other end of the hangar. They can’t make out who they are.
    • They decide that the best course of action is to have Ulaz act as a distraction, trying defeat the guards so that the other paladins can get to their Lions, while Hunk sneaks up to the Yellow Lion to see if he’s its paladin.
    • Lance and Pidge, mainwhile, are miserable, watching their Lions get towed in, certain that they’ll be killed soon and that all of this was for nothing. Lance is absolutely convinced that he is never going to see Earth, his family, or Hunk ever again, and is mentally apologizing to all of them. Pidge is doing essentially the same, only with her own family and her mom especially.
    • Then, suddenly, some Galra starts attacking the other Galra soldiers. They don’t know what is going on, but they know that the guards are distracted enough for them to fight back.
    • In the middle of their fight with the guards and their struggle to get to their Lions, they see something incredible. 
    • The Yellow Lion’s forcefield drops.
    • Hunk has reached the Yellow Lion, and it drops its forcefield. Hunk has no time to process it, and runs inside to pilot it, giving Lance and Pidge, whom he still can’t recognize, time to get to their lions. He then picks up Ulaz, and they all make a hasty escape from the Galra ship.
    • It isn’t until Hunk hears Lance’s voice over the comms that he recognizes him, and he nearly gives Lance a heart attack, screaming so loud.
  • Hunk lands in the Castle of Lions, the four Lions manage to get the Black Lion out.
    • The moment Hunk gets out of his Lion, Lance tackles him and has a serious competition with Hunk to see who is going to squeeze the other to death the soonest. Also kisses. Lots of kisses.
    • Because of Ulaz’s presence, the Team learns about the Blade a season early, speeding things up significantly, and altering the plot permanently, if it hadn’t been altered already.
    • Pidge is also completely baffled, because. Hunk. How did you get up here in the first place? Why do you know my real name? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MET MY MOM
    • Lance seconds the ‘how the hell did you get here’ but. He doesn’t care. He’s just happy to see his boyfriend again.
    • Hunk is beside himself and doesn’t want to let go of Lance ever.
    • Unfortunately they still need to form Voltron so that they can defeat the Galra fleet, so they get back into their lions, form Voltron, kick Galra ass, have a victory party with the Arusians.
    • Hunk and Lance don’t let go of each other for the rest of the day, and the real battle against Zarkon can begin.

Simon x Reader #19

Warnings: crowd setting

Word Count: 2.7k

Requested: yus (kind of) and then I added onto the idea

Note: so sorry it’s so late after the match, but i didn’t really come up with the idea until 3 days ago – so enjoy the longer length instead ~K

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You were pacing around the hotel room, where you had spent the night. You were just waiting for someone to come knock on your door and let you know it was time to surprise your longtime boyfriend. Telling him that you couldn’t make it to the match this year because of exams, in reality, you had been working on surprising him with the help of the rest of the Sidemen. You hadn’t seen him in person for a couple months now, with your last weeks of school being busy and his schedule being as hectic as ever with the oncoming match.

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For some insane reason ...

… my more senior coworkers thought it a good idea to put me in charge, for the very first time. 

Being the captain of the ship for 25 patients and 14 nurses with 7 trauma pages, 2 incoming un-recovered patients, a patient trying to code throughout the night, having my own assignment on top of charge duties, and a rapid response later …

We all made it through. A little harried and sans 1 of our 3 crash carts, but we made it! I guess there is a first time for everything.

playing quidditch with draco would include...

