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Plain, White Shirt

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Prompt: #7 “Isn’t that mine?” (Hotch x Reader)

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He didn’t notice it at first. It was subtle. Someone would have to really be looking to realise it.

He wore one of the many plain, white, button-down shirts he owned one Friday, not thinking too much about what he chose to wear in the morning. That day, after a mind-numbing afternoon of paperwork, he went to your apartment, after dropping Jack off with his aunt for a whole weekend, and spent it in its entirety with you.

It was the first time you had done something like that, spending so much time together ever since this romance had started a few months before. With the two of you being in the same office, along with a whole team of profilers, it meant discretion was of utmost importance.

However, you two excelled at the stoic-face act, although Aaron’s expression usually included his signature frown ninety percent of the time. You both managed to hide your feelings for each other. The only problem you had encountered thus far was not blurting out the other person’s first name, a natural change once your relationship progressed into something more.

The matter at hand here was that, in his haste to get home on Sunday due to Jack feeling slightly ill, he had forgotten that one particular shirt at your house. He didn’t think much of it. He didn’t even realise he had left it behind until he put his son to bed after giving him some medicine and checking his temperature. You would probably return it whenever you could, maybe during the weekend if the team didn’t get a case.

So, it was a bit of a surprise for him to see you with his shirt on Wednesday at the office. You had taken the precaution of putting on a baggy sweater on top of it, but he knew. He recognised it. He owned at least twenty of the same brand, in different colours.

He stiffened for a brief second before continuing back up the stairs to his office. You saw him and knew he had recognised it. You had debated with yourself whether it was a good idea to wear it to the office, which is why you waited a couple of days to do so. It was an indescribable feeling to be wearing something of his to work, even if it was just a shirt.

It reminded you of Friday’s activities, which had led to your burning the dinner you had been working on since you got home. Neither of you had cared in that moment, though. Now, every time you felt the fabric against your skin, you remembered how it felt under your hands when you grabbed onto Aaron’s shoulders to gain better leverage while on the couch.

It also made you giggle, thinking back to it; internally that is… someone would question your sudden laughter if you were to let it out. You had both felt like two teenagers who couldn’t control their hormones and had gotten down and dirty in the living room instead of moving to the bedroom.

So, yes. Your mind had kept on replaying that one moment, despite the fact that you had moved to the bedroom after having some Chinese takeout, and decided to put it on that morning out of impulse. Screw the professional and rational part of your brain. You wanted to show your boyfriend you were thinking of him, damn it. You just didn’t know how he was going to react.

You had an opportunity to find out about an hour later when you took the files you had been working on to his office. You knocked on the open door, and he asked you to close it, his tone normal. Once you sat down, you noticed that he had closed the blinds so no one in the bullpen could look into his office.

Interesting, you thought. What could he possibly be up to?

‘Thank you for the files, (Y/n),’ he said, to which you just rolled your eyes. Business first, as always. ‘I did, however, notice something peculiar about your choice of attire earlier…’

He trailed off with the ghost of a smile as he rounded his desk, perching himself on the edge of it, right in front of you. You smirked and decided to play dumb to humour him.

‘Oh, really? And here I thought I looked cute in this oversized sweater,’ you looked down and smoothed the non-existent wrinkles in said garment.

‘I wouldn’t necessarily call you cute in that,’ he commented, his voice low, as he grabbed you by the hand and brought you up to your feet, making you stand right in between his legs.

‘And why is that?’ you teased him by grabbing onto his shoulders and squeezing them, just like you had done on Friday. He put his head on your shoulder, and you heard him groan. You, once again, had to stop the giggle that was about to leave your mouth. ‘Aaron? You haven’t answered my question,’ you told him right next to his ear.

‘Isn’t that mine, (Y/n)?’ he mumbled, his lips moving down the length of your neck.

Well, I was not expecting this reaction, you thought as you allowed yourself to close your eyes momentarily and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth against your pulse point.

‘(Y/n)? You haven’t answered my question,’ he mimicked you, removing his head from the crook of your neck. You opened your eyes to find him smirking at you.

‘Was this the plan all along, you tease?’ you smiled despite the feeling of disappointment that settled on your stomach at not being able to continue what he had started.

‘Maybe,’ he looked at you from under his lashes and laughed lightly. ‘You should get down to the bullpen soon,’ he added regretfully.

