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i was preparing this in extra with my other S&P artwork for the #septicart event but i maybe pushed me a bit too much and ended up severally sick.  ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ(plz, quick advice, take care of ur body moar than me and mah booty)

ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ im not very happy of this drawing btw,i had a lot of fun but i feel like it’s rushed and messy. so lame!


this aside,I’m also sorry for my inactivity this past week. I was too weak for doing anythin’ except reblogging stoopid stuff that made meh giggled .i’ll reply to the asks and e-mails that i received asap. 

anonymous asked:

So when you say all's fair in love and prank wars except live spiders, I'm guessing someone has used live spriders against you before? Was Steve salty because he was losing?

look. buddy. 

between captain america, and black widow or spiderman, who the heck do you think is deploying live arachnids in a prank war??? it sure isnt steven ‘my superpower is breaking mirrors with my high-pitched screamin’ rogers, who can fight nazis but not the tiny clump of hair he thought was a spider in the shower


These two are idiots
Memehana ftw


RWBY Manga Anthology, Vol. 4, “I Burn”, Fan-Translated by me.

Original source from Japanese Official Release of the 12 page preview.

*Reading tip: This is in Original Japanese format: Read from Right to Left.


We were like rivals, you know? Lance and Keith, neck and neck. 

Klance is so good??? Like???

They started out, not as enemies, but as rivals. And that difference means everything. They build each other up, their rivalry is a competition that encourages improvement. They are both better for it.

They’re a team. One that’s rough at its edges and one that’s complicated. But they’re a team. Despite their bickering, they work together seamlessly when they put their minds to it. Where one fails, the other is there to succeed.

They are far from the strangers they were at the Garrison. They are rivals. They are friends. They are teammates. They are so much more than that.

A quick nostalgia post of the character that started my friendship with Guild Wars over 10 years ago. Shrii Mahrbre my Dolyak loving Necromancer. 

I get pretty emotional every-time I log onto my original account. Guild Wars has been a huge part of my life for a decade now. I have met some of the most amazing people because of it, who are still some of my best friends today. Many of them who are now married with kids of their own who are getting into GW2. 

GW helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life, by letting me break away from reality when I needed an escape.

Thank you everybody who helped create Guild Wars - along with everybody who is keeping the history alive with Guild Wars 2. 



my team’s submission for the 2017 savannjiam competition! we did this whole thing in 24 hours o:

here’s the rest of the team!
@pinkgabbercat @loosepopcorn @metaaf @artofemmastj


warrior’s exile series :: team free will

“Team free will. One ex-blood junkie, one drop-out with six bucks to his name, one dead girl walking, and Mr. Comatose over here. Awesome.”