team o'b

OK, I am totally planning to revisit the high school AU genre for Downton in the near future, and have Thomas Barrow and Sarah O'Brien as the powerful, malicious yet popular leaders of the most prominent, popular clique at school. Then Jimmy Kent transfers to this school as the naive newcomer and Thomas and Sarah invite him into their clique - Thomas because he’s sincerely into Jimmy, and Sarah just to mess with him a bit. Then when Thomas gets too into Jimmy, Sarah becomes really jealous and really starts to have it in for them… 

(( I have a sudden urge to write a little cute thing, supposing Thomas is young hallboy and O'Brien is a scullery maid

hiding in a little nook and whispering about being valet and lady’s maid to lord and lady grantham

sneaking into each other’s rooms to tell each other how their day went

sneaking around the house 007-style when she’s supposed to be starting fires

Thomas getting sick and complaining til O'Brien is allowed to stay and look after him

O'Brien getting her first period and scaring the shit out of them both

Akdhdishskshdkfjdmajajs ))