Before he removed his hands from your waist, you grabbed him by the lapels on his suit jacket and kissed him. All tongues and not much finesse, but that was not what you were aiming for. That could wait until the weekend when you planned to tease him yourself.

‘Mmm,’ was all he said before you promptly smoothed the now-existing wrinkles in your sweater and exited his office, leaving the door open behind you.

That evening, while you were lounging lazily on your couch, still clad on your work clothes, with some home-made meal on your lap and an episode of the first comedy show you found on TV, you received a message from Aaron which read:

Jack is staying with his aunt tonight since he has to be at school early tomorrow for a trip and I can’t make it in time to take him myself.

Your heart jumped at the sudden change of plans but quickly messaged him back telling him to come over, already picking up the clothes you had left around the place from previous days and thinking of what you could wear that would look nice but not too over the top.

You had just put the clothes that had been thrown carelessly over different pieces of furniture a minute ago into your laundry basket, when the bell rang along with your cell phone. You picked up the phone first, hoping it wasn’t Garcia with a case and instead were surprised to find Aaron’s name on the screen.

You raised an eyebrow as you unblocked it and a flush came over your cheeks as you dropped the device on the coffee table, took off the sweater you had worn all day and almost tripped over your own feet trying to get to the door fast enough.

You were greeted by a smirking Aaron, who walked into your apartment and immediately started kissing you the same way you had done earlier in the afternoon. You didn’t even recall either of you closing your front door before he put his hands on your ass to hoist you up as you encircled his waist with your legs and he carried you into your bedroom, never breaking his kiss.

The message?

I want to see you in nothing but my shirt.

Yeap. Best decision ever.

Part 2: On

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Hello! Could you please do 73 with Hotch please? Thank you, darling :)

Prompt: “You don’t have to stay.” 

It was supposed to be one time, an accident—a mistake, yet the way you found yourself falling back to him became a weekly occurrence. You were weak, in both a sense of love and your sense of resistance. Yet, you couldn’t help yourself, whether it be from the stress of the job or the indulgence of pleasure, you knew you were never going to give him up. It was inappropriate to say the least, he was your boss, and making out inside his office at least once a week was certainly not a smart move. There were protocols, the bureau enforcing strict policies about dating between employees. In your defense, there was never any mention of relationships between an employee and their superior.

You found yourself in such an odd yet thrilling position. The lingering touches, accidental brushes of the hand, every day it was as if he was trying to stir up something within you. Most of the time his flirtatious actions did the trick; however, you were a government agent and learned to compartmentalize your emotions and feelings. During the week you couldn’t control yourself, allowing yourself to indulge in certain types of pleasures. You never regretted the things you did, both of you consenting adults and were entitled to different ways of spending your time. Honestly, Aaron Hotchner was one of the best things that has ever happened to you, and you were certainly not willing to go back.

So far, the two of you managed to keep the team off your back. And with a team of profilers, it was certainly no easy feat. You could swear that he was much better at this whole secret thing than you were, and while he could manage to keep his composure around them, all you always seconds away from spilling the entire charade. But you kept your mouth shut, especially when his leg was gently brushing up against yours underneath the table. The case on the table in front of you was momentarily forgotten, as you attempted to fight the urge to slap him on the shoulder or kiss him. Taking a deep breath, you instead compartmentalized, and discreetly shot him a glare. Like many other cases you covered, this one was gruesome and the unsub highly sophisticated and intelligent. The unsub was based in a small town in the South, and was currently on a spree of decapitating his victims and disemboweling them, giving the entire team less time to catch him. Lives were at stake and you certainly could not afford distractions, especially one that was tall, handsome, and went by the name of Aaron Hotchner.

You worked tirelessly along with the rest of the time, restless nights and dreary mornings as you attempted to stop this serial killer. Following every possible lead and with some help from Garcia, you finally tracked down the unsub to a socially awkward male on the outskirts of the town. His next victim’s house was closest to your location with Morgan by your side, as you both raced to the scene.

Upon arriving, it only took a few seconds for the both of you to slip on your issued bulletproof vests and pull out your gun. Before either of you were able to approach the home, your phone suddenly rang.

“[L/N],” you answered into the cell phone.

