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The Essential Yuzuru Hanyu: A Playlist

1.   FS Hope and Legacy || World Championships 2017
2.   SP Let’s Go Crazy || Grand Prix Final 2016
3.   EX Notte Stellata (The Swan) || NHK Trophy 2016
4.   EX Requiem of Heaven and Earth || World Championships 2016
5.   SP Ballade No.1 in G Minor || Grand Prix Final 2015
6.   FS Seimei || NHK Trophy 2015
7.   FS Phantom of the Opera || World Team Trophy 2015
8.   SP Parisienne Walkways || Olympic Winter Games 2014
9.   FS Romeo + Juliet || World Championships 2012
10. SP Étude in D-sharp Minor || Cup of China 2011

Hearken to me, haters of Erik, antishippers of E/C:
“If I am the Phantom it is because man’s hatred has made me so and if I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me.”
Or in the musical the fact that when the Phantom first tells Christine he loves her… It is also the very last thing he tells her.
Or the fact that Erik in fact happily dies of a broken heart since he loves her so much and she gave him everything with so little. The fact that he never won, he never knew any kindness and he had to go through some extremely dark places and still – still he could believe in love and beauty, after a life where he’d had neither. 

Erik is not a villain. Erik is no evil mastermind. He is a dreamer beaten down, a lover of beauty mocked by fate, a pure heart delving in loneliness, a magnificent mind held back by the sorrowful reality of the body. 

And he wasn’t about taking, not until everything went wrong, not after he was redeemed. He was gentle and he wanted to give Christine everything. He did not care about fame or money – all that was for her. But in the end he gave her everything by letting her leave with the Vicomte.

All he ever asked for? 
A normal life. A living bride. Someone to touch him and not die.

This gif is from the triumph commonly known as the 25th anniversary. Ramin honours Erik’s character with his Final Lair scene. And Sierra does the same for Christine. This gif destroys me softly. Christine stops to glance back one last time and this is what the Phantom does. Nods. Let’s her go. Acknowledges that everything went wrong, that he “loved her too much and dived too deep”. She knows this, too. But that doesn’t stop love. In fact, it makes it spark, bloom, shine. This is the moment they both finally see clearly. (//In the book this moment is the one where E/C cry together.)

This right here is what makes The Phantom of the Opera a tragedy. Not the murders, not Erik’s own demise, not his spiralling into hurtful madness. The tragedy of his character comes out in the light of his redemption. The tragedy of all-consuming love which is unfulfilled and still gives all, takes life, makes one human. 

This kind of love story never gets old. Innocent and easy as Christine and Raoul’s love might’ve been, their story alone wouldn’t have lived this long. PotO is the Ghost’s love story, and love he did, with a fervour unequaled. And that took the courage of a hero, as did seeing clearly, as did letting her go. The Phantom of the Opera is the hero of his own story, and he never knew it.

  • Person: *watches Phantom of the Opera*
  • Person: All I Ask of You is my fave song, really beautiful
  • Me: YES-
  • Person: Even though I don't like Raoul
  • Me: Now fucking listen here,
25th anniversary, the Graveyard Scene
  • <p> <b>Raoul:</b> Christine, whatever you may think, this man, this thing is not your father!<p/><b>the Phantom:</b> lol<p/><b>Christine:</b> *doesn't even a bat an eyelid* raoul you are clearly missing the point of what's happening here<p/><b>the Phantom:</b> how awkward, such a dull boy<p/><b>Christine:</b> omg I know<p/><b>the Phantom and Christine:</b> omg<p/><b>Raoul:</b> Christine!<p/></p>
Movie Marathon - Madcap Musical Murder and Mayhem

I’m streaming a handful of musical features this afternoon that aren’t necessarily family friendly, depending on your limits. For those unfamiliar with the movies in question, warnings across the board for murder and sexual promiscuity

Content warnings:

Chicago circles around the stories of women on death row and their attempts to get exonerated; all violence takes place off stage, but backstories are discussed in varying levels of detail. It also includes infidelity and a faked pregnancy. 

Rocky Horror doesn’t show much overt violence or any real sexual content on screen, but the fade to black is more of a shadow play. It includes murder, infidelity, and the suggestion of cannibalism. The main character has also brought to life a virile young man solely for the purpose of his sexual pleasures.

