team puff

i love being team instinct bc nobody has a problem with you. valor and mystic are always fighting but theyre both chill with us. everyone always like “oh, instinct? thats nice. dont know many instinct players” its like the pokemon equivalent of a hufflepuff

Kon loves ‘one call away’ by Charlie puth. He sings it to Tim on a daily basis.

Tim hollers for him out the window because he wanted to hang out and Kon pops up suddenly singing

“I’m only one call away”

And Tim tries to shut the window on him.

Kon does something hero-like with the team, and suddenly puffs out his chest

“Superman got nothin on me”

Tim pretends to hate it but secretly loves it because he’s so happy. It eventually is their wedding song.

Jay-Z and Puff Daddy at the East Hampton High School “Basketball Benefit” in August 2000. The game, played between two teams captained by Puff and Russell Simmons, was held to benefit Boys Harbor, a local charity that sends inner-city kids to camp. Hov lent his basketball knowledge to the commentary booth, playing host and commentator with Andre Harrell.

anonymous asked:

Team Ruff is the pups that turn into big dogs and Team Fluff is the pups that grow to about the size of a foot. They play in the Puppy Bowl. So Team Puff is not an option you see

aahhhh, but i love doggos of all sizes, so i choose Team Puff :)))))