“Don’t go into the house alone, Prentiss and I are almost at the scene,” he paused, “wait for our backup.” Hotch’s voice was low and dangerous, goosebumps running down your arms. And as much as you loved to hear his voice like that, using his superiority over you in a situation like this was simply uncalled for. There was a life at stake, and you could admit that it was sweet of him to care about your safety, but you both had agreed that your professional relationship and duties trumped your personal relationship. You thought the thing between the two of you was no strings attached, and for a while you were perfectly content with the way things were. But somehow you managed to catch these feelings of love, wanting to be more than friends with benefits with him. Yet, as much as you desired that, you knew there was simply no way you could make that happen. Between your stressful jobs and Jack, it was hard enough for him to have time for his son and his job, and there was also the issue of him actually having feelings for you as well. Just because the two of you enjoyed each other’s company once in a while did not classify you both as lovers, in the end, you both maintained a professional relationship. Even if you craved for more, pushing him surely wouldn’t do you any good.

“You know I can’t do that, with or without me Derek’s going to go into there. Her life is at stake and you know we can’t sit by and wait for you to get here,” you let out a sigh, “we’ll talk about this later, love you.” Before you could even realize your mistake, you had hung up the phone and nodded to Derek, gesturing for him to take the back while you took the front. Climbing the steps as quietly as you could, you tried the doorknob and upon noticing it was unlocked, you pushed the door open and raised your gun. The house was eerily quiet, not a soul in sight. Morgan had cleared the kitchen and the living room, giving you a slight nod as the both of you climbed the stairs.

By reaching the top of the staircase, you could hear the sound of someone whimpering and crying, before a sharp sound of a slap echoed through the open hallway. On your left lied the bathroom, and with a quick kick to the door, you cleared the room. Both you and Derek, each took a guest bedroom, finding them both empty and clear of any perpetrators. The both of you then proceeded to creep towards the master bedroom, the noises inside alerting the presence of the unsub and his next victim. In one swift movement, you kicked the door open and aimed your gun directly at the chest of the unsub.

“FBI, Thomas Martin, put your weapon down and back away from her.”

Instead of complying with your orders, he placed his arm around the woman and pressed the barrel of his gun to her head. You knew for a fact that he would not hesitate to shot her, since the profile discussed how he believed women to be nothing but disposable things to him. After growing up with a mother who would sleep around with sleazy men in order to get money; however, she would take her son with her to perform these types of business favors. From then on, Thomas Martin has had a deep seeded hatred for women—all types of women, which prompted him to kill his mother at the age of ten. You instead let Derek do much of the talking, since there would be no point if you even attempted to reason with him. As Derek kept him distracted and tried to reason with him, you glanced around the room—looking for anything that could possibly give you both an advantage against the unsub. Turning up empty, you instead refocused on the criminal in front of you, noticing the strange and twitching behavior he was exhibiting. You’ve seen this happen before, and the outcome was not pleasant. Before the unsub could pull the trigger, you leapt and pushed the woman flat against the ground, his bullet narrowly missing your ear.

For the next few moments all you could hear was an obnoxious ringing sound in your ear, and you were vaguely aware of your cell phone vibrating inside your pocket. You could vaguely remember a hand grasping your own and asking if you were alright, but you could barely hear them over the buzzing in your ears. Somehow you found yourself sitting on the back of the ambulance, a paramedic asking you questions while examining you for any injuries. You were perfectly alright and you knew that; yet, the near-death experience made you feel numb. The paramedics had placed a reflective shock blanket around your shoulders, and while the blanket did little for your state of mind, you felt a bit more protected against the chilly night air.

“Are you alright?” Hotch’s voice was the first clear one you’ve heard since the hostage situation. All you wanted to do was wrap your arms around his frame, and snuggle your face into his shirt—breathing in his cologne and the scent of home; however, you maintained your distance. The experience you faced before caused your body to tremor, shaking ever so slightly as your mind wandered, drifting off to what would happen if you had been even a second too late. You yearned to confess, tell him exactly how you felt. And you weren’t sure if it was the aftermath of the adrenaline coursing through your veins or fear, but in this moment, you were fearless.

“I love you, and I know we promised that this would only be a friends with benefits type of relationship but god dammit Aaron, I fell in love with you. I couldn’t die without telling you, and honestly, I don’t think I can be with you anymore if you’re only doing this for sex. You mean the world to me, and you don’t have to stay. I understand if you don’t feel the same way and I would understand if you wanted to forget everything that happened in the past few months—“ before you could even finish your speech, a pair of soft warm lips met your own. His breath, as always, was minty fresh and his lips a bit chapped, but nevertheless they tasted just as sweet and familiar. As he pulled away, you could only mutter, “but what about the team, I thought you wanted to keep it a secret?”

