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Can you do a primer on julien/pl? I'd love to write fic about them, but I just know bits of pieces from your hcs. But they're both so big and soft????

Hey! So when I started writing we’re not here to take part (we’re here to take over), I didn’t think PL/Julien would be more than a one-off pairing that I’d write once for fun, so it’s been thrilling to find that people are interested in them!

So there honestly isn’t much interaction between the two of them, I’m sad to say. They’re friends, and they’ve been teammates a few times, but the part about them together is gonna be fairly short, sorry! I’d love to tell you about them anyway, bc I love them. I’m so sorry for how long this is. This isn’t a primer, this is an essay with pictures.

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Pierre-Luc Dubois #1

Requested by Anon:  Absolutely love your blog! You’re an amazing person for doing this to make so many people happy. I was wondering if you could do a Pierre Luc Dubois Drabble where you bump into him at the World Juniors with the rest of the team near by. However you don’t know who he is because you were dragged to one of the games by your friend. You can finish the rest from there 😊 Thank you so much if you do write this because you probably get so many requests. Hope your having a wonderful holiday

*Thank you so sooo much! I’m just glad I make you happy. Here’s your request. I hope you like it. Have a good night!:)*

Word count: 950

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The suite wasn’t crowded, just a few people in a twenty-capacity box and it was relatively quiet so when the door opened, everyone except your friend, who was so focused on the game, turned to see who just entered.

One look at the red polo-clad tall brunette and you groaned, “fuck my life,” you muttered to yourself, hiding your face behind your glass of beer.

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Thomas Chabot #2

Requested by Anon(s):

1. Can you please write a Thomas chabot imagine where his girlfriend comforts him after they lose please.

2.  hello i am feeling awfully proud (and a lil upset) w/ team canada, but mostly proud of the sweet lil precious babes. can i request a thomas chabot imagine? something where hes upset with the loss and the reader tries to cheer him up? thanks so much!! love your writing <3

*I still think about the WJC results like how I think about Team NA. Help. Anyway, I was traveling the past few days so I wasn’t able to update but here it is!! I hope this is worth the wait. Enjoy!! :) Thank you so much. Lots of love from me!!*

Word count: 992

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Dylan Strome.

Carter Hart, the poor baby boy.

Connor Ingram.

Tyson Jost.

Jake Bean.

Nicolas Roy.

One after the other, sad and disappointed faces piled out of the dressing room after the frustrating loss to the American team on the World Junior Cup finals game. You’re not close with anyone of them, except maybe the other QMJHL boys because you’ve seen them around before, but you managed to give every single one a warm-hearted smile as soon as they left their locker room. If you, just a mere spectator, feel like this after that loss, you couldn’t even begin to imagine how they feel.

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