team ocean

Lance: (pulls out a guitar and clears throat) Hey Keith, we’ve been dating for a while now and… I’ve been saving something a little special :)

Keith: (blushing furiously) Ah.. Go ahead.

Lance: Right, okay. (deep breath) Here goes.

Lance: (singing) Mullet man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand


AOS ALPHABET D is for Dramatically Jumping out of Planes
 Your first jump?  Second. First was with Coulson and Lola. It’s a car. It flies. 
…yeah this is my first.


palmetto state foxes: kevin day

Kevin Day and his adoptive brother Riko Moriyama were hailed as the sons of Exy. Kevin’s mother Kayleigh Day and Riko’s uncle Tetsuji Moriyama created the sport roughly thirty years ago while Kayleigh was studying abroad in Fukui, Japan. What started as an experiment spread from their campus to local street teams, then across the ocean to the rest of the world. Kayleigh brought it home with her to Ireland after completing her degree and the United States picked it up soon after.