He merely gave you a small smile, “I think it’s a bit too late for that.”

Peering behind him, your hand still gripping his shoulder, you could see the team standing a few feet away. Garcia’s big smile, JJ and Morgan’s half smirk, Reid’s pleasant smile, and Prentiss’ wink, and you knew that everything would be alright.

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OK SO I'm getting into Seventeen so hard core now that I've watched all of their MV's I need to know anything and everything about them!!!!!!! LIKE NOW!!! I BEG! ANYTHING! THAT CAN GET ME A HEADSTART! Like If they had a concert in the US next year I WILL GO SO FAST! What have u done to me? thank you though!!!


Lol! I got a similar message like this, so I’ll give you the run down!

Bias ruiner Mingyu (Hip Hop/rap team): Amazing rapper | Tallest | Smiles a lot | Great! cook | SEXY AF!

Don’t fuck with The8 (performance team) (Chinese): This little nigga can turn flips and shit | has piercings in his ear | Loves his members a lot | the cutest singing tone to his voice.

Wonwoo (Hip Hop/rap team) : Handsome as fuck! | Deep/Sexy voice | Rapper & damn good at it | Seem like he doesn’t talk much but has a lot of personality!

Jun (performance team) (Chinese) sexy and shady as hell | boy can D A N C E! | full of charisma 24/7.

He literally sat there and watched Vernon choke.

Vernon (Hip Hop/rap team): Mixed w/ Korean (dad) and White (mom) | funny af | voice is even more attractive when he raps | nice lit flow to his transition from Korean to English in his raps| handsome af! | hood | likes trap | dresses urban/Hip Hop style| has a woke mom that supports Black people.

S.Coups(Hip Hop/rap team) : The leader | The way he raps is sexy!! |  Dimples!! | wants to be with Nicki Minaj | So nice and caring! | “Dad” of the group.

Jeonghan (vocal team): Soft voice | Singer | Use to have long ass gorgeous hair | One minute he’s cute! the next he’s being sexy af | bites lips a lot| “Mom” of the group.

Naega Hosh aka 10:10 aka Hoshi (performance team) : Creates Seventeen dances | smart and creative | amazing dancer | so funny | getting sexy year by year wtf!! | Has ear piercings

Joshua Hong (vocal team) : from the USA (Los Angeles) | Church going man | so sweet | smooth/sexy speaking voice| big cat eyes | Said would date ANY race | King of bad rapping | King of  funny rhymes | plays guitar | also has ear piercings.

Woozi: (vocal team) Suga’s long lost brother | Producer | Hates doing aeygo | not a touchy person | Raps and sings | shortest member. | He’s cute af, but don’t say that to his face!

DK (vocal team) SIDE PROFILE ON FLEEK! | Sexy nose | boy can SANG! | Love his laugh | smiles and laughs a lot | loves compliments on his singing | funny!

Seungkwan(vocal team) : The personality of the group | so so very funny | this boy can S A N G| HE HITS THOSE HIGH NOTES! | Sassy diva | likes to spin like a ballerina | Cries every time Seventeen wins an award | Known for his cute chubby cheeks but he’s losing them slowly :(

DINO(performance team): Maknae | great dancer!!! | great at freestyle dancing! | boy can rap! | cutest brightest smile | laughs and smiles a lot |  it’s like he has a permanent smile and it’s so cute!! | “Jeonghan’s baby”

They kill album sales every time they have a comeback and their albums stay on the charts for months and months. They are known as “Monster Rookies” since they have so much success and only debuted  last year in 2015. It would take me awhile to list their accomplishments, but I’m proud and their so humble and love their fans.

Welcome to the fandom of ‘CARATS’ (💎we use the diamond emoji a lot)

Name: Heart Diamandis

A spiritualist wizard that was discriminated in virtue of his origins, just being able to rely only on Charlotte, his childhood friend. Nowadays, he’s the house’s tailor and one of Pandora’s loyal friends.

His stone symbol is the Diamond.

“Sometimes, your life’s weaving is on dissonance with your soul. No matter what they say, i’ll follow what my heart tells me to try.”

