team of puppies

Shiro: No Lance, we can’t have a space puppy. It tried to kill Keith.

Lance: We’ll just keep it away from Keith.

Shiro: For the last time, no! We’re not keeping it.

Lance: You let us keep the cow!!

Pidge: He has a point Shiro .

Shiro: The cow didn’t try to kill Keith.

Hunk: And the cow saved our lives.

Shiro: It what?

Lance: That’s not the point! How can you say no to a space puppy.

Keith: *on the closet, glaring at the space puppy* It tried to kill me! Its trying to kill me!

Lance: You’re overexaggerating.

Space Puppy: *growls and tries to kill Keith*



Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Shouyou always jumps to where there are no blockers.  So we limit the areas he’ll go to.  After that, it’s one-on-one between middle blockers.  Inuoka, keep at it.”

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Team Flash x Reader Corgi Puppy

Imagine finding an abandoned corgi puppy and bringing him into the Cortex…

You were on your way to STAR Labs after getting an important ASAP call from Cisco.  A new meta was in town and only attacking at night. Why do metas do weird stuff? Joe once answered, ‘Cuz they crazy.’  The policeman’s not wrong, most metas are crazy. Like the trickster for instance.  Your train of thought was interrupted when you heard whimpering. You peered under a park bench and found an adorable corgi puppy shivering in the cold.

“Hey buddy, come here. I won’t hurt you.” You cooed softly and opened your arms.  The small corgi sniffed you and ran into your arm.  Your shirts wet and cold, but that’s ok. What matters is that this puppy needs warmth and food.  You held the puppy securely in your arms to warm him up and started sprinting to STAR Labs.

Once at the Lab you walked straight to the bathroom and dried your clothes.  Then you took your jacket and wrapped it around the puppy. The jacket was still warm from being dried. “All warm now buddy?” The small corgi made a soft bark, and cuddled into your arms. “Aww”

You walked into the Cortex with the puppy, hoping everyone would accept this little one. “Hey, I got your call, what’s up?”

“Well we need-“ Cisco turned around to face you and stopped speaking when he saw the tiny puppy. He raised an eyebrow then look at Caitlin, who looked at Barry, who then looked at Dr. Wells. He then sighed and looked at you to explain the puppy’s presence.

“What? I found him abandoned and cold under a park bench. I can’t just leave him out there to die.” You explained as the puppy observed the others from your arms. “Plus he kinda reminded me of Barry when he makes that one face when he’s upset.”

Caitlin giggled and Cisco laughed at that last bit, then looked at Barry, who had uncrossed his arms and started stuttering.  “I don’t look like a kicked puppy!”

“Bruh, yeah you do. Especially when it comes to Iris.”

Dr. Wells smiled up at you, “Are you going to keep him?”

“Yeah, I just don’t have it in my heart to leave him alone. It feels like he’s been with me for awhile.”

“Hm…Well you’re gonna need to name him. How about Bolt?” The little puppy made a small bark at Dr. Wells’ suggestion. Aww its just so fluffy and adorable, you think you might die of cuteness overload.  You even heard Barry awwing at the pup.

“It’s perfect.”


@ChrisEvans: I definitely kept my cool when we scored in OT to win the game @thescottevans @Renner4Real @LOZOg @peck_j

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! 🤣😍 I also love how Chris went with his brother and Jeremy.

P.S. I thought he was gonna fall off for a second there… Those were some high jumps!