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I know close to nothing about this world, but I still have to ask why NONE of the Evil Organizations even attempted to obtain power of their own before knocking on the door of deities. You would think that someone like Ghetsis or Lysandre would try to achieve immortality through Staryu Cores or something but no...


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Does anyone question eachother about the goofy WORLD DOMINATION plans they had? Or mock anyone who didn't do that? (Stares in the direction of the Alola region wink wink)

  • team rocket: let's steal some pokemon
  • team aqua/magma: hey man waking up a giant pokemon to destroy the world sounds nice do u prefer drowning or burning
  • team galactic: this world is impure and needs to be replaced with a perfect one but somehow we're gonna screw up and open a portal to a weird ass dimension
  • team plasma: humans are awful and we should liberate the pokemon oh wait just kidding we're just gonna steal them
  • team flare: this world is ugly af lets make it pretty but by being evil

best team plasma grunts:

everyone’s favorite hypocrites

  • the two that see ghetsis in musharna’s illusion and r u n for their dear lives
  • “it’s bad for team plasma. it’s plasbad.”
  • “anyone who doesn’t agree with what we say is wrong.” (after her defeat) “you’re wrong.”
  • that grunt in the castle who can somehow teleport you back to the pokecenter
  • female grunt who calls her patrat “just a tool”, but has a change of heart in the sequels and is now good friends with her pokemon. a+ character development.
  • incense selling ex-grunt who’s just trying to make a living
  • the grunt who only stayed with team plasma through the sequels because the chef makes good bread.
  • ex-team plasma hiker guy who wants to believe he can still fit in his old uniform
  • the woman who cried of happiness when she saw the legendary dragons for the first time
  • upset double agent who’s sick and tired of everyone calling n a traitor
  • grunt that calls hugh a “qwilfish”
  • flowery shakespearean grunt who calls you a “knave”.
  • two grunts on opposing sides who get in a fight on the bridge. (needless to say, n’s follower is the one who gets decked)
  • the ex-grunt who jokes about ghetsis being a good guy, but really ticks off another ex-grunt who proceeds to yell at him