#TeamALA Staff Profiles

Meet Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director, ALA

What do you do at ALA?

I have been ALA’s Executive Director for 15 years now. Before coming to ALA, I was the Director of Massachusetts’ state library agency. I’ve moved around a lot and been a librarian since I was 20.

What is your favorite library memory?

As the director of the state library agency in Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to tour the nuclear-bomb proof vault deep  beneath the Massachusetts state house in Boston. There, I got to hold the Bradford Diaries in my cotton-glove-clad hands. This is the journal kept by William Bradford on the Mayflower, where 41 passengers signed what was the first document that would govern the colony they were about to establish in Plymouth. Very cool!

Why do you think libraries / librarians are important?

I grew up very poor, and libraries and the books they offered made an enormous difference in my life and opened up worlds I would never have known nor imagined. I see libraries making this opportunity available to all.

 What do you love about your job?

I feel that the work we do at ALA makes a difference in lives all around the world. Everywhere I go around the world, people hold our American libraries in awe.

What is something cool you’ve accomplished lately at ALA?

We’ve gotten involved with Sara Jessica Parker, who turns out to be a library lover, and will be working with us on a new Book Club Central resource for libraries and the public.

What do you like to do outside of ALA?

Travel, archeology, writing, painting, antiquing, gardening, being off the grid in the wild or foreign lands.

ALA Pro Tip?

Get involved with ALA. You need to make an investment in your future as you would in any endeavor. The time you spend in ALA will repay you hundredfold in terms of new ideas, opportunities to stretch your limitations and grow as a professional. It’s the difference between punching a clock and a satisfying and fulfilling career.

What are you reading?

Often read a couple of things at once. Read a lot in archeology and history, now digging into the Mayan and Anasazi cultures. On the fictional side, I tend to alternate between “literature” and murder mysteries.

What are you watching?

Have discovered the Midsomer Murders, a BBC detective series set in small village England. Great central character – a seasoned chief inspector with a lovable but bumbling younger side kick – and a mixture of whimsy and bloody murders that only the English can carry off. So many murders – at least 2 or 3 an episode – that one wonders why the countryside has not been depopulated. Ran for something like 17 seasons, so I have months of rather pleasant viewing ahead…

What are you listening to?

Baroque and early music, tribal music from Africa, Asian and South American traditional music, alternative country, any and all new alternative music, Chicago’s own Wilco. My favorite live venue is the Hideout, one of the world’s great dive bars.


Summary: Sometimes one can find comfort in unexpected places. 

Request: ( @janai-farn ) Hello there! I was wondering if you can do a Drabble (is that what you call it.. or short writing? I’m dumb I apologies) where the reader is disabled but doing work experience at the BAU and she’s like sad because it’s the day her mother abandoned her so she’s sad? You don’t have to do this but it would be amazing if you could. ❤❤ I love your blog. 

A/N: you’re not dumb at all, don’t worry about it :))

Your disability had gotten in your way a number of times before; however you never let that stop you. Of course it interfered with your lifestyle and got in your head once in awhile, placing these thoughts in your head, thoughts of not being able to achieve your dreams. At first it was hard, the constant question of why life hated you. Cursing you with this abnormality, already alienating you from the rest of society. Yet, you remained optimistic, and over time you soon accepted the fact that this was apart of you and was not going anywhere anytime soon. So, you did the only thing you could do—work for your dreams. You were not simply going to sit around and let your disability ruin your hopes and dreams, so you persevered through it. And after years of dedication and hard work, you made it—more specifically, you made it to the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI.

Of course, you had not become a federal agent yet, only being in your early twenties. However, you were gaining work experience to one day become a profile in that bureau. For now, you were perfectly content with how your was going at the moment. Upon first entering the unit and introducing yourself to your fellow team members, for the time being, you had originally anticipated the worst. In your youth the teasing and bullying was the worst. You couldn’t help being born a certain way, a disability affecting you for the rest of your life. Throughout high school, you were made practically the mockery of the entire school, the relentless teasing causing your parents to turn away from public and school and switch into homeschooling. While, it remedied that situation, you were on your own in terms of college and a job. Surprisingly, the college that you were accepted into was very considerate about your situation and the campus very kind about it. Now, all you had left was your job.

