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Because my Text Post Meme was so well received, I made a Text Message Meme! Enjoy! 


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Lorde’s lyrics as Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

‘’Now bring my boys in. Their skin in craters like the moon.‘’ Team

‘’And this is red, orange, yellow flicker beat.’’ Yellow Flicker Beat

‘’ Dancing around big eyes as well.’’ Team

‘’But it’s so easy in this blue. Where everything is good.’’ Buzzcut Season

‘’Let ‘em talk, cause we’re dancing / In this world alone.’’ A World Alone



1.  "This show mainly is about how Sailor Moon changes her outfit all the time.“

Really? Last I checked, the show was about the Senshi fighting against evil. Let’s see…

  • Sailor Moon: After she saves a strange black cat, an ordinary 14-year-old girl, Usagi Tsukino, discovers that she can transform into the beautiful sailor-suited warrior, Sailor Moon. Along the way, she meets new friends and teammates (Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus) and tries to locate both the Moon Princess and the legendary Ginzuishou, all while fighting against the Dark Kingdom and cultivating a crush on the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Along the way, the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru Chiba is developed and it’s ultimately revealed that they are the reincarnations of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, two star-crossed lovers who lived during the Silver Millennium thousands of years ago.
  • Sailor Moon R: After the Dark Kingdom is defeated, the Senshi’s ordinary lives are thrust back into the battlefield when a young girl named Chibiusa quite literally drops down from the sky. While trying to uncover the secret of Chibiusa’s identity, Usagi and the Senshi face new foes and go on a journey that ultimately takes them a thousand years into the future.
  • Sailor Moon S: Much to the girls’ surprise, two new Senshi, Sailors Uranus and Neptune appear (and later team up with Sailor Pluto, who made her first appearance in R). However, they have no interest in teaming up with the other Senshi and their methods can be quite brutal. They’re on a mission to stop the Silence, and, according to them, a young girl named Hotaru Tomoe (a close friend of Chibiusa’s) is the one who will cause it through her alter ego, Sailor Saturn. Usagi is determined to save both the world and the innocent Hotaru, no matter what it takes.
  • Sailor Moon SuperS: Although this arc varies greatly between the anime and manga, it’s ultimately about Chibiusa maturing and becoming a Senshi in her own right and how the other girls must face what it truly means to be a Senshi, even if it requires them giving up their dreams. 
  • Sailor Stars: For the first time, the series is on a galactic stage. It’s revealed that countless Sailor Senshi populate the galaxy and fight for love and justice; that is, they did, until one of them, Sailor Galaxia, went rouge and began to destroy the galaxy in the name of Chaos. Everything Usagi believes in and stands for is put to the test after Galaxia steals and destroys everything and everyone Usagi holds dear. Ultimately, Stars culminates in a battle between good and evil, order and chaos, and lightness and darkness taking place in the center of the galaxy, where new stars are born.


2.  I mean she doesn’t get any stronger (just more weird looking under all that lace)

Haha, nope.

Sailor Moon’s first attack: Throwing her tiara as a boomerang


But nah, she actually doesn’t get stronger. She just gets frillier outfits! Not.

3. And she’s not exactly smart (at all)

Sooo, what’s your point? That a heroine has to be a genius to be a good heroine? Usagi is a very smart young lady. She just isn’t book smart. She definitely has the capacity to learn (as shown when she’s able to pass her entrance exams), she’s just so lazy that the vast majority of the time she doesn’t bother to study for tests. However, she’s very street smart in that she’s able to come up with strategies to beat foes when she’s fighting as Sailor Moon. 

4. I mean look at the others out of all those seasons did they change that much? No they just got stronger.

I’m actually not really sure what OP was trying to say here, but I think they’re implying that the other Senshi don’t go through any character development, they just get stronger. Well, that’s bullshit, and here’s why.

  • Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury: Started off as an introverted and shy bookworm who had cripplingly low self esteem; became a young woman who was secure in herself and her abilities as a result of the love and support given to her by her friends.
  • Rei Hino/Sailor Mars: Started off as a harsh and standoffish girl who had trust issues as a result of being abandoned by her father; became an exceptional young lady who treasures her friends above all else and is renowned for her fierce loyalty.
  • Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter: Started off as a delinquent girl insecure in her femininity and pining after her lost senpai; became a badass lady who is secure in and proud of her masculine and feminine traits and views her friends as her family, treating them accordingly.
  • Minako Aino/Sailor Venus: Started off as a ditzy yet somewhat aloof veteran soldier; later develops into a leader of unparalleled quality while still retaining her carefree and fun-loving nature.
  • Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon: Started off as a terrified young girl who fled from her war-torn home in the far future; develops into a kind, strong, and heroic young lady and a soldier in her own right. 
  • Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto: Originally a stoic and unyielding soldier who bound to the Gates of Time; later joins the Sailor Team, becomes a mother to Hotaru (along with continuing to be maternal to Chibiusa), and loosens up and starts to enjoy her human life.
  • Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus: Originally a harsh yet unsure soldier who always ran from her problems and refused to see things from other points of view; later softens, becomes more understanding, and forms a loving family with the other Outers. 
  • Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune: Started off as an unbelievably elegant and beautiful young lady, but could be rather cold and was dedicated to keeping up a front of serene beauty; later mellows out, shows a more playful side, and isn’t afraid to let her guard down around her friends.
  • Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn: Started off as a frail, sickly girl who was feared and rejected by everyone around her and had a very dark and traumatic past; is later reborn as a happy and healthy young girl who is given the home and family she always yearned for and is able to grow into a soldier who is a valuable ally and isn’t a threat to the world. 

5. The whole point of the show is to show off her outfits.

Refer to the rebuttals of points 1-4. Also, I’m pretty sure the point of the show is how beautiful and powerful love and friendship are, how girls can do and be anything they want to, how you should stand up for what you believe in, how you should treasure your friends and family, and how hope and love are the most powerful forces in the universe and can be used to change the world for the better.


Not even sorry, this just pissed me off. It’s totally fine if Sailor Moon isn’t your cup of tea, but it’s not just a show about frilly outfits. Don’t try to pass it off as a mindless fashion show when it’s so much more than that.


Up until today, while reading a fanfic, I had NO IDEA. What my main reason for shipping Riley and Lucas was! Not one specific moment had stood out to me where I knew it was going to be endgame.. I just knew from the very beginning that they would be! MY REASON WHY: is because they remind me so much of Haley and Nathan on One Tree Hill!! The truest of the true OTP! Haley is quiet and shy, quirk and smart and beautiful in a subtle way. Nathan is the bad boy, the athletic boy who doesn’t answer to no one and could get ANY girl he wants! Riley is beautiful and smart and shy. Lucas is athletic and hotheaded at times but he calms in Riley’s presence.. That is exactly how NATHAN SCOTT IS FOR HALEY! Nathan Scott wanted nothing more than to be the best man, the best father and best friend to Haley that he could be! I think that Lucas wants the same thing.. He doesn’t want to go to that place again and when he’s with Riley, he does but only when need to be (Rileytown)

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Nathan Scott was with all these beautiful girls… Brooke, Peyton,Taylor, etc.. But he found something with Haley that he needed most of all. I think that’s how they are going to play this out between Rucas! Lucas could have any girl he wanted… And I think they are going to do that as the story progresses.. Maya is beautiful, rebellious and wild and finds a talent and love of art…to me she really reminds me of Peyton Sawyer in OTH! Peyton is beautiful, rebellious and wild and she has a talent and a love of music.. Yet when Peyton and Nathan dated.. They didn’t have anything more than sex. Anything more than a fire and a spark. They were two beautiful people who believed they needed to be together because of what people thought.. She was a cheerleader, he a basketball player.. Yet, they DIDNT LOVE EACH OTHER IN THAT WAY!

Ohhhh and must i brink up the whole SUMMER RAIN THING!! i mean come on… HALEY AND NATHAN HAD A THING FOR RAIN!!! they were going to London on their honeymoon just because it rains ALL THE TIME THERE! People might say “Lucas and Riley are just summer rain, how boring” or something along the lines of “Fire! thats what you need!!!” lets just take a look at how awesome rain can be though… thank you Naley!