pairing: draco x gryffindor reader

  • him being so cautious of even slightly bumping into you, let alone knocking you off your broomstick during a game
  • him getting mad at his own team players for being rough with you even though you assure him it’s fine and you can handle yourself
  • “it’s just part of the game, babe. don’t get angry.”
  • “i know, but-”
  • “draco, it’s fine. look, i’m ok.”
  • “alright, but just… be careful.”
  • “i always am.”
  • everyone knowing how tough you are but draco still insists you need to look after yourself more when you play
  • “i know you’re the best player, y/n, everyone does… but you’re still mine, and i still need to protect you.”
  • you kissing him on the cheek to calm him down after someone makes either him or you lose
  • him surprising you by buying you the broomstick you’ve always wanted
  • “well you’ve been going on about this model for ages, so i thought i’d get it for you.”
  • “draco, you really didn’t have to. this is perfect, babe. thank you so much.”
  • “anything for you… you deserve it.”
  • him marvelling at how skilled of a player you are
  • when you play against slytherin, he still cheers you on even though you’re in a different house
  • him picking you up after you fall off of your broom
  • … and giving daggers to whoever made you fall, whether they’re on his team or not
  • him getting distracted during really important practices/games because he can’t stop looking at you
  • when he’s watching you on in the crowd he gets everyone to chant your name
  • being so proud of you whether you win or lose
  • “you did so great, babe. honestly, you amaze me every time you get on the pitch.”
  • sneaking off to the quidditch pitch in the middle of the night to have a one-on-one game
  • … but ending up just chasing each other around on your brooms
  • him losing the game for slytherin after he goes to help you back onto your broomstick instead of catching the snitch
  • “dray, what are you doing? you could of won!”
  • “you were falling, winning’s the least i care about right now. are you alright?”
  • “as much as i find your consideration super sweet, you really shouldn’t of done that. i’m ok, draco, really.”
  • “good… i love you.”
  • “i love you too.”
  • you sometimes getting mad at him for thinking you can’t take care of yourself in a match
  • secretly loving how protective he gets of you during a match
  • meeting before each game you play against each other so that he can tell you how wonderful of a player you are and you can tell him the same
  • him always coming to watch you practice
  • … mainly because he wants to make sure everyone knows your his and that no one flirts with you during practice
  • you becoming really good friends with ron and oliver during gryffindor practice and draco being jealous
  • “you’re suppose to be practicing quidditch, not pick up lines, weasley.”
  • “draco, babe, stop. we’re just talking.”
  • “remember to keep your distance, wood. not only are you on the same team but that’s my girl you’re-”
  • “dray! stop it.”
  • you never really being able to talk to a male team mate without him making himself known
  • “there’s my girl. just thought i’d come by to wish you luck.”
  • “babe, i just saw you. 15 minuets ago.”
  • “… even more luck then.”
  • him letting you catch the snitch even though he knew that meant his team losing
  • him being secretly terrified of you during a game where you’d play each others teams
  • you secretly being jealous of the attention he’d get from slytherin girls
  • “everything alright, babe?”
  • “fine, draco… fine.”
  • “what?”
  • “nothing… i see you’ve got a few fans over there.”
  • “and you’re jealous, are you?”
  • “pssh, please.”
  • … then you making him kiss you in front of them
  • “i’m your number 1 fan, draco, just remember that.”
  • going to the three broomsticks together after each practice
  • … and him insisting on paying every time
  •  him and ron holding you on their shoulders after you catch the winning snitch
  • all of the girls being jealous of how supportive he is of you
  • snape having to keep an eye on him during big games so that he doesn’t use magic against someone who might hurt you
  • him thinking you’re really badass when he watches you practice
  • him thinking it’s cute when you get pissed at someone from the opposite team
  • “y/n, you know you’re the best player in gryffindor, don’t waste your time thinking about one small match… besides, you’re adorable when you’re angry.”
  • “shut up.”
  • both being so incredibly proud of each other when you get the positions you wanted after try-outs
  • more people turning out to the matches you and draco were playing against each other because they wanted to be there if something happened
  • when you ref for slytherin you let him off or pretend you don’t notice when he should obviously get a penalty, and him doing the same for you
  • when he refs for gryffindor he sends anyone off who even slightly hurts you
  • being in the daily prophet together after having an article written about the two of you being the ‘quidditch power couple’
  • … and in the photo you’re both stood by each other, wearing your quidditch uniforms, holding your brooms, draco’s arm is wrapped around you, and he’s giving you a kiss on the cheek
  • you and him both keeping a cut out of the article without the other one knowing
  • him being really mad at blaise for cheering on a slytherin that pushes you out of the way of the snitch
  • if he loses a game you always know how to cheer him up ;)
  • … and if you lose, he really knows how to cheer you up
  • when he can’t be at one of your matches he worries so much about whether you’re ok
  • you kissing him good luck before every one of his matches
  • his team mates making fun of him being so gentle with you during practice
  • both of you being known as the best players in your house
  • blaise and the rest of his team mates being mad at you for sometimes making him late to practice because you wanted to spend time with him
  • draco telling them to stop being so grumpy
  • you feeling really disheartened for him when slytherin loses because you know he tried his best
  • always walking to practice together
  • him being mad at the ref if you get sent off
  • draco always talking about how good of a player you are to blaise after every match or practice
  • “…i mean, i know i’m bias, being her boyfriend and all, but isn’t she just the greatest player hogwarts has ever had? … and the cutest…”
  • him getting really angry and argumentative with any teacher that gives him detention when he’s suppose to watch you practice
  • you doing the same
  • him thinking you look really cute in your quidditch uniform
  • … and you sometimes wearing his because you know how much he likes it
  • borrowing each others brooms sometimes
  • everyone being extra scared to mess with you during practice or a game because they know not only are they messing with you but there also messing with draco
  • oliver wood offering to give you extra training only because he wants to maintain your skill but draco getting jealous and protective
  • when you do train with oliver, draco always gets really paranoid that he’s only doing it because he thinks he likes you
  • … and draco coming to ‘pick you up’ after practice with oliver because he wants to make sure he doesn’t flirt with you or that oliver’s not trying anything
  • “draco, even if he did like me, which he doesn’t, you know nothing would ever happen between us. i’m only interested in quidditch. and you.”
  • going on dates to watch ravenclaw play hufflepuff
  • him thinking it’s really cute when you cheer on your ravenclaw/hufflepuff friends, or get mad and shout at the ref
  • critiquing matches together
  • teasing him by saying the ravenclaw captain is better than him
  • “you know i’m only teasing, dray… but seriously, you might want to think about upping your game.”
  • “and you might want to think about wiping that smirk off of your face.”
  • him being able the get the best seats for you to national and international matches because of his father
  • knowing each others favourite players
  • … but he always says you’re his favourite player
  • “yeah, krum’s good, but he’s nowhere near as good as you, y/n.”
  • “if that were only true…”
  • “it is to me.”
  • you kissing him in front of everyone after he wins for slytherin
  • “congratulations, draco.”
  • “thank you, sweetheart.”
  • the crowd of people around him all ‘woo’-ing and wolf-whistling you both after you kiss him
  • you always asking him if you could see the snitch he caught
  • him giving you the snitch as a gift because he knew how much you liked it
  • jokingly asking him to sign your broom after he wins the match
  • … and he actually does it
  • … but you secretly quite like it and look at it all the time
  • quidditch basically just having a big role in your relationship & lives
  • … and him knowing it’s your dream to become a professional quidditch player and play for england
  • “i just know it’s going to happen, y/n. you’re the best player i’ve ever seen.”

