team peace

  • Me: Ok, so I know we lost, but lemme go into the Voting Gaunlet and pick a new team ;v;
  • Voting Gauntlet: *brings up a picture of Alfonse over the final score, with bright red lettering* YOU LOSE
  • Me: ...Why. Why are you like this. Let us grieve in peace
today is the ten year anniversary of the last episode of super robot monkey team hyperforce go

never forget

Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Title: Sex//Dating With The Avengers

Requesy: Can you do the dating/sex would be like with Bruce/tony/pietro? Thanks. [I decided to do for all of them:)]

Pairing: Bruce Banner x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Pietro Maximoff x reader, Steve Rogers x reader, Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: NSFW, SMUT

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Bruce Banner

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Bruce would usually take things slow. Sex with Bruce was passionate, and he showed you how much he loved you. When he made love to you, he made sure to pleasure you, make you cry out in pleasure. You’re his main priority, he’s the type that gets off on you getting off. Things usually start off slow, he would caress your face, admire you for your beauty inside out. Bruce would then slowly lay you down on the bed, his lips would gently press against yours. Bruce loved your hands most, the things you did with your hands drove him insane. You would slowly take his shaft inch by inch into your mouth and his fingers would be in your hair, gently pulling. Bruce was a complete gentleman in bed, he would never do things he knew you disliked. Bruce loved you truly.

Of course, there had been times he was rough with you. When he saw you and Tony in the lab flirting innocently, he snapped. He did not let the big guy out but he definitely had shown you who you belonged to. He had fucked you so hard you had to ask Tony for two days off work.


Bruce was a complete sweetheart, he loved going on dates with you even when work doesn’t permit. He would take you to a fancy restaurant, have a couple glasses of red wine and probably a steak. The two of you would talk about both your lives, and you loved planning ahead whilst he loved listening to all the amazing plans you had for both of your futures. He would hold your hand as you talked, his eyes fixed on your features as you spoke, he admired you, for everything. For how you dared to step into his life, even when you knew of the other guy.

Tony Stark

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Tony, well you know Stark. A little arrogant on the side, and that side showed itself in bed. All the time. He knew how much you liked Steve for his gentlemanly ways, and how you admired his morals. And he disliked that. He would snap when he saw you laughing with Steve, God the sight made him want to punch the star spangled man in the face. And that’s why he took the time to show you who you belonged to. He would fuck you hard, deep and fast. He’d have you screaming into the pillow to muffle your cries. He took his time, appreciating you and you alone. Sure, he still kept some of his playboy ways and those were the times you took complete charge. Pushing him down and ridding him hard, he loved you like that, all riled up.


God. Dating Tony could be a nightmare. The first and foremost reason is obvious. The media’s attention was on the two of you, hell it was difficult to get a bag of chips without being stalked by some nosy paparazzi. And the stories they’ve created had you and Tony arguing. The pictures had you thinking he was out with some other women and once you had packed your bags and left. He won you back of course and you made it a point not to believe what those gossip magazines had to say about your relationship with him.

But then again, Tony could be a total sweetheart, he spoiled you rotten, constantly buying gifts, bringing you to parties, showing you off to others, telling them how lucky he was to find a woman like you. As he quoted from Mulan “You don’t find a woman like that every dynasty”. He would take you out on fancy dinners, booking the whole damn restaurant for the two of you to enjoy yourselves. And sometimes the night was wasted seeing that both of you were on the team, having a peaceful date proved to be a challenge.

Pietro Maximoff

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Pietro was an amazing boyfriend. And he loved you, there was a doubt about that. He loved taking things fast, no pun intended. The third time you went on a date with him, you ended up in his bed. And despite all those factors, he proved that he wasn’t some kind of asshole who dumped the girl after sex. Sex with him was incredible, he would show you just how much you meant to him, he would make love to you. His lips would be all over your body, taking time to remember every inch of you. He could make you cum hard, had you moaning his name each time he took you to bed. There were times where you took charge, riding him and pushing the two of you to orgasm.


Dating Pietro was something you could never forget. He took you to the park, and sometimes orphanages, and you were happy with that. Looking at the abandoned children reminded him of his childhood. Most times, Wanda followed and you would watch the siblings communicate with the children, playing with them, and you’d join. Sure your dates weren’t at some fancy five star restaurant, but you were fine with it. You knew how much his childhood had affected him and you were willing to pull him out of those dark times he went through. And that was what made your relationship so much stronger. He’d take you to cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy talking with the steaming cups of coffee and the occasional chocolate muffins.

Steve Rogers

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You know what they say. “Gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets” Steve is well all of this. He was the perfect man outside, saving the lives of innocent citizens, protecting America, saving kittens off trees, opening the doors. However, he could be rough, his hand around your neck as he slammed you hard against the cold wall of his bedroom. God he drove you crazy. He’d have you on your hands and knees, your pretty round ass in the air, and he’d spank you. Hard. And he’d do that till your ass was as red as the stripes on the flag he represented. And he’d fuck you, rough, till you screamed. The first time you called him “Captain” had you pinned on the bed, and fucked so hard you saw stars. Steve loves eating you out, his tongue would dart out towards your clit, he drew figures, numbers and letters. He loves watching you come undone knowing he was the result of it.