You honestly should have never doubted your colleagues in the first place, since all of them were very receptive and kind about it. Yes, there were certain things that you could not do as quickly or at all because of your disability, but they were always receptive of your needs. They never treated you like a burden, and in their eyes they always saw you as their top priority. You had developed a friendship with each member of the team individually. Hotch was practically a second father figure to you, Garcia being the older sister you never had, Spencer the dorky little brother you never had, Morgan your flirtatious best friend, JJ your best friend when you needed to talk about certain things, and Prentiss your second maternal figure. Despite your close and personal relationship that you had with each one of them, especially Prentiss, there was still one secret that you couldn’t tell them—at least not yet.

The anniversary of your mother abandoning you was nearly a week away and it caused a number of stressors to be placed on your shoulders. It brought back painful and unwanted memories, those that you couldn’t shake or get rid of. A heavy cloud of sadness and despair washed over you, and in a team of profilers, it was quite easy for them to notice. They could read your body language, and maintained their distance—understanding that you would tell them when you were ready. Yet, the unresolved guilt and pent up frustration began to gnaw away at you, and ultimately on that fateful day, you just couldn’t keep on your brave face any longer.

You knew they saw it, your tear-stained face and puffy eyes, your red cheeks and blotchy face. There was no way you could possibly hide it from them now, your secret was out and it was as clear as day. Slowly but surely, you managed to explain the story. Explain how you were barely nine years old when your mother left you and your father without an explanation. One moment she was there and the next—gone. You later learned she had run off with another man and had begun another family. They were understanding and sympathetic, giving you hugs and letting you cry into their shoulders.

A realization suddenly dawned on you, and as hard as it will to move on from this pain and heartbreak. But, you didn’t need her, you already had a new family within the BAU that was ten times better than her. And for now, they were all you needed.

NCIS Imagine: Dyeing Your Hair Red While On the Team

Requested By: @profiler-in-training

Originally posted by ruberolaluna

In the Red

You tuck your hair behind your ear nervously as you step out of the elevator. Heading towards your desk, you hide your face beneath your fringe, suddenly unsure of your spur of the moment decision of last night.

Too late to back out now.

DiNozzo whistles loudly when he catches sight of you. “Hey, [Y/N], love the new Black Widow look you’re sporting.”

You roll your eyes with a shy smile. “I just wanted to try out something new.”

McGee looks up from his desk and shoots you a reassuring grin. “You look great.”

“Thanks, Tim,” you say relieved. You readjust your newly dyed red hair once more. Gone were the brown locks you once donned.

It seems DiNozzo wasn’t done poking fun at you just yet. He takes a step forward, moving so he was only a foot away from you.

“So? Do you have a thing for Gibbs?” his voice low and suggestive.

Your face immediately burns with embarrassment. “What?”

“You know, because of his thing for redheads?”

A sharp slap upside the head makes DiNozzo disappear to his desk with a yelp of, “Sorry, boss!”

Doesn’t seem to wipe the damn smirk he’s aiming at you though. Your eyes turn to your desk, trying hard not to look at Gibbs.

There’s silence for a while, everyone working on their own part of the case you’d been given. McGee heads down to the lab to work with Abby. DiNozzo goes off to get everyone food after checking out a witness.

Which means you were left here with Gibbs.

You swear the awkwardness was suffocating you.


His voice startles you from your internal turmoil. “Yeah, boss?”

His face is uncertain, mouth opening and closing as if he’s trying to find the right words. Then he sighs and gives you a wry grin.

“You look good.”

You smile, knowing that’s all he’s going to say on your new hair. “Thanks, Gibbs.”

Glancing up, you see DiNozzo struggling with all the food so you shoot up to help him.

Gibbs sits at his desk, running a hand through silver strands.

And he thought he was in trouble when he first met you and the feelings started.

He watches you laugh, tossing back curls of fire red. He allows himself an internal groan of frustration.


Now, he was really in trouble.


Now introducing Team FIRE! 

FIRE is a team composed of senior level students on the cusp of graduation. They have struggled and fought together for the past 4 years, dealing with clashing personalities and opposing ideals and interests, to become the cohesive and harmonious unit they are today. Though an occasional squabble is still had between the more stubborn members, these four students have come to rely on each other and form an unbreakable bond of trust. They’re like a family, and that likely won’t change even when they graduate.

Each of the members of Team FIRE Alludes to a different Studio Ghibli film. Individual profiles to be revealed in the next couple hours.