lol this is super long and wasn’t requested but i was bored and thought this was a really cute idea. i want to do more of these types of imagines so expect some of these in the future.
also, i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted. it’s because i’ve been working on part 3 of distant and it’s taking forever to get right, but will hopefully be out later this month. thank you guys for reading my stuff, i really appreciate it :)

anonymous asked:

Hunk makes it his mission to hug everyone at least once a day, especially Shiro and Keith because they're touch-starved.

not exactly what you asked for, but something i’ve been wanting to write……. 

(this got waaaaaaaay longer than originally intended, uh. oops? very hunk and shiro centric, borderline shunk, though nothing explicitly shippy)

Hugging Lance is easy, they’re pretty affectionate with each other anyways, so if Hunk hugs him a bit more or longer than usual, it’s not really something that Lance notices.

Pidge has never been much of a hugger, at least hugs she doesn’t initiate herself. But Hunk is her friend, and he’s pretty dang huggable, and so she doesn’t mind letting him initiate hugs more often than she’d allow it from anyone else. She eventually even gets used to it, accepting the hugs as they come, sometimes even continuing what she was working on and patting Hunk on the arm to show she’s good with him doing it, until Hunk lets go.

Keith is also surprisingly easy to hug. He never initiates, but he’s gotten very comfortable with Hunk’s hugs, has started really leaning into them, even if he doesn’t usually wrap his arms around Hunk in return. It’s just not something he feels he’s very good at, but Hunk doesn’t mind when he feels Keith push just a tiny bit closer into Hunk’s chest.

Coran is easy, too, like hugging one of his uncles. He never really questions Hunk’s hugs, maybe because he thinks it’s a human thing or maybe because he thinks it’s a Hunk thing. Either way, Coran takes it in stride and always welcomes Hunk’s hugs with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Hunk feels weird about hugging Allura. They aren’t close, and Hunk just can’t figure her out, she keeps her cards too close to her chest, only ever really showing her weaknesses to Coran. They’ve shared celebratory hugs, and Hunk has had to half carry her before, when she’s exhausted or over-exerted herself, but those don’t really count as hugs. But it’s fine, they show their affection in different ways. Hunk tries to replicate traditional Altean dishes, and Allura is always first to lay a comforting hand on Hunk’s shoulder or arm.

They do hug, really really hug, once when Hunk goes on a particularly dangerous mission. Allura and Hunk had, in a surprising turn of events, actually had a fight, and then Hunk had to rush off on a mission only the Yellow Paladin and Lion could do. Allura had followed him to the hangar and they’d shared a moment, each of them hugging a little harder than what’s strictly comfortable.

Hunk makes it back, a little bruised and battered, and Allura puts her hand on his shoulder and gives it a squeeze, the way she usually does. They’re okay.

It’s Shiro, though, that notices. Hunk’s tendency to hug more and longer, but to spend less time with the rest of the team. Who notices the sheer number of baked goods coming out of the kitchen, how sometimes there’s several platters full on the counter in the morning where there wasn’t when he went to bed. 

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