team oakley

the nicknames
  • ThatcherJoe: You guys are Sugglets! :)
  • Connor Franta: We're all just members of the Franta family.
  • Troye Sivan: You're all my lil nuggets ;)
  • Superwoman: Team Super for the absolute win.
  • Pewdiepie: Stay awesome, bros. ~brofist~
  • Hannah Hart: We call ourselves the Hartos XD
  • cute, right? and then there's
  • Tyler Oakley: Ha ha, let's face it, you're all just my bitches.
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I’m trying to prove a point

Internet Friend Group (:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Hi! Does anyone want to be in a internet friend group? I think it will be a great way to meet some of the amazing people in our fandoms. :</b> )<p/><b></b> The only requirements..<p/><b></b> -No Homophobia, Racism, Transphobia, and Anti-Feminism crap.<p/><b></b> -You can be any gender, race, any sexuality. I still love you.<p/><b></b> -Team Internet in general.<p/><b></b> -Be willing to text or kik.<p/><b></b> -Not be a 40 year old guy bc my mom would be all "I told you the internet was a dangerous place." So let's not, okay?<p/><b></b> I hope to get to know you guys and become friends!<p/><b></b> Love you so darn much. xx<p/><b></b> PS. This is probably the most I've post on tumblr in one day. I apologize if I spammed your dash at any point.<p/><b></b> **** //IMPORTANT EDIT 5/5/16// ****<p/><b></b> It has been over a year since I first posted this, and I would like to start this back up! However, instead of messaging me, you guys can fill out this form. Thanks!<p/><b>(http:</b> // )<p/><b>PS:</b> Sorry for the weird formatting, I should've made it a text post instead of a chat, but I was a newbie when I first did this.<p/></p><p/><b></b> ****STILL A THING******<p/></p>