Repo! The Genetic Opera is… well, if you have any issues with visceral blood and gore or lewd sexuality, don’t go near it. It definitely has eye things, there’s drug use, there’s… just ALL the triggers. Every single one.


13:30 EST (1:30 pm for those on 12 hour schedules) Chicago

15:30 EST (3:30 pm) Rocky Horror Picture Show

17:30 EST (5:30 pm) Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera



decided to kick my morning exercises through the window and do my inktober instead (using ink is like press-ups, right?)

you guys are not helping me to stop drawing this crossover and I appreciate that

This suddenly popped into my head when I was thinking about mythology:

I personally think this is a cool mythological!AU explanation for Erik’s deformity (I think it suits best the deformities where only half of his face is affected, so think musical!Erik// Edit: On second thought, nah, it just fits):

Okay, so there’s this ancient Greek goddess called Mesperyian. The goddess of torture and punishment (how fitting, though dark). She’s the daughter of Hades and Persephone (which couple, by the way, I think to be quite a beautiful parallel to the romance of Erik and Christine), although Persephone didn’t really give birth to her, in the traditional sense of the word, no: Hades dreamed her up, so to speak, when he was missing his wife who was visiting the land of the living. Hades imagined their daughter, and through a dream, she came to be.
  Her beauty was so unearthly that it made Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty herself, jealous. So jealous, in fact, that she burned half her face off. (You know how in the musical [including the lame Hollywood version] the deformity really resembles burns, but still it’s at least strongly suggested that it’s a birth defect.)
   So, Mesperyian. Goddess of torture and punishment. Doesn’t sound like someone who’d forgive and forget, right? Knowing her story, she must be pretty bitter. And she was revolted by the way she looked. “Her hair had turned into mere ashes and her face a hideous mass of remains”, as it is described. Oh yeah, and she wore a mask, which, when she was wearing it, made her feel hollow and incomplete. So she turned herself into a horrible monster who punished and tortured humans every day, by feeding them to Kerberos, the three-headed hellhound (and also scare them with her mask and costumes). 
   Now where have I seen these genes before? Oh yeah, all of this behaviour is textbook Erik. I mean, Mesperyian could be her mother, and it doesn’t sound like she’d be a good one… I mean, if the only two things that alleviate her bitter sufferings is Torture and Punishment, she wouldn’t be above, say bearing a child she’d curse like the goddess of beauty had cursed her and to make it even worse, send said boy to the mortal world, left to the wickedest and bitterest doorstep. (One other option is that Erik’s mother and father get smitten by Mesperyian and that’s why the father dies and the mother becomes as bitter as the goddess herself, bearing a cursed child and being cursed herself.) 

So there’s that. Thank you.

A//N: Edit. Mesperyian isn’t part of the Hellenic canon of deities, but made up much later, an “addition” to the “Greek goddesses” (not established). Just a clarification prompted by coloriciosos comment, the story doesn’t change. :)

anonymous asked:

Hey there! So, as a pick-up for all of us after Hanyu's... unfortunate, to say the least, injury, I was wondering if I could ask which performance of each of Hanyu's R+J's (1 and 2), Notre-dames, POTOs, Seimeis and Hope and Legacy's you liked the most? For me, it'd have to be, in order, Worlds 2012, Worlds 2013, GPF 2013, GPF 2014, GPF 2015 and, oddly enough, Skate Canada 2016. I feel as though I'm the odd one out for the last one though. Or, if that's a bit much, which program you liked best?

Thank you for the pick-up. I just emerged from a half-day marathon of Yuzu’s old performances, and I’m a quarter of the way through indexing all of the gifs I’ve made for Tumblr so far, so I’m very up to answering this. 

My personal favorites, in recycled gifs:

Romeo & Juliet, first edition: Worlds 2012

Notre Dame de Paris: Worlds 2013

Romeo & Juliet, second edition: Grand Prix Final 2013 

Phantom of the Opera: World Team Trophy 2015

Seimei, first edition: Grand Prix Final 2015

Hope and Legacy: Worlds 2017