Dating Captain America. Every woman’s dream wasn’t it? Sometimes dating Steve was a double edged sword. He’d go on missions and at times he would leave for weeks on end. He had you worried sick, had you staring at your phone for his familiar number. And each time there was a knock on the door of your shared apartment, you’d be worried thinking it was some kind of agent who was here to bring you bad news. But then again you had hoped it was Steve.

There were of course the good and happy times. Steve took you out on dates, at little cafes downtown, where the two of you would enjoy breakfast after his run every morning. He would have a run with you, and sometimes Sam would drop by and join the two of you. You loved staying up with Steve watching movies while he snatched the popcorn from your hands playfully. The two of you were big fans if Disney movies, his and you favorite being The Little Mermaid. He loved waking up next to you, snuggling beside you as he pulled you closer.

Bucky Barnes

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Sex with Bucky was wild, passionate, even dangerous. He would have your back against the wall, your legs wrapped around his well built waist as he thrust into your heat. He ravished your body, making sure every inch of your body is loved, touched, kissed. He would sometimes have you on top of him, his hands on your waist, leaving his mark on you, showing who you belonged to. You loved his bionic arm, and when he fingered you with it, he made sure to vibrate it, driving you to the edge. At times, he could be gentle, passionate, his fingers interlocked with yours as he thrust into you, both your moans echoing in the room. You loved blowing him, taking his cock inch by inch into your mouth, till his tip hit the back of your throat. You would suck him hard, playing with his balls, doing this while Bucky webbed his fingers through your hair.


Dating Bucky was special, different and amazing. He was an assassin before and he often had horrible nightmares for hours on end. He’d wake up in the middle of the night and he would be sweating, horrified by what he might do to you. And you made sure you were by his side through it all, be it the nightmares or the insecurities he had. You loved him and you wanted to him to know that. Dates with Bucky often saw you taking him around the city, to places he had missed the past seventy years or so. Introducing him to new food, technology. He took you to out on dates to restaurants that Steve had often recommended, where they played songs from the 40’s. He remembered most of his memories and he often told you about the past. The way life was, history and you loved that. You loved knowing Bucky, and you loved him the way he was. Assassin or not.

Hope this was good:)

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World: Sonic Forces

Couple: Sonamy

Premise: What if Amy was just all up and avoiding Sonic? What would he canonically do?


Sonic nodded to team dark, before turning to see Amy a little ways away from him.

For some reason, she was hunched slightly, her hands together, and her head down low and submissively.

She looked like she may want to talk to him, and seeing the strange humble demeanor, he furrowed his brow a bit before about to step up to her.

This action made her perk up slightly, as he smiled to wave before Classic Sonic jumped with a noise to get his attention, ready to head out.

When Sonic’s face was turned, and his attention elsewhere, Amy seemed surprised and looked away, sorrowfully, before taking off away from him.

He nodded to his younger self, about to head out too before too long, but as he turned back to talk Amy was gone.


He looked around before seeing her taking off and reached a hand out, stepping a few inches forward before lowing the hand, and not taking any further action, just looking sad he not only missed his chance, but also why Amy would abruptly leave like that?

She looked like she had really wanted to ask him something too…

He stepped back and stood straight, putting his hands to his hips, and then gesturing with a tilt of his head back over his shoulder to Classic Sonic.

“Hey, little me. Have you noticed anything off with Amy?” he looked towards where he could still see her taking off, as Classic Sonic walked forward, stopped to look and examine a minute, before seeming to fold his arms and think about it a moment.

He then unfolded them in shock, his eyes going wide a moment, as he looked to his modern self, then Amy, then back at him, and turned his head away suspiciously, wondering why he was acting so concerned…

He folded his arms again when he saw his modern self take in a worried breath and sigh, shaking his head.

As his eyes squinted, Sonic took a second to double-take a look down and then flinch back, raising a fist up.

“H-hey! I’m just concerned for my friend, is all!” he gestured his arms out as he spoke, before walking passed Classic Sonic’s judgey eyes, as he turned to watch him walk off.

“Sheesh…” he then looked more seriously forward… “She’s just… never acted this weird before.”

Classic Sonic spun his feet to catch up to him, but gave him another sly look.

Later in the game~

Sonic and Classic walk up to Tails, as Modern Sonic speaks first.

“Hey, buddy!” He puts an hand to his hip, and lets the other one gesture around slightly as he speaks, either hanging by his side or moving as he did, bending forward or just standing straight.

“Hey, Sonic!” Tails waved, holding the Miles-Electric as Classic Tails was up on the x-tornado.

He looked down and waved, smiling with a youngsters laugh as he continued to work.

