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It’s About Family: An Arrow Meta

It being hihellatus, reading all of the posts and having way, way too much time to overanalyze my favourite show, I’ve been feeling like dipping my toe into the meta-writing occasionally. So, I’m giving you my thoughts on this year’s theme and why I think everything happening around it to Oliver & Felicity is actually quite brilliant.

I’m waving the positivity flag. So, hold your fire, pleaseandthankyou. Although I give some speculation or theorizing-ish points, this isn’t exactly that. It’s a perspective on the show. I’m not claiming to be an expert at this. Just, grab a cup and have a listen. Then you can decide for yourself. And if you tend to think differently, then that’s fine too :)

I’m starting by saying, with all due respect, that we can’t lose sight of the overarching theme for this year’s season. In the midst of everything going on right now, there’s one thing we can’t forget: It’s about family.

What I’ve always had in the back of my mind when it comes to this show is that Arrow, for the overarching storyline, can’t be looked at one episode apart from all the other ones. It’s more like a 23-hour long movie. Yes, there are plotlines that only last for an episode or two. Of course, some things only apply to that one episode. But the theme is interwoven throughout the entire season. Be it in smaller things or huge revelations. And you only see how everything ties together once you’ve seen every single episode of the season.

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