team nobunaga


Love Scramble - Noir’s special skill effect part 1

Wilfred: I will show you my power.

Ryoichi: I do not know the word “impossible”.

Eisuke: What an eyesore.

Oda: This is the real me. You will be penitent in hell.


Rin’s face is priceless.

BONUS: RinHaru bedroom eyes.


Team Members: Talonflame, Emboar, Arcanine, Darmanitan, Braviary, Teddiursa

Nobunaga would definitely favor Fire-type pokemon to live up to his Demon King moniker. When choosing which Pokemon to capture for his team, he looks for bravery and brute strength. His signature Pokemon is his Talonflame, Haguro. 

Teddiursa is the newest member of Nobunaga’s team. When asked why he decided to catch such a cute Pokemon, he insisted it was because it evolves into a “formidable bear”. He would never admit that he actually caught it because it looks like Bearsace.

I had a lot of fun thinking of this team and decided I wanted to make these for each IkeSen character, so I will post another one tomorrow. 

Sorry if the image quality sucks, I am working with archaic tools over here.