team rocket speech

Sweet fucking Christ can we just talk about the 20th anniversary Pokemon episodes… If you’ve fallen off from the anime since the wank fucking Sun and Moon series (Which made ash a little bitch again and destroyed all character development he made in 20 FUCKING YEARS from XYZ) here’s reasons to watch again:


•Squirtle fucking squad

•Omg all Ash’s old Pokemon being happy asf to see him, ma hart

•OG Team Rocket speech

•All the Pokemon cameos (Corphish and Buizel da best)

•Mother fucking Proffessor Oak

•All them Tauros doe

•Flashbacks of Butterfree, Pigeot, Charizard etc leaving and the feels

•The beautiful childhood nostalgia

•Misty returning after however the fuck long and FRYING PAN/ DRYING PAN BROCK!!!

•The cunt to this day that is that fucking Jigglypuff

Like even if you don’t watch the anime or haven’t watched it in years watch the 2 part special just for the nostalgia, I can’t describe how it made me feel, I was shouting at my TV like “OMG ITS MUK, ITS MUK OMG!!!” It made me fall in love all over again…💜

Gotta Catch 'em || Cara&Nat
  • Cara: Okay. That word from the morning ran through her head a million times an hour. She wanted it to stop. She wanted to feel okay, because technically things were okay, right? After Harry left that morning, Cara found herself pouring a glass of wine and pulling out her DS and playing her most loved game. Pokemon. Of course it was Omega Ruby. It was the first Pokemon game she'd ever played and the renewal really brought back those memories. Of course she had Alpha Sapphire too, but she had a bond with Groudon. The game was less fun alone, but she wanted to be alone for a little while. Everyone just bothered her today, sort of. That's when she texted Nat. She was glad he said yes. She already had the second DS on the coffee table and the original animation playing on Netflix in the background as she waited. It quickly dawned on her that she didn't want to get up to get the door for him, so she ended up sending him a quick text to tell him the door was unlocked. Then she resumed to her game, absentmindedly citing the Team Rocket speech as it played on tv.