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a gifset a day keeps the hiatus away [10/52]

“This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah- still good.” - Lilo & Stitch (2002)

typical pre-ship osse/uinen interactions
  • uinen: [throws fish at osse]
  • osse: !!! *___*
  • osse: ulmo. ulmo i can't believe it
  • osse: i never thought this day would come
  • ulmo: u ok?
  • osse: .uinen...touched?? me??? 0__0
  • ulmo: ...they threw a fish at you.
  • osse, optimistic: thats like...remote touching, right?
  • ulmo: *sigh*
  • ulmo, gently: osse, come here.
  • osse: yeah?
  • ulmo: have you ever considered that if you were to stop remixing the currents without notice, grinding the seaweed to confetti and otherwise wreaking havoc through our nascent ecosystems, you might have a chance?
  • osse: ...
  • osse: ...
  • osse: woah. woah really?
  • ulmo: not necessarily a good chance. but it would be a start.
  • osse: woah
  • ulmo: just a thought
  • osse: ...fuck.
  • umlo: what?
  • osse, staring into the middle distance, resigned: i don't think i can do that.
Cecaelia Boyfriend

A commission for @followingyoucuseyoureawesome, a sweet romance for a cecaelia boyfriend. This story crosses over with my Levi stories because I wanna world build.Read about Levi here and here. Female reader and male monster, includes free tentacles.

   You’ve been working with a research team on the ocean. Your teacher selected you and your group by hand to carry out his research for him while he healed in the hospital after a bought with illness. The place is huge and it opens right up on the ocean. When you aren’t carrying out his research projects or tending to labs and tests, you’re out on the ocean.

   Your teacher talked often about the research he acquired here while working, going on and on about his adopted son Levi and how the two of them would go out beyond the reef and dive.

   “Back when I was a young man, of course, I used to go much further, dive much deeper. I see in you the kind of excitement for preserving the ocean and the life there I once had,” he told you the day he selected you for the special team. “Just don’t get carried away like I did. It took Levi to make me realize sometimes working enough, not harder, is all you need.”

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  • Maui: the ocean says you're a nerd
  • Moana: I'm not surprised

(Thanks for the Ask, Anon!)

Scout: Very pouty, very demanding for attention… And that’s pretty dangerous, because that  means hell usually do some hardcore pranks to get some attention.

Demoman: So salty. Very sarcastic, and drinks more than usual.

Pyro: TACKLE. Hugs and unexpected cuddle sessions are their way go-to solution. Brace for impact.

Sniper: He gets more shut-off then usually, and will snap at random things. One time, Spy saw him arguing with the toaster. That was … interesting morning.

Soldier: Yells louder.

Medic: Doesn’t get jealous that easily, but when he does, his moods swing very unexpectedly.

Heavy: Eyes narrowed, eyes closed and arms crossed. So unimpressed.

Engineer: Snappy, grumbles, but is the first one to crack and admit his jealousy.

Spy: SO. DAMN. SALTY. The Salt Master, Salt Queen. So much salt. Like the Ocean.