team rima

bgc9 - Girls Gone Ham

Erika - I used to really like Erika until she became the biggest flip flopper & hypocrite in entire BGC history. She is vile. Making comments about someone being a deadbeat/ single mother, and telling them to hang themselves is disgusting. Can’t take her ratty ass attitude no more. She is the ultimate Punk Ass Bitch. Hope she cries while watching the show back. She is a hideous person.

Julie - Needs to take her fat ass home. Seriously, she’s started like 6 fights and hasn’t been sent home? she’s so extra & looks like a complete bitch.

Meghan - Boring. Fake. Get off the screen, you’re not Obama’s step-daughter…

Falen - I dunno about Falen. She seems like a cool girl but is hanging around with people who make her look like a trash bag, instead of a cool chick.

Christina - I’m glad she stopped bullying Rima, but she should’ve said it all to Erika instead of going off in the confessional about it.

Ashley - She’s such a sweetheart, and I felt bad when her anxiety was playing up in the house. The other girls are so nasty towards her but she lets them off in order to fit in.. kinda sad. but still, she’s one of my favourites. She also handled the comment about hanging really well considering her best friend died that well, and Erika was being incredibly disrespectful.

Rima - Team Rima. Yes she got fucked up and spoke up to the P.A.Bs but what was said was taken out of context but Julie. Rima’s here to grow as a person and become a better mum; She’s changed the most so far. She’s a strong person, who is happy with herself and that’s why the other girls dislike her, cos they’re jealous.

If this season continues to becomes another bully season, I’m gonna have to stop watching tbh.

why are people mad that rima is on the bad girls club showin her ass in the club & shakin her ass and all that shit…IT’S THE MOTHERFUCKING BAD GIRLS CLUB. it’s not like mothers aren’t allowed. (portia & darlen. duhh.) it’s the bad girls club not the classy girls club. so people needa shut that shit up. bad girls aren’t classy. they’re badd ass bitches & they do what the fuck they wanna do. & rima said herself that she needs to get it all out of her system so she can become a better mom. the bad girls club ORIGINALLY was about BECOMING A BETTER PERSON. & she still sees the message. everyone else just wants to be loud, rude, & annoying. so stfu about rima not being classy. this isn’t americas next top model or flavor of love charm school…stupid cunts. all these bitches that are on team p.a.b are fckn impossible.