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How was the movie? What was your favourite part?

it was wonderful!! i have plenty of favourite parts actually:

  • hinata vacuuming in naruto’s office and himawari holding up naruto’s genin jacket, which hinata smiled at
  • after team konohamaru captured the panda-bear and was tied up on the ground, the little village kids and boruto were surrounding it. boruto was sort of playing with them - he was crouched down and poking its nose with a stick and smiling with the kids. it was adorable
  • when himawari called out to boruto and boruto’s entire face lit up and he ran over to her with hinata, offered to carry the grocery bags and they were smiling and giggling :’) precious sunshine babies!!!!!
  • boruto running to konohamaru’s house and yelling at him to teach him rasengan haha
  • when sarada told boruto his eyes were bluer than naruto’s and he blushed and ran away while mitsuki and sarada were talking about it like “does he really?” “yeah, the seventh is really nice he’ll show you”
  • pretty much all the team konohamaru scenes. they’re just a wonderful bunch and i adore the dynamics! boruto and sarada tend to bicker while mitsuki is the chill one and likes to make sarcastic remarks. but they’re all very friendly and caring toward each other, aaaa so cute
  • when naruto came into boruto’s room to congratulate him. it’s such a pretty scene too with the sunshine coming through his window (ha very fitting). when he leaves boruto cries because he’s so happy and then rolls around in his bed all giddy and kicking his legs. he is so precious i actually teared up
  • tbh i loved the entire angsty part after naruto disappears. boruto was at his most vulnerable (emotionally) and it was just, agh, so heartbreaking (but necessary for his character development). he stares into the mirror in the hokage office, completely ashamed of himself and sasuke comes in and goes, “the village shunned you, you made your little sister cry, your mother got hurt, and your dad is gone” gee sasuke that’s the way to comfort a kid and boruto says, “why would you bother with someone like me?” - it’s clear that boruto is insecure but when he finally admitted it a piece of me died inside. BABY.
  • the scene between boruto and hinata before he leaves with sasuke and the kage’s. i just love them so much
  • when naruto and boruto resolve things, and of course, the father-son rasengan!
  • PRECIOUS SUNSHINE FAMILY SCENE AT THE END ❤️ (we need more himawari)
  • the final scene with team konohamaru and sarada blushing at boruto’s words hehe they’re adorable. the final scene where mitsuki reveals his parent is orochimaru was hilarious too. i just can’t get over those three aaaa they’re so dorky and perfect
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