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Outer Senshis

ph: @made-in-plute

To the seven + Nico + Thalia: Favourite God?
  • *Olympus* *Gods watch Hephaestus TV*
  • Apollo: Ooooooh! Interesting question. YO HEPHAESTUS
  • Hephaestus: YEAH
  • Hephaestus: YEAH, WHY?
  • Apollo: Round up the Olympians, we're paying the kids a little visit
  • *Camp Half-Blood*
  • Percy: I -
  • *Gods appear*
  • Zeus: We heard the question and were curious
  • Aphrodite: YO HADES! GET YO ASS UP HERE!
  • Hades: Wazgoinon? I just got Cerberus to sleep
  • Aphrodite: Look at the question
  • Hades: Oooh, torture! My favorite
  • Jupiter: Hephaestus, my Greek friend here, has a lie detector
  • Hephaestus: Sup
  • Jupiter: Jason, you first
  • Jason: *sweats* Um...
  • Hades: We have all eternity
  • Jason: Jupiter
  • • beep • beep • beep •
  • Jason: Fine! It's Poseidon
  • Hades: *hands Poseidon 100 sand dollars*
  • Jupiter: *single tear rolls down cheek* Juno I need a hug
  • Juno: Not happening. You cheated on me to have him
  • Jupiter: She was pretty
  • Juno: And I'm not?
  • Jupiter: For my own safety, I'm not answering that
  • Juno: *glares*
  • Poseidon: That's one for Team Fish! *fist bumps Jason* Percy?
  • Percy: Hestia
  • Hestia: *waves* I got noticed *dances*
  • Poseidon: B-B-But Team Fish
  • Percy: My opinion dude
  • Poseidon: Fine! I see how it is *sniffs*
  • Athena: My daughter will make the wise choice
  • Annabeth: *glares at Hera* definitely not that cow over there
  • Hera: *flicks hair* *sticks nose in the air*
  • Annabeth: Honestly, I'm a subscriber to Team Fish
  • Poseidon: YUSH! TEAM FISH FTW! See, your girlfriend likes me
  • Percy: *shrugs*
  • Annabeth: *high fives Poseidon* Group photo?
  • Nyx: *from Tartarus* DON'T TRUST A GROUP PHOTO FROM HER
  • Team Fish: *group photo*
  • Zeus: Wait! My Roman self forgot about my Greek kid! What's her name? Tia? Make the Greeks proud Tia
  • Thalia: THALIA
  • Zeus: *looks hopeful* what's your answer Leah?
  • Thalia: *roles eyes* obviously my bestie
  • Zeus: *leans forward hopefully*
  • Thalia: Artemis
  • Zeus: *looks at Hera upset*
  • Hera: She was also an extramarital affair WITH THE SAME WOMAN!!!
  • Zeus: You're mean
  • Artemis: YASSS!!! All the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies! Now put your hands up
  • Hunters: *puts hands in the air* *dance off with Artemis*
  • Aphrodite: *looks on disgusted* Piper?
  • Piper: Unlike Jason, I won't try to spare your feelings. I'm Team Fish all the way
  • Aphrodite: Why is everyone choosing Poseidon?
  • Piper: 'cause the dude's real chill
  • Poseidon: Eeeeeyyyyyy *starts conga with Team Fish*
  • Pluto: Hazel?
  • Hazel: Um, sorry, but Hecate
  • Hecate: It's a kind of magic
  • Hazel: What are you singing?
  • Hecate: Queen
  • Hazel: The Queen does songs now?
  • Hecate: No, it's a band
  • Hazel: The Queen's a band now?
  • Hecate: No, not a band as in a rubber band! Ugh, it's like the Chicken Nuggets all over again
  • Hazel: How can a chicken be a nugget?!
  • Hecate: Come with me. I need to show you YouTube
  • Hazel: I don't have a tube
  • Hecate: Ugh, come on!
  • Everyone: . . .
  • Frank: I know the feel
  • Mars: Ah, Frank. You haven't answered
  • Frank: Fudge
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: Excuse my language
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: Ok... Did I d cross the line?
  • Everyone:
  • Frank: I'm just gonna answer the question. Sorry dad but everyone already knows it's Apollo
  • Apollo: Because I'm awesome and hot!
  • Artemis: *calls from distance* no your not
  • Apollo: Yes I am
  • Artemis: Not
  • Apollo: Am
  • Artemis: Not
  • Apollo: AM
  • Artemis: NOT
  • Apollo and Artemis: NO
  • Apollo and Artemis: And your massive group of friends is going to help you
  • Zeus: I have feelings you know!
  • Apollo and Artemis: We know
  • Zeus: Why is everybody being so mean today?
  • Hephaestus: I'm surprised my son has managed to stay quiet so long
  • Leo: *playing on games console*
  • Leo: Yes
  • Leo: And that's why you're my favorite God
  • Hephaestus: See, my son's loyal
  • Hades: It's just you, Nico
  • Nico: Team Fish *joins conga line*
  • Hades: Fine, your banned from seeing Cerberus for a week and I'm cutting off your shadowtravel allowance for the week
  • Nico: *shrugs*
  • Poseidon: WHOOP!
  • Percy: I thought water wasn't your type
  • Nico: No, I said YOU'RE not my type
  • Leo: Ooh, sick burn bro
  • Percy: *sniffs*