“What’s up?” Tails shrugged, wondering what the occasion was.

Sonic looked around, before turning back to Tails, “Has Amy said anything to you lately?”

Classic Sonic was surprised by the topic, and blinked a moment before staring up at his older self, then narrowing his eyes again and pouting, folding his arms as if he didn’t want to talk about this.

Classic Tails jolted, turning around slowly before peeking over the side of the Tornado.

Tails bent his eyes to an arch, and scratched behind his head. “W-well.. not really. She’s been off on solo missions lately… keeps phoning in and asking for more.” Tails gestured to the device. “It’s really great for reconnaissance! But… I’m sure she’s just avoiding asking you about… well, you know.” he rocked on his heels a moment, before putting his device around his back. “She’s been pretty upset and troubled every since that…”

“Since what?” Now Sonic was fully attentive. “Is there something I should know about?”

Tails leaned forward, even his toes sticking up as his tails went wild behind him, “What! You mean.. you don’t know?” he then immediately leaned back, holding his hands with the palms down and shaking his head, realizing Sonic wasn’t aware of what was going on.

He turned to his classic self, who ‘eep’d and hid his face. “Little me…” Tails glared slightly, putting his hands to his hips as he looked up at him.

“I.. I didn’t know how to tell’em!” he lowered his head, ducking to avoid eye contact as his hands still showed trembling to keep himself upright in the cockpit of the plane.

Tails shook his head, before gesturing a hand to Sonic and turning back to him, looking sorrowful as he explained. “I don’t know how to word this… but we all assumed you and her had talked about it already.. You see…” He looked away.

“Well? Out with it, already!” Sonic encouraged, as Classic now looked more sensitive to the matter, looking up at Sonic and then to Tails, seeming confused but wanting the details and facts now.

He leaned his head forward to listen better…

“Amy had a run in with Metal Sonic.”

Metal Sonic.

The name made both Sonic’s step back, flinching before looking down and scanning the floor.

“He apparently said some things to her… things that made her think. We all figured she had already talked to you about it… and the reason she was acting so distant was because…” he looked away. “Because you rejected her…” he bent his ears down, having supposed wrongfully, which was why everyone was giving Amy some space.

Sonic’s head shot up to Tails, before his anger grew as he clenched his fist.

“So she’s been all alone…”

Classic Sonic looked furious upon hearing this too, raising his fists, biting down on his teeth.

Tails turned back, and nodded sadly. “I had no idea you weren’t aware… it’s not like Amy to hold things back from you.”

“That time…” Sonic turned to look at another corner of the floor, as the image of her seeming to want to talk to him came into his mind, and then her running off.

“Little me…”

Classic Sonic blinked, before turning to his older self, looking less angry as he was now wondering what his modern self had in mind…

“…We need to find Amy.”

His voice was cold and serious, as his back was to his friends.

He was certainly deeply worried about her…

“Sonic..” Tails stepped forward, a hand out to him, as Sonic only motioned his head back behind his shoulder to indirectly refer to Tails.

“Where is she?”

The directness made Tails look down in shame, wishing he had told him sooner.

Amy had suffered all this time in silence… it wasn’t fair on her to keep her waiting… and Tails knew Sonic prioritizing was probably the best way to keep the teams at peace and working in unity.

“R-right.” Tails nodded, and pulled out his device to start looking up her location.

“You’re not gonna believe this… but…”

The two were racing off to a lava infested, active volcano zone.

Classic took a second to look up from his run to his older self, and when he saw the seriousness, worry, and active, diligent focus he had in his eyes, he tightened his mouth line and looked down, seeming disappointed in himself for not being that concerned.

He wondered what his older self was feeling… Classic clearly had every intention of just getting on with it, but maybe his older self knew this needed to be handled delicately and assertively.

Classic wasn’t so good with assertiveness and girls…

He lowered his eyelids, frowning on the side of his muzzle as he dreaded the awkwardness that may follow.

Modern’s mind was completely absorbed with the worst possible scenario.

What could Metal him have said to her that would make her act so skittish around him?

What made her so nervous that she found it hard to ask him about it?

He kept getting more and more frustrated as his mind raced with questions, concerns, and most of all… panic.

He had noticed something was wrong, but did nothing about it. He also felt shame.

He was disappointed in himself for not doing something sooner about it, not nipping it in the bud, so to speak.

This time, minus the pun.

“Come on, buddy.” Sonic narrowed his eyes, seeing the volcano start to splurge out magma as if erupting it’s way out.

The activity lingered in his deeply concentrated eyes, “Don’t fall behind.”

(Ahh~ I love the idea of Amy being emotionally troubled and Sonic being worried about her, even to the point where he finally takes action upon it. Eeee~<3 so cute!!!)

PART 2 (x) Part 3 (x)

“…I can fix that.”

Based off this

Moral of the story: Don’t let Hiro go on solo missions without the team + Baymax behind him.