team ozma

Ok so every endgame XIV player calls Mhach the Wiping City for a reason and let’s all be honest Forgall and Ozma are a wild ride even without the weekly loot limit. And everyone at some point or another has felt that horror when everything on their screen freezes and you realize oh my sweet buttered buns I am dc'ing in the middle of a boss fight. It’s horrible, we all know this. 

Astro-White team, one wipe to Ozma cuz meteors blew up, I’ve DC’d twice at this point because of a storm rolling through my area. My whm cohealer has spent most of the fights hovering in the triple digits for MP cuz they’re dps happy while everything goes to shit.

Calofisteri. Early pull, a few people complain. This is fine, we’ll be fine, we’re only missing maybe ¼ of the alliance? My oh-so-helpful cohealer loves themselves some haircuts and my black mage won’t shut up about the bard being garbage while they’re on the ground with 5 stacks of vuln up cuz they couldn’t be bothered to move their ass out of their ley lines with thunder marked on them. 

Half the party’s down, Calofisteri’s at about 40% HP, my cohealer is on the ground cuz brink of death won’t let them survive an aoe. I LB3, party gets back up… and then very quickly gets decimated. I’m mildly panicking at this point, cuz oh boy I’m the only one in my party left alive. And then I realize… it’s just me and the main tank. From another alliance. Oh. Shields, heals, stoneskin. Anything to keep them up. At first I’m hoping Calofisteri’s low enough that the two of us can just solo it. No go, she’s still got like a quarter of her HP left and it ain’t budging with paladin dps.

I start picking up healers from other alliances off the ground while trying to keep the tank alive while trying very hard not to die. Almost a third of the alliance has respawned outside the arena at this point, but hell if I decide to drop the ball on this. I build an entire lb3. By myself.I get what’s left of my party back on their feet before I get shanked by a haircut.

We clear Calofisteri.

tl;dr: Astro with shit connection carries an early-pull Mhach to victory with two LB3s in a single fight, one of which was built up solo by said Astro.


Fucking beautiful and also horrifying.

– Mod Mhi