team oakley

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I’m trying to prove a point

the nicknames
  • ThatcherJoe: You guys are Sugglets! :)
  • Connor Franta: We're all just members of the Franta family.
  • Troye Sivan: You're all my lil nuggets ;)
  • Superwoman: Team Super for the absolute win.
  • Pewdiepie: Stay awesome, bros. ~brofist~
  • Hannah Hart: We call ourselves the Hartos XD
  • cute, right? and then there's
  • Tyler Oakley: Ha ha, let's face it, you're all just my bitches.

Everyone: why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Me: i spend all of my time on the internet and never leave my house


Ayyy so I dont follow nearly enough blogs:

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-Panic! At the disco

-The Pack

-Team Crafted (I cri erry time)


-Gay ships (lmao)


-Attack On Titan



-Dan and Phil

-Tyler Oakley

-Cute DIY’s

-My Chemical Romance

-Fall Out Boy

- Dangan Ronpa

- Cosplay

- Textpost

- SuperNatural

-Doctor Who

- Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings

-Legend of Zelda

-Death Note



-Pastel stuff

-Cute smol animals



-Future Diary

-Steven Universe



I prolly missed some oops