team pied piper

I feel like with The Flash’s upcoming episode “Flash Back”, everyone is super pumped about our favorite snarky villain, Hartley Rathaway, making a comeback. Who isn’t excited honestly? But I thought of a way for them to introduce Hartley as a regular, if they do…

In the original comics, Pied Piper and Kid Flash (Wally West) are good friends.

So what if in the CW, Wally goes to Iris and Team Flash and says, “so I have this really awesome friend that I want you all to meet.” Iris is excited to meet them because hello, brother-sister bonding time and a new friend. Barry is happy that Wally is willing to share that with him and team Flash get to come along because they’re Wally’s friends too.
Imagine Team Flash (that includes Iris) all are going to meet Wally and his friend at Jitter’s and they’re all pumped. They see Wally in line with a guy but all they see is the back of the guy. Wally calls them over and as they come over, Hartley turns around. Then Team Flash (excluding Iris) and Hartley stare at each other and Cisco just says, “forreal?”

This is based off a prompt that I saw somewhere on Tumblr.


S.T.A.R. labs was on a bloody lockdown, and to say it was the worst was a colossal understatement. Wells wouldn’t come out of his office, and every now and then you could hear him scream at the military on the phone to let them out of the lab. Of course, the military wouldn’t budge even a bit. For the foreseeable future, S.T.A.R. labs was the home to Harrison Wells, Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, and Hartley Rathaway. 

Cisco thanked himself every single day for his secret food stash. 

The main thing besides the military that made lockdown so strange was the presence of the newly reformed Hartley Rathaway. A couple of weeks ago with some dodgy looks at Wells, Hartley said that he wanted to join the Flash’s team as the Pied Piper and fight for the good guys. He said he wanted to make his parents rue the day they ever decided to say ‘We don’t have a son.’ 

Hartley didn’t talk much to the team, just fought alongside of them. This lockdown, though, encouraged him to change that silent streak drastically. He was laughing, joking, playing games and really just being a surprisingly cool guy. Sure, he could still be an ass and point out your flaws in a way that could ruin your day, but he could also be slightly, only slightly of course, pleasant to be around. 

That fun apparently came with an element of daring.

“Oh, for the love of God Cisco please tell me you did not just get into that shower!”

“Snooze you loose!” Cisco sang from under the falling water. Technically, the shower was supposed to be for a Chemical accident, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

“That’s a pretty roomy shower, right?” Hartley drawled from around the corner, thinking about something that Cisco hadn’t considered. 

“Sí,” Cisco replied, still smug over getting the shower before Hartley. “Supposed to be big enough for four people in case of a chemical mishap.” 

“Cool. I’m coming in, then,” Hartley said, pulling his shirt over his head. 

“What? Wait, no!” Cisco yelled back, His face was heating up and suddenly he felt very, very exposed.

“Calm down, Cisco,” Hartley said with a smirk as he stepped around the corner and into the open shower. He stepped under the water wearing nothing but his birthday suit and a smirk. 

Hartley!” Cisco practically squealed, covering his ‘goods’ and hiding in the corner with his back facing Hartley.

“Need help washing your back, Cisquito?” Hartley said with the same smugness that Cisco had before. Cisco glanced back to give Hartley a glare, and he couldn’t help but notice how angelic Hartley looked as the Pied Piper ran his fingers through his hair under the water.

He quickly told his brain to shut the hell up. 

“Nope. Nope, I’m good,” Cisco said, burying his face back in the corner. He held his hand out behind him. “Hand me a towel?”

Hartley rolled his eyes. “Your hair is still half dry. There is no way you’re done,” Hartley pointed out. “Do you want me to look away?” 

“That’s okay,” Cisco said. It wasn’t a big deal, right? It was exactly like the showers he had to take in his old college dorm. Open and awkward. He shut his eyes tight, took a deep breath to build his courage, then stepped away from the corner and stood next to the shampooing Hartley under the water. 

Hartley froze, his plan backfiring. He was supposed to be making Cisco squirm, not be attracted to the scientist with the lame t-shirts even more than before and getting a stupid blush on his face. Cisco gave the Hartley statue a sideways glare. “Why are you looking at me like that?” 

“I… I wasn’t looking at you,” Hartley said as he looked at the tiled walls. 

“Yes you were.”

“No I-”

“Yeah, you so were!” Cisco said with a smile, 

Hartley didn’t reply, just took a quick moment to wash the rest of the shampoo out of his hair. He stepped out of the water and grabbed a towel. “I’ll just, um, finish my shower later,” he said as he walked out of the shower, leaving a smirking Cisco behind. 

Hartley wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the lab to get some work done and, as an added bonus, to get his mind off Cisco. 

Caitlin frowned when she saw Hartley, still dripping wet, walk across the lab. “Hartley, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” she asked him.

“Need to take a shower,” he said, then he walked into his office. “A cold shower.”